Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stephanie Pratt on The Hills Finale and Filming with RL Boyfriend Josh Hansen

Tonight, ‘The Hills‘ limps to its series finale, a shadow of its former self. The show’s protagonist Lauren Conrad bolted a year ago. The villains Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt disappeared midway through this season, after her plastic surgery, his angry mysticism and the lawsuit they filed against one of the show’s producers rendered them personas non grata. The last episodes were as dispiriting as the post Mulder and Scully years on ‘The X-Files,’ with minor characters taking center stage. One surprising bright spot was Stephanie Pratt, who, after getting arrested for a DUI, transformed herself from Spencer’s hard partying little sister to the show’s comic relief. Pratt opened up about whether the show was fake, her filming with real life boyfriend Josh Hansen, and, most importantly, cleared the air about her spray tan habit.
Pre-Finale Anxiety
Pratt still has not seen the finale. “I’m really nervous about the episode because usually we get them on Mondays so we get to see them before. It’s not like we get to say ‘Change that.’ It’s just nice to know what’s happening.”
Who Showed Up At The Wrap Party… And Who Was AWOL
“We had our wrap party Saturday. It was at the Thompson Hotel [in Beverly Hills]. It was very secretive. It was up at the pool. The whole time they had big screens playing a photo montage of all the photos that different crew members have been taking for the past six seasons. Even some Laguna Beach pictures were in there. It was very emotional, watching this montage. We definitely cried. Lauren was Lo’s date. Whitney [Port] came…Heidi and Spencer did not [show up].”
Stephanie Is Still Not In Contact With Her Brother Spencer
“It’s been almost a year now. I can’t believe how fast time is going. I miss him. He’s my big brother. I don’t feel any other emotion than just missing him.”
The Impact of L.C.’s Departure On ‘The Hills‘
“It’s definitely not why it’s ending, but it did hurt The Hills. It’s her show. I was fortunate that it kept going after she left, but ‘The Hills’ really is Lauren.”
Stephanie Cops To Deliberately Playing Dumb
Viewers called Stephanie a moron on a regular basis. It turns out that she was pulling a Marilyn Monroe and playing the ditzy blonde on purpose. “We were at Lo’s boyfriend’s Scott’s house filming this lacrosse scene that I don’t think [airs]. There’s all these normal off-camera friends that are there. They’re sitting right next to us while we’re filming a scene. I’m asking them all these really stupid questions about lacrosse. ‘Is it like football?’ I see this girl looking at this guy to say, ‘Are you listening to this girl?’ I looked over like, ‘I’m just pretending to be dumb. I know all about lacrosse.’ We just started laughing. I think it’s been really fun to play dumb.”
“I’m the first one to make a joke and make fun of myself, [like] that Costa Rica episode where I eat a bug. I’m sure there are people across the world who think I’m an idiot, but after two years of it, I just wanted to make it more fun. The last season, I could not get through scenes. We were just laughing hysterically. Kristen and I, we’d go off on tangents. We can’t get it together. We’d have to not look at each other then take ten deep breaths and then try to film a scene. This season has been so much fun to film.”
Are Stephanie And Josh, The Nice Guy She Met In The Penultimate Episode, Sitting In A Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G?
Last week, Stephanie seemingly met the one nice, sober living guy in L.A. Was it a love connection? “I’m still seeing him. We actually met through friends. He ended up knowing Brody and Taylor.” In other words, they’re really dating. But the scenes we saw of them meeting were staged.
Stephanie Has Joel McHale’s Back
Pratt frequently appears as the Unlikely Voice of Reason on ‘The Soup.’ Like all right-thinking Americans, she thinks host Joel McHale should have gotten some Emmy love for his role on ‘Community.’ “I’m going to write [the TV Academy] a letter. Joel McHale needs an Emmy ASAP. He is the funniest person ever and the nicest. Joel is this family man who is so down to earth. I did [an episode of 'The Soup'] last Friday. He told me I have the record for most walk-ons. That was pretty cool. Definitely the highlight of my life is being on ‘The Soup.’ It’s always been my favorite show.”
Stephanie Is Not Really Obsessed With Her Spray Tan
“I just want to clear this up. In every episode it’s become a joke between the crew and cast and I about my spray tan. So on purpose in every episode I try to make a comment about spray tans. I just want to let everyone know I’m not that into them. Every single episode I’ll be like, ‘I’m going to buy this purse because it goes with my spray tan.’ I watch it and it’s such a great inside joke and now I’ve started thinking, ‘People must think I’m crazy.’”
credit - Sarah Bibel @ fancast
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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