Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kristin Cavallari: Heidi Montag's Diva Behavior is "Disappointing"

Is fame going to Heidi Montag's head?
Hills vixen Kristin Cavallari seems to think so.
"She changed her number, so I can’t get a hold of her," she tells E!'s The Daily 10.
UsMagazine.com previously reported that at a recent MTV photo shoot the 23-year-old Montag -- who is now campaigning to be the blonde Tomb Raider after landing a cameo in an Adam Sandler movie -- showed up with four bodyguards and refused to pose with her other Hills castmates.
"No one saw her because no one was allowed to speak to her," Cavallari, 23, tells E!. "She didn’t take the group photo with us which was really disappointing
She did have one piece of praise for Montag, who famously underwent 10 plastic surgery operations in one day: "Honestly, Heidi looks better in person."
The final season of The Hills begins Apr. 27 -- and it could go longer than expected. "They could order 12 more episodes, and it is still the same season," Cavallari says.
How would she feel if frenemy Lauren Conrad returned?
"I hope Lauren comes back," she says. "I think it would be awesome if she comes back."
Credit - Us Weekly


  1. Ya know, I used to dislike Kristen (I was a team Lauren fan, circa Laguna Beach) ... but there is no one more annoying, obnoxious and plain full-of-herself than Heidi. I cannot WAIT until she fades into obscurity.

    Also, I really liked that Kristen said she'd like Lauren to come back. I don't know if she was being genuine, but I take it that she likes Lauren more than Heidi at this point, haha.

  2. The only reason Kristin wants Lauren back is to extend the hills run. Ratings were much better with Lauren

  3. That is pretty sad with the whole Heidi thing--I thought Kristin was Heidi's friend in real life? That was what Heidi said! I used to like Heidi, but she is acting like she is the next Angelina Jolie, when she has a small role in some movie coming out next year. According to Perez Hilton, today, (4/6) Heidi & Spencer are claiming that they got assulted on The Hills? I just don't know what to think of anyone anymore. I guess I don't blame Lauren for leaving!