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Whitney Port on Her New Job, Roommate and Fashion Line in Season 2 of 'The City'

Her pal Lauren Conrad has left 'The Hills' for (relatively) more realistic pastures, but Whitney Port is continuing her reality TV stint on new episodes of 'The City' Whitney's still in New York City pursuing her fashion industry dreams, but she's doing it with a new job -- sorta -- a new apartment, a new roommate and, via a string of blind dates, new love interests.
Whitney, who made her New York Fashion Week debut as a designer earlier this month, talked to AOL TV about these latest developments as well as what everyone really wants to know -- how often will she be running into her old frenemy, Olivia Palermo?
So everything is new for you this season, new apartment, new roommate, new guys, new job ... actually, you're returning to an old workplace, at People's Revolution.
Yes, I'm working with Kelly Cutrone again at People's Revolution. I really liked my job at Diane von Furstenberg, but I always knew that designing was really what I wanted to do. So I left to go do some freelance work at People's Revolution, and Kelly kind of led the way and said, "This is what you want to do. I'll give you some space in one of our showrooms and you can make a design studio for yourself, and really start your collection." So that's what I've done.

And you just showed your fashion line, Whitney Eve, at New York Fashion Week, for the first time, right?
Yes I did, I did a group show with Nicholas K and Mara Hoffman. It was amazing, but also just so crazy. For weeks just prior to that I was like a sleepless manic. It was crazy, because you know, I'm so involved in the line -- every thread, every button, every zipper -- and so I'm kind of micromanaging that. It was very surreal. Having worked backstage at numerous (fashion) shows, and working for Diane von Furstenberg , it was very, very different to be on the design end of things.
A lot of people maybe don't realize that this is what you've been working for all along -- you've been interning at W and Women's Wear Daily and a lot of other places with this as your end goal.

Right, I started out working for my dad, and my dad [Jeff Port, owner of the clothing company Swarm] is in the clothing industry, so I've grown up with it. And then I interned at Women's Wear Daily and W before I got the job at Teen Vogue, so it's all been an upward journey to creating the fashion line. [Being on TV] got my foot in the door and it gets the awareness out there. And while I love doing the television show, and I love being a part of it ... designing was definitely my ultimate goal.
You said in a Cosmopolitan magazine interview that some of the things that are written about you can be hurtful, like that you're too low-key or don't have a strong personality. But isn't it sort of a compliment that -- especially relative to some other people on reality shows like 'The Hills' -- you're pretty down to earth and drama-free?
[Laughs] That's what was so shocking when our producer came up to me and started talking to me about this idea of doing a ['Hills'] spin-off. I was like, "Really? Me?" I mean, I'm so not dramatic. I'm a pretty rational, mellow kind of person. And so I was surprised, just like everybody else was. But you know, I think that it's not that I'm boring, it's just that I'm not into being dramatic just for drama's sake.

Again, having done two reality shows now, has it gotten easier to deal with the lack of privacy about your dating life and your personal life in general?
Yeah, sort of. I mean, there are moments when it's very, very difficult and you more feel bad for the people that you're with, and your friends, than for yourself. But it's part of the job, and so I've learned to just kind of not analyze it or worry about it and realize that it's all a step toward a certain direction.
Your new roommate this season, Roxy Olin, is a friend of yours from high school.
Yeah, Roxy and I went to school with each other from seventh grade until I graduated. She's a year younger than me, but we were friends all that time. Then we just sort of lost touch when I moved away, but she went to college and then decided she wanted to come to New York and got in contact with me, so we've crossed paths again.

Were you reluctant at all to bring someone from your private life into the show?
Yes, definitely, I've always been very reluctant to do that. My best friends and my family have never made big appearances on the show. I knew our friendships are strong and would outlast the show, but at the same time, I just didn't want to take that chance. With Roxy, I felt like it was okay, because we had lost touch a little bit and it was the chance to get to know each other again, and also because I thought it was an amazing opportunity for her. And I thought that we would have a lot of fun together, and that she would use this experience to grow, so I just thought it would be more beneficial to her than anything.
And what's the verdict on that decision so far?
[Laughs] Well, I mean, we've had our moments where it gets a little bit trying, but that's inevitable with any friend or roommate or person that you work with. But we've actually gotten to know each other and have grown up together a lot in the past six months. It's been a positive experience for me, because the city can be really lonely, so it feels good to have someone from my past year to stabilize everything.

You've talked about going on a lot of blind dates recently, and that Jay [Lyon, Whitney's ex-boyfriend] is out of the picture. With so many changes in your life, what's the overall theme of these new episodes of 'The City'?
These episodes are very career-oriented. They show Roxy and I at work and our relationship through that, and all the tests that we have to endure. And then, obviously, my clothing line, and how I either succeed or don't at that. And then there's also Erin and Olivia, who work together now at Elle magazine -- Erin in the public relations department over there, and Olivia in the accessories department. So it's also following their relationship and how their whole editorial world works. I think it's a very fun new way of looking at New York and really going inside the fashion industry.
And will you be crossing paths with them, especially your old nemesis Olivia?
Yeah, we cross paths a bit. You know, as many people as there are living in the city, it's still a small world, especially in our industry. Our worlds definitely do collide.
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Olivia Palermo on The PIX morning Show in NY 10/6

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Kristin Cavallari Pumping Gas in Brentwood 10/5

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Whitney Port: 'I don't want to be the next Paris Hilton'

The Hills' Whitney Port has revealed how she will not be following in fellow reality TV star Paris Hilton's footsteps as she wants to be taken seriously as a fashion designer.
Whitney, speaking exclusively to Metro, insisted she did not want to be known as a party girl like socialite Paris.
"I really respect her - she's super hard-working and she's made a name for herself but I want to be known as a clothing designer."
"I know the reality TV career is not going to last forever and when it's over I want to be taken seriously. Partying is just not me."
Whitney, 24, made her name in MTV's reality TV show The Hills about a bunch of friends living in LA.
She now has her own spin-off show The City, which follows her around New York as she works for fashion designer Diane von F├╝rstenberg.
Whitney spoke about her well-known rivalry with Olivia Palermo, her co-star on The City, and how different it was to working with pal Lauren Conrad on The Hills.
"It was so different with Lauren. We always had each other's back. There was definitely a sense of loyalty."
"With Olivia there's more competition. I had to constantly watch my back. It wasn't easy that's for sure."
As for anyone expecting a reunion between her and rocker boyfriend Jay in the new series of The City, they'll be sorely disappointed.
"You'll see him for a second but it's nothing really romantic. It's just for closure"
Whitney was keeping tight-lipped about any other romantic developments saying "There'll be a couple of love interests, you'll see some dating".
She also claimed she didn't look at herself as a fashion icon.
"It's very cool [to be seen as a fashion icon]. I don't really consider myself that but it's very flattering because I work really hard at it. I look at fashion as a true art form"
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Stephanie Pratt: Shopping in Hollywood 10/5

Spotted: Stephanie Pratt looking pretty out shopping in Hollywood yesterday(October 5). And It looks like pretty soon we'll get to see a whole lot more of Stephanie.She tweeted yesterday: "MAXIM Photo Shoot Today!!!"

Stephanie also tweeted about her latest book purchase "Got "the vampire diaries" high expectations!"
I haven't read the books yet but I am loving the show on the CW. Anyone else watching?
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Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth at LAX 10/5

Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth touched down at LAX last night after spending the weekend celebrating Lo's birthday in Miami. They were spotted chatting with friends ( Scott Hochstadt -Lo's Boyfriend and Jilly Hendrix)while waiting to catch their shuttle.
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Lauren Conrad Says Designing Clothes 'Is What I Love'

Lauren Conrad certainly knows how to keep herself busy in her post-"Hills" life. When she's not busy writing and promoting her novel, "L.A. Candy," or executive-producing the film version of it, she's working on her clothing line, Kohl's LC Lauren Conrad collection.
This is what I love. It's kind of why I did everything else," she explained. "When I'm doing sketches or going through color swatches, that's the best time for me."
Conrad, who put the clothing line on hiatus earlier this year, discussed what she learned from the fashion industry, from when she started going to school to interning at a magazine to working for a PR company — all of which was documented on "The Hills."
"I've learned that something will always go wrong in production. I've learned that you should always go with your gut, and it's not important to please everybody," she said, adding, "Just have fun with it."
With her designs now available in Kohl's stores, she can turn her attention to getting her movie off the ground with the help of the "Twilight" producers. "I mean, you can't do much better, right? I was sitting in a room and then it just came to me," she said of why she finally decided to turn the novel into a film. "I came up with a format that worked and discussed it with them. They really liked it."
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Lauren Conrad's 5 Rules of Style

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Heidi And Spencer's Friends (And Frenemies) Weigh In On Baby Plans

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Kristin Cavallari and Sonny Smith Dating!

On The Hills Kristin Cavallari is dating Justin Bobby, but in REAL-LIFE she is seeing Los Angeles based businessman Sonny Smith!!
Rumours have been going on for a while that the two have been secretly dating, and even though Kristin's rep. has denied the reports, insiders confirm that she is 100% seeing Sonny!!
They should just come clean and add Sonny to the 'The Hills' - Maybe then people wouldn't think it was scripted!!
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Whitney Port is on the DL1961 10/3

The City star Whitney Port attends the launch of DL1961 Premium Denim at South Coast Plaza on Saturday (October 3) in Costa Mesa, Calif.
After singing autographs and taking pictures with hundreds of fans, here’s what the 24-year-old fashion designer opened up to JustJared.com about:
JJ: How have the people you have worked with over the years influenced the creation of your fashion line, like Kelly Cutrone and Diane Von Furstenberg?
WP: They have influenced it a lot. With Diane, it was huge for me because she designs for the everyday woman, she really keeps every body size and type of personality in mind. I really learned that I need to look out for that. With Kelly, from a PR standpoint, she really taught me to narrow it down to who my audience is, who I’m designing for and to stay focused.
JJ: How much creative control did you have for your line?
WP: 100%! I tend to really micromanage things. If I’m investing something and I am passionate about it, then I go full force into it. While I had people helping me with the business, production and PR side of it, the design part is all me.
JJ: Who are your style icons?
WP: I love Keira Knightley — she dresses amazing. Anne Hathaway as well. I like Beyonce — she wears some awesome things.
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