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Lauren Conrad: 13 Questions with Teen Vogue

The reality superstar and former Teen Vogue intern opens up to Teen Vogue about her new fashion project, her life outside the cameras—and what's next.
How would you describe the Paper Crown collection?
Feminine, a modern take on classic style. Understatedly elegant, effortless, and lovely.
Did you design the collection with yourself in mind? Is every piece something you would wear? Or do you have other muses, and if so, who?
My inspirations are translated in different ways throughout the process. We do keep our various customers in mind, but I make sure each style is true to my vision and brand. I usually end up slipping into every piece after the fit model during fittings, and sneaking samples as soon as I am able to. I wouldn't include a piece in my collection that I wouldn't wear personally. Besides, half the fun of designing is getting to wear the clothing!
How is Paper Crown different from your previous design endeavors, and what did you learn from your previous experiences that helped you in launching Paper Crown?
Paper Crown is different from what I have done in the past because I was able to enter into the line with the experience I obtained in the previous years spent in the industry. Paper Crown is really a passion project. I created the line because I'm in love with the process of design, and I wanted to have my own contemporary collection that allowed me to follow my own rules and be creative. The pieces are current with a classic feel—investments that will last throughout the seasons. I have had many missteps along the way, but I learned from each of them and the next time I didn't make the same mistake. I am still learning. Everything from design, sales, and production through partnering with our retailers, I am constantly learning things about this industry.
Do you have a favorite piece from the collection?
My favorite pieces vary depending on the occasion. My favorite style to dress up in is our tiered chiffon maxi, the Ella Dress. I love the way it moves. For everyday wear, I am obsessed with our faux leather leggings: I wear them all the time!
How do you think your style has changed and evolved since you were a Teen Vogue intern?
In the past five years I have developed my own personal style. Dressing myself has become less of a chore and more of something I can enjoy. Through trial and error, I learned what worked for me and what didn't. Now I tend to gravitate towards the more classic, feminine looks. I enjoy slipping into a platform to run errands, or throwing my hair into a polished up-do to head to my office. I have fun with it.
Any fashion faux pas from your interning days that you wish you could erase?
Too many to remember, but I wouldn't erase them. Well... mostly I can't erase them because most of them were captured on camera and will forever haunt me!
How did interning at Teen Vogue influence your sense of style? What was the most valuable thing you learned from your time there?
During my time at Teen Vogue, I learned about trend forecasting. We would shoot editorials three months before they would appear in the magazine. We would have swimwear in the closet in the winter. It always felt so odd, but it taught me to try and stay ahead of trends. This is important when you are designing pieces that won't hit stores for another six months.
Any celebrities you would love to dress?
As a designer, you are flattered to see anyone in one of your designs, whether it's on a red carpet or passing by you in the market. It's this wonderful little high every time. I get it every time I see someone in an LC Lauren Conrad Piece, and I can't wait to see someone in Paper Crown.
What's next for Paper Crown? How do you see it growing down the road?
I am currently working on my Spring 2012 collection. The first season, Fall 2011, is now available in stores and we will be doing in-store events with Nordstrom. I want to allow Paper Crown to grow organically. I would like to slowly expand the line but maintain its specialty feel.
What's next for Lauren Conrad? You are always working on so many things at once. What else do you have up your sleeve right now?
I just completed my manuscript for the first of three books in my new series, The Fame Game. I have my Paper Crown clothing line, as well as LC Lauren Conrad for Kohls. I also have two websites, laurenconrad.com and thebeautydepartment.com , which monopolize a lot of my time. I have a couple other projects that I am currently working on, but nothing that I can talk about right now!
What do you like to do when you're not working?
Fitness is a luxury when you are busy! When I have a free afternoon, I love taking my dog, Chloe, for a hike at Runyon Canyon. Spending time with my friends and family is also very important, and I love nights in with my girlfriends watching movies and eating frozen yogurt
Do you see yourself returning to TV in any respect in the future? And what kind of project would you want to be involved in? ?
As of now, I have no plans to return to television. That being said, I have learned to never say never (yes, I did just intentionally quote Justin Bieber).
Where do you see yourself in five years?
I am not sure where I will be five years from now. I hope that I will still be doing something that I love, and that I will be as happy as I am today.
All the photos of Lauren are from the pages of Teen Vogue. The older ones are from 2006 & 2007. And the two more recent ones are from 2010.
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credit - Teen Vogue, thanks Portia! :)
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