Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fashion Report: The City Gals Are Back In Black!

When 'The City' returns on Sept. 29, more than ever, the show's cast will be sporting *all-black* ensembles (especially now that new, anti-L.A. Roxy's in town.) Keep your eyes peeled for lots of leather -- leggings and form-fitting jackets in particular. From the neck up, long, wavy hair still reigns supreme. And,as usual, there won't be any shortage of colorful Christian Louboutin stilettos, sparkly statement necklaces and LBDs like the one below on newcomer Erin Kaplan.

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Olivia Palermo: Fall's Hottest Beauty Trends

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Stephanie Pratt filming 'The Hills' 9/24

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Whitney Port leaving ABC Studios after taping Live with Regis & Kelly 9/25

Roxy Olin: The City Is "Classier" Than The Hills

Roxy Olin comes from some pretty good Hollywood genes. Her dad is Brothers & Sisters producer Ken Olin and her mom is Patricia Wettig, who stars on the show. Roxy even appears on the hit ABC primetime drama.
But soon you'll be seeing a lot more of Ms. Roxy, because she's joined The City. Not only is the 23-year-old living in New York City with Whitney Port, but they're also working together at fashion PR firm People's Revolution.
I caught up with Roxy the other day on her way home from a weekend with her mom in the Hamptons. Read on to find out about her decision to jump into the world of reality TV, discover which costar she can't stand and why she thinks The City is "classier" than The Hills...
Why did you decide to do The City?
Adam DiVello [creator of The Hills and The City] approached me about doing The Hills awhile ago, but I wasn't interested because they're in their fifth season. But then I'd been wanting to move to New York and fashion's like my other big passion, so they came to me about the idea of doing The City…The truth is I find The City to be a little classier. It's more about work and it's more about fashion and things that I love. I'm proud of the people on the show, other than Olivia Palermo.
Why? What's going on with her?
Oh, god. She's a nightmare. I'm not supposed to do this.
Of course you are. You want ratings, don't you?
She says that they overexaggerate her. No, no, no, no, no! They underexaggerate her. Whitney's the nicest person in the world and I can't say anything bad about her. Whitney can't stand [Olivia] either. None of us can. She's impossible. Other than her, I love everybody else. But you've got to have one in the bunch who's a little bit questionable.
What do your parents think of you doing The City?
At first my parents were, well, they're so stuck in the way of acting being such an art and this is not really the same art as they're doing…[But] my dad's, like, obsessed. He thinks Adam is a genius, and the way that it's shot is so not like a trashy reality show. It's shot so beautifully. He's saying it's the wave of the future right now—you can go with the current or you can fight it.
Will The City cameras be following you when you're working on Brothers & Sisters?
They're not doing that. It's so funny that you don't really see that part of my life at all. It's such a huge thing that's going on for me.
Will you be overlapping with The Hills at all?
I think they want to do that, but I don't think they should. We don't really overlap very much, so that wouldn't really be truthful.
So are you Team Audrina or Team Kristin?
I'm going to have to wait and see. I want to watch and see who I really like…Whoever really brings the drama, I'll probably like more.
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Stephanie Pratt: I'm Not a Party Girl

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Audrina Patridge & Stephanie Pratt: filming scenes for 'the Hills' 9/25

Out after a night of celebrating her Maxim Magazine Cover, Audrina Patridge looked surprisingly awake while filming scenes for “The Hills” yesterday afternoon (September 25).
The brunette hottie was joined by co-star, Stephanie Pratt, as they hit up Recess Nail Salon and Spa in West Hollywood, CA.
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