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Whitney Port: I Really Love My ...Rebecca Minkoff tote

While shooting scenes for The City's second season, Whitney Port adds a studded Rebecca Minkoff tote to her cool downtown style.
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Who Earns the Most (and Least) on The Hills

Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge may compete for men on the upcoming season of The Hills (premiering Tuesday).
How do they compare in the money department?
Cavallari, 22, earns $90,000 an episode. That's $10,000 less than for Patridge, 24, and Lauren "Lo" Bosworth, 22, who each rake in $100,000.
As for Speidi, Montag, 23, nets $100,000 an episode, while Pratt, 26, gets $65,000 an episode. (Both can make up to $30,000 for personal appearances, according to the web site.)
And though Lauren Conrad has since left the MTV show, she earned a whopping $125,000 per episode during her heyday. (Her deal also stipulated that no other star's salary could match hers.)
Which Hills star earns the least? Brody Jenner, who gets $45,000 a show.
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Roxy Olin Takes to Twitter to Clarify her words on 'The City'

Roxy tweeted earlier this am: "fyi..i said "what i like about the city is its classy". i never said it was classier then the hills. they are very different shows this season. i am looking forward to watching BOTH shows."

Brody Jenner Will Be On David Letterman Tonight

Set your dvrs!

Get Olivia Palermo's Style For Less

Sneak a few more days of shorts into the end of September like Olivia Palermo with our affordable picks from Express (necklace), Gap (shirt), Forever 21 (shorts), Wetseal (shoes), Baghaus (bag), and Amazon (sunglasses).
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'The City: One photo shoot, five women and dozens of shoes make for some serious sass

THE FASHION and celebrity worlds can be a lot like high school, only way better dressed and accessorized. MTV’s “The City” is no exception. It allows us to relive the painful memories of cliché bitchiness, but rather than being in the school cafeteria or bleachers, we’re inside the accessory department of a magazine and the offices of a p.r. firm.
Who cares if much of the scenes between the five girls are scripted? It’s addictive to watch such cattiness, especially when decked out in a mélange of unaffordable Lanvin and cheap-chic H&M.
What we can confirm is that the tension between ice princess Olivia Palermo and, well, everyone else (that’d be Whitney Port, Samantha Swetra and new girls Erin Kaplan and Roxy Olin) is quite real. In fact, The Post was granted exclusive access to a promotional photo shoot for the new season, which premieres Tuesday, and boy did we feel the chill.
“Maybe if Olivia even tried,” explained Samantha.
“I’m here to do my job and get the shot,” Olivia shot back. Meow.
Fortunately, we were warmed by the fashion musings of the utterly fabulous Joe Zee. This season, the effervescent man with a plan straddles roles as both the creative director of Elle and school marm-Mother Hen-referee to some serious squabbles between Olivia and Erin, both of whom work at Elle.
Zee styled the girls in younger designers such as Alexander Wang and Chris Benz, mixing in pieces from contemporary lines such as Jessica Simpson, Theory and the Row.
“[The girls’] sense of personal style is routed in individuality,” says Zee. “When I started in fashion 20 years ago it wasn’t about that. Everyone ran around saying, ‘What’s going on the runway?’ If it was miniskirts, then everyone had to run out and get miniskirts. They dressed alike in order to be on trend. Those rules have long gone out the window.”
Individuality or not, “The City” girls all love their Lanvin. So much so that while chatting with them we counted four different pronunciations of the French designer. (Whitney: Laaan-vaaan; Roxy: Lawn-vawn; Olivia: Law-vaw; and Samantha: Lawnn-van — emphasis on the first syllable). Sammy came closest.
Thank God no one’s wearing Hussein Chalayan.
We talked shop styles, must-haves and more with each of them.

► Lives: on the Upper East Side|
► Works: as director of public relations for Elle magazine
► Shopping ethos: “I’m just so basic and boring and always wearing black. Joe has to tell me to wear accessories!”
► Shopping destinations: Gap, H&M, Theory, Tahari. “I love Badgley Mischka’s new line.”
► Makeup must-haves: “I don’t even know what I use. Whatever I find at Duane Reade!”
► Frequents: “I like the Upper East Side because it’s away from everything else. I do like the Standard Grill. I also go to Starbucks a lot. I’m addicted to coffee.”
► What she’s wearing: Alexander Wang dress, Jessica Simpson heels

► Lives: with Whitney in the West Village
► Works: at p.r. firm People’s Revolution
► Shop style and destinations: Jeffrey’s, Alexander Wang, Olivier for Nina Ricci, Barbara Bowie “I’m really excited to wear a jacket again. I’m a huge fan of animals, but I love fur. I also really love gloves. I’m excited to be in New York and actually need them.”
► Makeup must-haves: “I love Bobbi Brown’s stuff to rock the smokey eyes. MAC by far has the best eyeliner.”
► Frequents: The Jane Hotel. “They’ll play oldies music, and I really like oldies. The Supremes, the Impressions. I can’t stand the really loud clubs because I’m sober. I get really flustered in that kind of scene. You can just sit and relax at The Jane.”
► What she’s wearing: Nicole Miller dress, D&G booties

► Lives: with Roxy in the West Village
► Works: at p.r. firm People’s Revolution
► Shopping style and destinations: Topshop, Urban Outfitters and Alexander Wang. “I don’t have the time or patience to go into big stores.”
► Perfume and makeup must-haves: Trish McEvoy No. 3, NARS
► Frequents: The lounge in the Standard Hotel, Extra Virgin, Blue Ribbon, the Jane Hotel, Rose Bar and Avenue
► Whitney according to Joe Zee: “LA mix of bohemian along with NYC glamour.”
► What she’s wearing: Michael Kors suit jacket, Alexander Wang biker leggings, leopard slingbacks by Walter Steigler and Phi belt

► Lives: in Chelsea
► Works: as an assistant buyer at Bergdorf Goodman
► Shop style and destinations: “My basic stuff is all Bergdorf. I’m there every day, but then I’ll go to H&M and Zara, too.”
► Perfume and makeup must-haves: Trish McEvoy and Bare Minerals, plus Maybelline Mascara; for perfume, Lanvin and Dior.
► Favorite hair-care products: Kerastase
► Can’t live without: Lanvin. “I’m obsessed with their bags. I actually broke my hot pink one and had to bring it in. They are like, ‘We have to ship this and get this piece from Paris. It will be three weeks.’ It’s like three weeks without my hot pink bag! What will I do?”
► Frequents: the Jane Hotel
► What she’s wearing: Chris Benz top, The Row skirt, Fendi shoes and Alaia belt

► Lives: in Brooklyn
► Works: as a contributing editor for Elle magazine’s accessories department
► Shop style: “I like to shop late in the evening. I typically go into Zara, Topshop and to vintage shops.”
► Perfume and makeup must-haves: Guerlain and YSL. “I’ve been using those products since I was a teenager. Once I find something I’m comfortable with, it is hard for me to leave it.”
► Olivia according to Joe Zee: “She is the iconic Elle girl who likes to mix high and low. She’s not about ripping an idea off the runway and putting it on. She has such an incredible sense of fashion, a great passion for it and a great taste for it. That’s something you can’t teach nor train someone to have.”
► What she’s wearing: Missoni dress, Chanel chain belt, Versace shoes, and House of Lanvin bracelets

JOE ZEE's tips for 'City' girl style
► Get thee a statement necklace!
The bigger and chunkier, the better. “You can actually get the statement necklace trend at all levels — at Lanvin or at H&M. You don’t have to break the bank.”
► Hit the chains for trends.
Shop H&M, Topshop and Uniqlo “for little pieces of flair to mix in.”
a white T-shirt and big-shouldered jacket. “Use [the jacket] like the new cardigan.”
► Don’t wear flip-flops.
“I love heels very high — but only because I don’t have to wear them! I love seeing people in flats too, but I do not like seeing them in flip-flops — we do not live and work at the beach!”
► Stay comfy, but sophisticated.
“I love the coziness and feel of sweaters. I also really like a nice gorgeously tailored jacket. Michael Kors hits those knits and suit items right out of the ballpark.”
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'The City' is all about work, says star Olivia Palermo

Boyfriends are so last season.
And the new episodes of MTV's "The City" are all about work.
"The show is definitely more workdriven now, which is cool, because I think girls want to see what happens in the fashion industry," series star Olivia Palermo told The News. "There are also new girls involved, and that gives it a little more of a dynamic. Just like New York is constantly changing, the same goes for the show."
The series, returns with new episodes tomorrow night at 10:30, "The City" follows Palermo and former "Hills" star Whitney Port as they settle into a pair of new jobs, at Kelly Cutrone's People's Revolution public relations firm and Elle magazine, respectively.
Since we last saw Port, she's moved on from a PR position at Diane von Furstenberg, her fancy Grammercy high-rise apartment and on-again, off-again boyfriend Jay Lyon. Palermo's own relationship isn't shown on the series - a decision she says is "personal."
Joining the mix are Roxy Olin, a friend of Port's from high school who applies for a job at People's Revolution, and Erin Kaplan, Elle's PR director with whom Palermo doesn't immediately see eye-to-eye.
"For me, the most important thing is to be professional and focus on the magazine," Palermo said. "In any work environment, you butt heads with some of your co-workers. You'll see the ups and downs of that relationship [with Kaplan] through the season."
Before being cast in the MTV reality series, Palermo was already well-known in Manhattan for being a part of a new, young group of socialites, the most famous of whom is Paris Hilton. Palermo even appeared on the cover of New York magazine in 2007dubbed as the "It Girl" and became a hot topic of snark on, which dubbed her a "debutard."
Palermo said she pays no mind to her critics and hopes her appearance on "The City" will prove to anyone watching that she's just in it for the fashion.
"This is business for me. I'm not jumping at fame," said Palermo. "That's not a goal for me. If it's part of the career path I go down, I accept it, but I love fashion, I love accessories, and I wouldn't be in this industry if I wasn't passionate about it."
To that end, viewers will follow along as Palermo attends New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim on behalf of Elle, as well as working on morning-show segments with Kaplan.
Palermo and Port often clashed when they worked together in the von Furstenberg offices, but now that they're on separate career paths, Palermo has nothing but nice things to say about her co-star.
"I like Whitney. I think she's a really nice girl," Palermo said. "I haven't interacted with her friend Roxy a lot yet, but it does seem like she will bring a lot of drama to the show, for sure."
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