Saturday, October 10, 2009

Interview With Lo Bosworth

I had the opportunity to interview Lo Bosworth who was just as nice and sweet in person as she is on tv! In our interview, Lo discussed her personal style, Season 6 of The Hills and how life on The Hills has changed following Lauren Conrad’s departure ……

On her personal style…
“I feel like great accessories really makes an outfit because if you’re wearing blue jeans, a white t-shirt you add an amazing bag, jewelry and shoes you take your look from the street to something more than that, so for me it’s really about the accessories.”
What she is not obsessed with:
“Let’s talk about fake eyelashes for a second. Because I would love to pretend that my lashes are amazing and full and beautiful…but they’re not, and I wear singles (little individual lashes) almost every day. I wear them on every red carpet. I just absolutely, cannot live without them.”
On her favorite designers…
“Phillip Lim. Alexander Wang. Dianne Von Furstenberg. Lots of Topshop and J. Crew, for the day-to-day. I wear really basic stuff and fancy it up with a great sweater or a necklace or a purse or shoes or sunglasses. For me it’s really all about the accessories.”
Whether she uses a stylist:
“No, I’ve pretty much done everything by myself so far. I have been thinking about it for red carpet events because you have access to so much more stuff. Stuff that isn’t in Barney’s right now. Great, classic pieces and beautiful vintage bags and jewelry. Stuff that’s just really hard to come by and you don’t really want to purchase because it so expensive. It’s great to be able to use a stylist to borrow things and not have to invest in it for the rest of your life. You’re only going to wear it once, you know.”
On whether she sees Lauren Conrad now that Lauren has left The Hills…
“We live together! Lauren is not appearing in any episodes. They just don’t shoot in our apartment. When we’re filming at home it’s at Audrina’s house or Stephanie’s house or at Kristin’s house.
It’s funny when I’m at home I’m literally, always, without a doubt in my comfiest clothes because the rest of the day it’s a constant barrage of outfits…and hair…and the shoes…and the makeup… and the bags. It’s just crazy!”
On life on The Hills without Lauren Conrad…
“It’s been probably my toughest season yet, filming-wise. I had a hard season when Audrina and I were fighting with each other and I felt like it wasn’t really fairly portrayed, but as far as filming goes [this season] has been the hardest. I lost my best friend, and we’ve been filming together since I was 17…but there has been a light at the end of the tunnel. My relationships with Stephanie and Audrina have gotten so much better. They’re two of my really close friends now, and Kristen is my friend too. I was sort of the one who introduced her to everybody so my role on the show right now is as moderator between her and everybody else.
On whether she would do future seasons of The Hills and what’s in store for her after The Hills…
“It just depends. The first this is that we don’t know if there will be more seasons. We don’t know until the show has been on for a few episodes if it officially gets a pickup. If there are more seasons I would be willing to do maybe one more, but I would really like to transition into [talk show] hosting. My favorite shows are The View and Regis and Kelly and I’ve been going on so many auditions and taking meetings with great production companies and development executives. If they wanted to film me doing that I’d love to participate in another season.”
On what to expect from this season of The Hills:
“You’re going to see a lot of new faces, even beyond Kristin. A lot of new girls, so it’s going to be an exciting season in that regard.”
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Now and Then: Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge has definitely changed her look over the years.
But has "The Hills" star had some surgical assistance -- as has been rumored -- or is her new look just the result of an expert team of makeup artists, hairdressers, etc?
Comparing her Now photo to her Then shot, none of her features really look much different. Teeth, hair, nose, cheeks, eyes.
But the new hair and makeup are amazing! And the brow reshaping was genius.
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Audrina Patridge, Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt having lunch at Milk in LA 10/9

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Audrina Patridge & Stephanie Pratt getting manicures & pedicures in West Hollywood 10/9

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Audrina Patridge: The Surfrider Foundation’s 25th Anniversary Gala 10/9

Audrina come on 38 seconds into the clip

Audrina blogged about the event:
"Friday was the Surfrider Foundation's 25th Anniversary Gala at California Science Center's Wallis Annenberg Building in LA! It was so much fun! There were so many people out to show their love for the world's ocean! The event was hosted by Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 and featured the band, Camp Freddy. I also saw Pearl Jam there! That's twice in one month -- so amazing!"
"The Surfrider Foundation is an unbelievable and important cause. Being a California native and having surfer friends, I know how important it is to protect our marinas and to keep our beaches clean. Congrats to the wonderful people at the Surfrider Foundation for a successful 25 years! Are you guys part of any causes?"
xoxo Drina
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Whitney Port at LAX Airport 10/8

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Chloe - twit pic

Lo tweeted last night: "Moustachio Chloe-O"

how cute!! :)