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Kristin Cavallari Dishes On Her Style, Her Goals & Whether She'll Do Another Reality Show

Early this morning Kristin did an interview with Check it out below.
Fun party at The Library the other night. Tell us about your role with Chinese Laundry?
I'm @chineselaundry 's web ambassador so picking my fall favorite shoes, talking about latest shoe trends, and doing blogging.
Where do you get your great fashion sense from?
My two stylists help a lot! @judy_thekids @sammyrexic but I love Kate Moss' style and Victoria Beckham.
What was your most memorable moment from DWTS this season?
Overcoming my fear of dancing in front of a live audience. I never thought I'd do DWTS because of nerves.
Who do you think will walk away the winner this season on DWTS?
Either Ricki or JR.
Would you ever do another reality show?
Never say never but no plans to be on another reality show. I'm working on a reality show that I'm producing though.
What is one goal you still have that you want to accomplish in life?
Well, I really want to have a family someday and be a great mom. Once I have kids I want to focus on that and not work.
How many times have you truly been in love?
Four times.
You filmed an episode of Dr. Phil recently. Tell us about that.
My episode of Dr. Phil was extremely emotional & I'm so glad I was part of it. Bullying is a very serious issue & needs to end.
If you can relive any moment that happened in your life, what would it be?"
One moment is hard to pick but honestly, I'd relive the first couple times Jay and I hung out. Those new feelings are the best.
What's up next for you?
Producing reality tv, working on a shoe line, maybe get back into acting, & talking about getting into the hosting

AIf there's anyone that knows about confrontation, it's Kristin Cavallari. Throughout her tenure on "The Hills," she found herself at the epicenter of chick drama, where she often had to bark back at the "f***ing piranhas" that verbally attacked her. The good news, however, is that the feisty K-Cav hasn't let that experience go to waste; she's now helping young victims of bullying learn to defend themselves.
Last week, the SoCal native visited the "Dr. Phil" show to help his guest, Ally, find the courage to fight back against her intimidating peers. Check out the clip above, where the host uses Kristin in an exercise with Ally. Following the episode, K-Cav tweeted, "My ep of Dr. Phil was extremely emotional & I'm so glad I was part of it. Bullying is a very serious issue & needs to end."
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Kristin Cavallari Celebrates P.S. Arts’ 20th Anniversary Celebration

Spotted: Kristin Cavallari at the P.S. Arts’ 20th Anniversary celebration on Tuesday night in West Hollywood.
Doesn't she look great?
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Olivia Palermo Loves Winter Coats

Olivia Palermo uses her winter coats to hide her "unfortunate" outfits.
The socialite and reality TV star likes the colder seasons because they give an opportunity to get out of potentially embarrassing fashion situations by hiding her scruffy clothes underneath the winter wear.
She explained: "During the long New York winter, a person's coat is the only indicator one can give to passerby as to their true fashion personality. In some ways, this is a beautiful thing.
"Running into one's ex, for example, during the summer, wearing a ratty t-shirt and ancient jeans, makes you want to never leave the house again.
"During the winter, your fabulous coat is hiding the same unfortunate outfit, making you look fabulous - and 'so' over him!"
Because of how essential she feels the purchase of a coat is, it often leads Olivia to buy a few different ones.
She added: "The coat becomes the most important purchase of the season, often demanding the purchase of more than one."
Before the winter sets in, however, Olivia is looking forward to a bright autumn full of sexy reds.
She wrote on her blog: "For many, red is a bold colour reserved only for those with a personality to match. I often associate red with Jessica Rabbit's memorable entrance in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?' but no longer should the show-stopping hue be reserved for the Rabbit-esque evening dress.
"Arguably THE big colour for fall, we're seeing red in everything from denim to leather, and in every shade from maroon to crimson. In a pant, it can be as electric or muted as you like, making picking just one way to wear the trend mission impossible."
I haven't liked a lot of Olivia's fashion choices this year but I have to admit I love almost every coat/jacket I've ever seen her in.

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Will Avril Lavigne & Brody Jenner Appear On Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

Kris Jenner, is rumored to be trying to get Brody Jenner and his girlfriend, Avril Lavigne, on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
A source said, “Kris is always trying to come up with ideas to make the Kardashian empire even bigger. She knows how the show got some flak for being boring last season, so her new plan to spice it up is to get Brody and Avril to make appearances on it. Her ultimate goal is to take over as their manager. Kris sees nothing but dollar signs in Avril.”
The rest of the Kardashian clan doesn’t necessarily agree. The pal added, “Kris takes home ten percent of her children’s salaries, and they constantly make snide comments about her only being concerned about her cut. But if Kris can become Avril’s manager, she’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.”
Would you watch the show if it had Avril & Brody on it?
I would out of sheer curiousity. I would love to see how everyone interacted with Avril.
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Lauren Conrad Gets Punk'd

Lauren Conrad got Punk'd as she left lunch at King's Road Cafe in LA a few days ago! The MTV series returns to the airwaves soon, and Lauren was one of the revamped show's first victims last Friday.
According to The Fashion Spot, "After Lauren and her friend finished their meal, she was apparently tricked into thinking a woman was stuck in the trash compactor of a passing garbage truck. A visibly concerned Lauren even got in on the rescue effort, helping unload bags of recycling from the vehicle, as a group of people tried to 'free' the woman. Lauren realized she was on the receiving end of a major prank, however, when Dax Shepard showed up on the scene. Lauren looked genuinely surprised -- and relieved -- as he gave her a hug and reassured her that no one had really been in danger."
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Kristin Cavallari at The Chinese Laundry Celebration

At last night's Chinese Laundry celebration, Kristin Cavallari's LWD dress served as worthy inspiration to hit the gym — and revamp our cocktail attire. The leggy blonde celebrated her new role as Chinese Laundry's web ambassador in a hot, white minidress, complete with a cutout back. We love that she lets the dress be the standout — with such a sexy piece, you need little else to make an impact. To finish, it's just a pair of nude (what else?) Chinese Laundry pumps, a coordinating clutch, and a pair of understated drop earrings.
Kristin chatted with OK Magazine at the party about dieting as well as her favorite things about Chicago.
KCav told OK! she loves Chicago for its winning combination of family and food! She dished, “Well, my mom is there so I get to see my family, and the food is great!”
Speaking of food, the svelte Dancing With the Stars cast-off describes her dieting regimen with one simple word: “Consistent.” As for her top tip? “Don’t be too strict, because that’s when you binge eat. You have to give into temptation here and there, that’s what life is all about.”
Speaking of temptations and guilty pleasures, the last time she felt guilty was yesterday. “Today because I pigged out like a maniac all weekend.” The red velvet cupcake fan confessed, “I ate everything! I ate this thing called a “Butter Cake” from Mastro’s last night at like midnight. Which was a really bad idea. I had penne a la vodka last night, which I don’t typically order a bowl of pasta, I really just let loose this weekened.”
Regardless, it sounds like Kristin has her waistline under control. “I never skip meals,” she said. Especially during DWTS, she was even more vigilant about not skipping. “No! especially during dancing I was always eating and snacking. I’m a big breakfast fan and I feel like you have to keep eating throughout the day because otherwise your metabolism will slow down.”
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