Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Hills Season 6 - Promo Photos

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OK, is it just me or is it crazy that Heidi is wearing this dress for the THIRD time in about a month. BTW we should be getting more photos - I believe these are just a sneak peek.

Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard: Going Strong

They made a few laps around L.A.'s Trousdale Lounge, but ultimately Lauren Conrad seemed more interested in spending the night out with her boyfriend, Kyle Howard, than hanging out with all her friends. So, the two retreated to the corner where they held hands, kissed and cuddled – and continued to do so even when they were joined by a few pals on the couch.
credit - People magazine, Thanks Tessa for the heads up! : )

Click here to see photos of Lauren leaving Trousdale Nightclub

Whitney Port: Hummingbird Tattoo

When did Whitney get a tattoo? Is this new or has she
had it a while?

Holly Montag: Comedian?!

Holly Montag, older sister to the infamous Heidi Montag, might be known best for her drinking habits on The Hills, but Holly plans on doing a lot more with her life than boozing it up at Hollywood’s trendiest night clubs—she wants to be a comedian!
Last night April 6 Holly, 26, performed a ten minute stand-up routine at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, Calif., and we thought she was pretty good! The reality star filled her comedic monologue with tampon jokes, her rocky relationship with drinking, and her short-lived stint on The Hills. And it sounds like she’s been over reality TV for awhile!
“Holly wants to go back into what she did in college, film production,” a source close to the reality star tells “But she also wants to see if she’ll be any good at stand-up as well.”
Lucky for Holly, she might just have a career beyond reality stardom! A second source tells us Holly is also interested working behind-the-scenes in entertainment television.
Do you think Holly has a career as a stand-up comedian?
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Jayde Nicole: London Shopper

Carrying her beige Louis Vuitton handbag, Jayde Nicolehit the shops during her stay in London. Jayde, visited Lipsy before heading to a local tanning - zimbio, gossip center

Click here and here and here to see more photos
of Jayde during her trip.

Whitney Port: Women in Need Gala

"I had the great privilege to attend Women in Need’s gala tonight at the Waldorf Astoria (expect a longer post on the organization very soon), and after spying Iman and notable socials, the gals at my table and I were excited to sneak a peek at Whitney Port. I normally don’t approach celebrities out of my extreme fear of annoying anyone in America who’s simply trying to live their life as a person in America, but when Whitney asked me to snap a Blackberry pic of her and her friend, I took the open invitation. I didn’t manage to ask after her dress but her shoes were YSL and her jewelry, Made Her Think — of which I need to immediately investigate."
Credit - photos and text by Felicia Sullivan at

Whitney tweeted:
"What an amazing night in NY. The WIN event put a lot in perspective. Please please visit their website, lots to learn."

Congratulations to Casey Patridge Loza and Kyle Loza on their new baby boy!

Kyle tweeted: "Welcome to earth Sam Draven Loza!"
"Amazing! Perfect! born 6:33 and 6 pounds 6 ounces. Casey is healthy and tuff as hell!!!!!!! Hahaha he is beautiful!!!"

Audrina tweeted:
" Congrats to my sis and kyle on baby boy!!!.... That was the most amazing moment I've ever experienced!!! Truly is god given!!!<3 u cas n ky"
and "@caseyloza you make having a baby look easy breezy!!! He is the most handsome lil fella I've ever seen!!:)

Casey tweeted:
"I couldn't be happier than I am right now. I'm deeply in love with my family and can't even explain today! @kylelozansd you are my strength"

So happy for all of them!! : )

Lauren Conrad: Debuts on GLAMOUR UK Best Dressed 2010 List

GLAMOUR's Best Dressed 2010
The votes are in! Here's who you chose as this year's most fashionable...

1. Cheryl Cole
2. Rhianna
3. Blake Lively
4. Leighton Meester
5. Alexa Chung
6. Dannii Minogue
7. Kate Moss
8. Victoria Beckham
9. Beyonce
10. Emma Watson
11. Katy Perry
12. Fearne Cotton
13. Jennifer Aniston
14. Diane Kruger
15. Sienna Miller
16. Megan Fox
17. Lauren Conrad
The Hills star gives a fresh twist to LA style with smartly paired shorts or shift dresses, sandals and a statement bag

18. Chloƫ Sevigny
19. Taylor Momsen
20. Kristen Stewart