Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kristin Cavallari at The Chinese Laundry Celebration

At last night's Chinese Laundry celebration, Kristin Cavallari's LWD dress served as worthy inspiration to hit the gym — and revamp our cocktail attire. The leggy blonde celebrated her new role as Chinese Laundry's web ambassador in a hot, white minidress, complete with a cutout back. We love that she lets the dress be the standout — with such a sexy piece, you need little else to make an impact. To finish, it's just a pair of nude (what else?) Chinese Laundry pumps, a coordinating clutch, and a pair of understated drop earrings.
Kristin chatted with OK Magazine at the party about dieting as well as her favorite things about Chicago.
KCav told OK! she loves Chicago for its winning combination of family and food! She dished, “Well, my mom is there so I get to see my family, and the food is great!”
Speaking of food, the svelte Dancing With the Stars cast-off describes her dieting regimen with one simple word: “Consistent.” As for her top tip? “Don’t be too strict, because that’s when you binge eat. You have to give into temptation here and there, that’s what life is all about.”
Speaking of temptations and guilty pleasures, the last time she felt guilty was yesterday. “Today because I pigged out like a maniac all weekend.” The red velvet cupcake fan confessed, “I ate everything! I ate this thing called a “Butter Cake” from Mastro’s last night at like midnight. Which was a really bad idea. I had penne a la vodka last night, which I don’t typically order a bowl of pasta, I really just let loose this weekened.”
Regardless, it sounds like Kristin has her waistline under control. “I never skip meals,” she said. Especially during DWTS, she was even more vigilant about not skipping. “No! especially during dancing I was always eating and snacking. I’m a big breakfast fan and I feel like you have to keep eating throughout the day because otherwise your metabolism will slow down.”
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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. She looks wonderful. I think she must be working with a stylist. She's been so well dressed since her Dancing With The Stars appearance.

  2. she is so beautiful...

  3. I've been thinking the same thing Corrinda. Her outfits have been so cute lately.

  4. so wonderful, amazing, perfect.... i love kcav

  5. I want this dress soooo bad! Love her!