Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Whitney Port is on the DL1961 10/3

The City star Whitney Port attends the launch of DL1961 Premium Denim at South Coast Plaza on Saturday (October 3) in Costa Mesa, Calif.
After singing autographs and taking pictures with hundreds of fans, here’s what the 24-year-old fashion designer opened up to JustJared.com about:
JJ: How have the people you have worked with over the years influenced the creation of your fashion line, like Kelly Cutrone and Diane Von Furstenberg?
WP: They have influenced it a lot. With Diane, it was huge for me because she designs for the everyday woman, she really keeps every body size and type of personality in mind. I really learned that I need to look out for that. With Kelly, from a PR standpoint, she really taught me to narrow it down to who my audience is, who I’m designing for and to stay focused.
JJ: How much creative control did you have for your line?
WP: 100%! I tend to really micromanage things. If I’m investing something and I am passionate about it, then I go full force into it. While I had people helping me with the business, production and PR side of it, the design part is all me.
JJ: Who are your style icons?
WP: I love Keira Knightley — she dresses amazing. Anne Hathaway as well. I like Beyonce — she wears some awesome things.
credit - JustJared.com

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  1. lol I knew that was south coast plaza just by the picture! I shoulda gone there last weekend, grrr. That looks exactly like the second floor of nordstrom past the piano man.