Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lauren Conrad & Mark Ballas Leaving Tru Nightclub

Lauren Conrad and Derek Hough added fuel to the fire of dating rumors by partying together – very closely – in the back room at L.A.'s Trousdale Lounge. Though they were with friends – she had Lo Bosworth with her, and he was hanging out with Mark Ballas – they mostly spent time with each other. They even hit the dance floor, where Hough had his arm around Conrad's waist. "It was obvious there was a lot of chemistry between the two," an onlooker says. "She was very smitten." So smitten, in fact, that they shared some smooches. Says the onlooker: "Neither seemed embarrassed about kissing in public."
However appearing to be keeping the relationship under wraps Lauren was seen leaving the Nightclub with with Mark Ballas instead.
Lauren was dressed in a pair of tiny leather shorts and a mustard coloured sweater for the evening.
LC had her hair in an elegant oversized bun and wore a statement silver necklace and brown heels.

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credit - zimbio, Daily Mail, People
~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. She looks great. I adore the mustard sweater with those leather shorts.

  2. I think Derek should have just said we are all friends instead of denying anything and sneaking around. I know it's their personal life but there are more better ways to handle it.

  3. I agree with you 9:16! Instead of denying it they just should have said something like I'm sorry but I don't discuss my dating life with the press. Problem solved. Instead they look dumb for lying about it.

  4. I forgot to say Lauren looks so cute! I spy her peach tips peeking out of her bun. :>)

  5. im sad that lauren is going out with all this "dancing" crap people !!

    she is an A-list celeb !!! she deserve better !


  6. wtf! Lauren and Mark Ballas? I hate that she's always stealing Kristin's boyfriends, friends(for example Brody, Mark...)

  7. "I hate that she's always stealing Kristin's boyfriends, friends(for example Brody, Mark"

    kristin + mark aren't friends they were just dance partners and lauren didn't date brody IRL it was all part of the fake 'hills' storyline.

    yeah they both dated stephen but he is a different story bc he lied to lauren + kristin and played them both!