Friday, September 4, 2009

More photos of Lauren Conrad from the WhoWhatWear book launch on 9/2

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Sorority Row Cast Interview (video)

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Audrina Patridge and the cast of 'Sorority Row' at the Premiere and after party 9/3

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Whitney Port filming 'The City' with Roxy Olin 9/4

Whitney Port was spotted out with Roxy Olin in New York City on Friday (September 4). Whitney and Roxy strolled the city streets before stopping for a morning beverage, then taking a seat on the cafe's outdoor patio - where they chatted and gave one another a high five during the day's filming session.
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Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole: How They're Doing Post-Joe Francis

Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole aren't about to let last week's brawl with Joe Francis get the best of them.
"I saw both of them yesterday," their Hills co-star Lo Bosworth told us this morning. "They're both doing OK. They love each other so much, and the support of each other is going to get them through this."
She added, "They're taking it one day at a time. I really think everything's going to work out."
But we won't be reliving the Francis feud on any upcoming episodes of MTV's pseudo-reality soap...
"If we had been filming that night, then maybe we would show some of it on The Hills, but at this point, there's too much legal stuff attached to it, so it's not right for the show," Lo explained.
But Lo assures us that Joe Francis dramz aside, the upcoming season will be anything but tame because of the ongoing battle between Team Kristin and Team Audrina.
"I find myself kind of acting as a mediator between two different groups of people," Lo said. "I've known Kristin for years and she's my friend. And then I have [Stephanie Pratt and Audrina] who are like, 'Who is this girl? Why is she here?'"
Perhaps the gals can forget about their high school-like shenanigans, and join Lo in her work for childrens' literacy awareness. Earlier this week, Ms. Lo launched the 4th Annual Jumpstart's Read for the Record Campaign.
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Stephanie Pratt Filming 'The Hills' in Malibu 9/3

The ever-diminishing younger sister of Spencer Pratt was all smiles in her two-piece bikini as she engaged in an afternoon of watersports in Malibu.
And while they shared the same beach, Stephanie is more than a little apprehensive about Kristin.
“She’s like a disease you can’t get rid of,” she says of her co-star in the recently-released teaser trailer. “She’s the girl who’s going to stab us all in the back, and she doesn’t care. … How can one person turn all of our lives upside down?”
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Kristin Cavallari at Anastasia Salon (video) 9/3

The paps caught up with Kristin Cavallari Thursday afternoon 9/3. She was spotted going into Anastasia, a salon in Beverly Hills.
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Audrina Patridge at the Sorority Row Premiere

Audrina Patridge talked with Reuters about sororities, her new movie and how her new show will be different from "The Hills."
Q: Do you think of yourself as a sorority girl?
A: "I've never thought of myself as a sorority girl. I don't think I could ever be in a sorority house or live with like six girls. I would go crazy."
Q: Why?
A: "From watching other sorority movies and from my friends' experience, it's all competitive and cattiness. I mean, aside from being loyal and sisters and being there for each other, that's the good part. But then of course there's always the downside ... The only sorority that I can see myself in is this movie."
Q: Tell me about your new series.

A: "My new show. Well, as soon as we're done filming these bonus episodes for "The Hills," then I segue into the new show with (producer) Mark Burnett and I'm also going to be producing on it. So I'll have more of a voice and a creative part of the show -- what we should and shouldn't film and what's more interesting and what's not interesting. It's about my life and relationships, friendships, Hollywood, acting, you know, events, what goes on behind closed doors."
Q: Is it going to follow your love life?
A: "My love life, yes. Corey (Bohan) will be in the show and my love life will definitely be on the show because it's part of my life."
Q: Are we going to see you in another movie soon?
A: "I'm actually reading three scripts right now and I go and audition for them soon."
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Kristin Cavallari filming in Malibu 9/3

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