Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jayde Nicole: Dublin Babe

Click here and here to see more photos of Jayde during her trip.

Jayde Nicole was spotted at a local pub called Time Nightclub in Ireland earlier this week.
Clad in a sexy purple number, Jayde did a few shots and hung out among the locals in Naas.
credit - gossip center

Jady twittered about her night:
“Wow Time in Ireland, you guys made my trip. I think I met 500 of my #1 fans haha LOVE u guys!! Xox.”
Jayde also cleared the air regarding Brody (responding to a query from a fan)
"we r broken up, have been for months! I have a new AMAZING boyfriend xox"
awww so happy for her!!! : )


  1. well good for her.

  2. Who ever Jayde is seeing has put a HUGE smile on her face. Everytime I see a pic of her, she looks soooo happy. Would love to know who it is tho.

  3. Her boyfriends name is Jesse Waits. He is the managing partner, along with his twin bro Cy, for Victor Drai [Victor owns XS nightclub Vegas (hints Jayde's recent trip to Vegas to visit Jesse), Tryst nightclub Vegas, Drais Hollywood, along with many other clubs]. Hints why Jayde loves going to Drais Hollywood all the time! Didn't take her or Brody long to move on... you would think being with someone for over a year would be hard to get over.... owell . Good for them!

  4. jayde was in belfast on monday she partyed with us in the beach club :)

  5. Jayde is always hanging out with regular people when she goes out. Very approachable and friendly, no attitude. She doesn't act like she's better than anyone else, doesn't matter if she's making a club appearance or not. She enjoys meeting people. And everyone she meets loves her. That is what really makes her beautiful.

  6. I agreee, I've met her a couple of times and she is so nice to ALL her fans. She stayed and took pics with about 50 of her fans one night (and she was sick that night too). I have met few of the other cast (Hills) and they wouldnt stop to talk or take pics :(.

  7. Well, I say tht any guy that can put a beautiful smile (like Jaydes been wearing recently) on a woman's face, MUST be a great guy!

  8. Well we LOVE Jayde in Canada!! I guess some of you Irish dont appreciate real beauty!