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Lauren Conrad Wearing The Givenchy Chain Link Gladiators In Black

Lauren Conrad was seen wearing the Givenchy Chain Link Gladiators in black. You can get your own pair for $1,190.
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Lauren Conrad: Still No Idea On Who She'd like To Play The Lead Role in LA Candy

Just days after it was announced that Lauren Conrad would hook up with the "Twilight" producers to make her best-selling novel, "L.A. Candy," into a film, Conrad still isn't sure who she'd like to get to play the book's heroine, Jane Roberts. Not that she's anywhere near casting at this point.
"We've made a partnership, and we're working with writers at the moment," she told MTV News at the launch of her Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad clothing line.
She may not be anywhere near casting the flick, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't start to throw out names of people she'd like to see make their way into the film. And, sorry, Stephanie Pratt, but Queen Latifah's name didn't come up once. For that matter, neither did Kristen Stewart's.
"No [I don't know who should be in it]," Conrad said. "[That's] the question I do not have an answer for. I have no idea! I feel like I'm going to shoot for someone crazy amazing, and then they're going to be like, 'Ugh, yeah, I'll do your movie.' "
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Whitney Port Will be On Jimmy Kimmel Tonight!

Whitney tweeted earlier: On my way to @JimmyKimmelLive!!!
one of my faves. Watch tonight!!!

Lauren Conrad Admits She's One Bad Actress

Though her days of battling Kristen Cavallari and Speidi in the realm of reality TV are officially behind her, no way is Lauren Conrad headed for the unemployment line. But she doesn't expect to run up the aisle to collect an Oscar, either.
The small-screen star, best-selling author, fashion designer and spokesperson spent her week launching a second clothing line and finalizing a deal to convert her semi-autobiographical novel L.A Candy into a feature film. But no matter how crowded her schedule becomes, don't go calling the blonde, blue-eyed beauty from The Hills an actress.
"I think my acting is offensive!" Conrad, 23, tells PEOPLE in response to a question of whether she'd consider playing Jane Roberts, the leading role in her novel, for the movie version. "I'm an awful actor, I'm not super comfortable with it. In fact I was just trying to do lines … and they'll tell you, I cannot memorize lines."
Conrad, appearing in West Hollywood for an event sponsored by Kohl's Department Store to launch her LC Lauren Conrad label, will partner with Temple Hill Entertainment (the group behind the Twilight franchise) in bringing L.A. Candy to the big screen, and though she has no designs on playing the lead, rest assured that the stunning multi-tasker will be even more hands-on than Brody Jenner at a Playboy party.
"If you're putting your name on something," Conrad tells PEOPLE about the film project, "it's really important to be a part of it, or else people will just do whatever they want with it, and then it's not really you, and it won't be true. I'm planning on being a part of it from start to finish."
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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt Land in LA

Following her guest hosting gig on “The View,” Heidi Montag and her husband Spencer Pratt were spotted arriving at LAX International Airport from New York City last night (October 1).
Heidi and Spencer looked to be in good spirits as they made their way through the terminal, laughing and joking around with the shutterbugs.
And though Spencer swears up and down that he doesn’t want children, his buddy Brody Jenner told press that Pratt would make a great father someday.
Jenner explained, “I mean, I think they’re going to do whatever they want to do regardless of what I think, but I mean, a baby already? Everybody’s just moving pretty fast. Maybe I’m moving really slow, I don’t know. I don’t think so. A little Heidi and Spencer would be great. I think they’d be great parents.”
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Lauren Conrad And Kristin Cavallari Snub One Another

Lauren Conrad was feeling the love with boyfriend Kyle Howard at new West Hollywood nightspot MI-6, where the couple was spotted making out and flirting on the dancefloor. But when the former Hills star ended up seated near her old nemesis – Kristin Cavallari – there might as well have been tumbleweeds blowing between the two women. The frenemies shot glares back and forth as Conrad texted on her phone and whispered with pal Lo Bosworth, who had Frankie Delgado for backup.
Cavallari, meanwhile, was sitting with her new businessman boyfriend and friends – and the new Hills star bounced back and forth, chatting with everyone except her castmates. And while Cavallari wasn't too affectionate with Smith, at one point she did put her arms around him.

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Lauren Conrad's Robert Pattinson Connection

Forget The Hills. That reality show is so, like, totally last year for Lauren Conrad.
Just today, Ms. Conrad launched a new clothing line for Kohl's department stores. And yesterday, it was announced that she has struck a deal for the movie adaptation of her debut novel, L.A. Candy.
"I've had a good week," Conrad told me as she was getting ready for a party tonight celebrating her Kohl's collection.
That's putting it mildly.
Her partner in the movie deal is Temple Hill Entertainment, which also happens to produce—get ready for this—the Twilight flicks!
Your Kohl's line is really affordable. Was that important to you?
When I partnered with Kohl's, I knew that I was going to be able to do a collection that would be offered at a lower price point. It was one of the main appeals...To be honest, if you are a great designer and you know what you're doing, you don't need to make very expensive clothing.
Is a couture line next?
Well, right now we're focusing on Kohl's [laughs]. It's a lot of work. I've been racking up miles flying to Milwaukee where the Kohl's headquarters is. There's a whole new delivery every month. It's always something new so you never get bored of it.
So, you're going to be working with the producers of Twilight. Not bad.
I know, right? I don't think you can get much better than that.
Does this mean you get to go on all the Twilight sets and meet Robert Pattinson?
That hasn't been discussed…yet. I feel like I need to wait. I've never read the Twilight books. I saw the movie, though, and it was really cute.
Are you going to be in the L.A. Candy movie?
We've talked about doing a funny cameo. I would never be a main part or anything.
And I'm not going to ask you if you've been watching The Hills.
I purposely didn't read about it or watch it, because I was like, I don't want to have an opinion. No opinion is best.
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Lo Bosworth and her Boyfriend Scott Hochstadt

Lo Bosworth (probably the only person from "The Hills" who is actually Lauren Conrad's friend) has watched as her BFF and assorted hanger-oners have paraded their boyfriends in front of MTV's cameras for the last five years.
"I'm a boyfriend kinda girl, but you don't ever see them on the show -- I keep my private life private," Lo's said before of her abhorrence for putting her entire life on display. But I have to give Lo props because her latest boyfriend is miles away from the stable of suitors her fellow "Hill"ians have spent evenings with.
Except Brody Jenner. Because, well, you know...
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Lauren Conrad & Friends at Kohls Launch party for "LC Lauren Conrad"

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You can view 2 videos from the launch party here