Friday, March 5, 2010

Kristin Cavallari and Stacie Hall Filming The Hills

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Whitney Port to show Whitney Eve Spring 2010 Collection at Fashion Miami

Whitney Port will show her Whitney Eve collection on Wednesday at the opening of Fashion Miami presented by Chrysler.
To buy tickets ($35, $45, $65) for the opening night catwalk show that includes the Whitney Eve label as well as local designers, go to
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Audrina Patridge and Lo Bosworth Filming The Hills

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More Photos of Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth Out in LA

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Whitney Port and Ben Nemtin: City Lovers

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Kristin Cavallari Fashion Shoot Photography by Darren Tieste

Photography by Darren Tieste, Styling by Douglas Van laningham, Hair by Glenn Nutley, and Makeup by Carlene K

Heidi & Spencer Pratt Selling Their Baby Photos Prior to Getting Pregnant

Heidi Montag’s plastic surgeon has supposedly put a halt to any more operations, (more on that in a bit), but don’t think for a minute she and her husband in crime Spencer Pratt, aren’t mapping out new strategies to make money and stay in the headlines.
The shameless fame-seeking couple are supposedly plotting a pregnancy to keep their name in headlines, In Touch Weekly sources dish in the mag’s March 15 issue.
Mind you they’re not actually expecting a baby yet, but that hasn’t stopped Heidi and Spencer from negotiating an exclusive deal with a tabloid. Insiders tell In Touch The Pratts have already secured an exclusive deal with a magazine that will chronicle every step of their impending parenthood.
“She’s not even pregnant yet, but she and Spencer have already signed the papers. They’re planning staged photos every step of the way – the pregnancy, the birth, and of course, the first baby picture.”
Well as annoying as I find these two, they have stretched their 15 minutes of fame and taken it to the bank like nobody before them with their ruthless self promotion. I just doubt they will ever enjoy it that much as nothing is ever enough for them.
The 23-year-old Montag, who seems and has admitted to being addicted to plastic surgery, underwent as many as 10 procedures in one day late last year, including breast implants, a brow lift and fat injections in her cheeks, among others. And yet she wants more procedures done including additional breast augmentation because she didn’t get the size she originally wanted.
However, the reality TV star will now have to scour the phone directory if she’s planning any additional augmentation – because it’s job done as far as Dr Frank Ryan’s concerned.
He said: “There’s really nothing to do!
“I told Heidi, ‘What are you going to do? You’re done!’”

Heidi Montag Wants a Baby ASAP

She's talked about it countless times, but no one ever took Heidi Montag seriously when she prattled on about how she wanted a baby. Well, after disfiguring her face and parading it around for all the world to see, it seems like Heidi will stop at nothing to stay relevant.
In Touch Weekly reports that Heidi is feeling the baby craze again, and she's on a mission to get knocked up RIGHT NOW. A source close to the real life Barbie reveals that Heidi and hubby Spencer Pratt are currently trying to conceive, and adds, “Heidi wants to have a baby. She also knows it will probably generate a lot of attention."
Think she'll be popping one out at the end of the year?
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Kristin Cavallari: Get her Look for Less

Steal Kristin Cavallari's spring style for less with affordable buys from Asos (sunglasses), Max Studio (blouse), Urban Outfitters (necklace), Piperlime (jeans), Endless (clutch), and Alloy (shoes).
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Stephanie Pratt will be on the Soup Awards Tonight!

Set your dvrs - Stephanie will be on The Soup Awards (E! at 10), hosted by Joel McHale

Audrina Patridge: Behind The Scenes at FHM UK photoshoot

Audrina blogged:
"If you haven't seen them already, here they are again! This is a little peak behind the camera for the FHM UK photo shoot! You can see that some photos weren't used in the final spread. They took a lot of photos! I'm really happy with the ones that they ended up choosing. xoxo Audrina"

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