Monday, January 4, 2010

Fame Game: Lauren Conrad

At the Avon Foundation for Women Awards Gala.

By Eva Chen
Darlings, admit it--aren't you even a teeny, tiny bit curious about what it would be like to be a reality star? I recently had my curiosity satiated when I caught up with Teen Vogue intern turned reality starlet Lauren Conrad at a star-studded gala benefiting Avon (Reese Witherspoon, Courteney Cox, and Fergie were also in attendance). Now that she's a bona fide celeb, I was amazed at how professionally Lauren handled the cavalcade of paparazzi, which captured her every move, from the glamorous (walking the red carpet) to the mundane (touching up her makeup). "I've gotten used to it," she says. "But it's been nice to live without cameras lately. I've been filmed since high school!"
Not that she's been slacking since retiring from The Hills--Lauren's written a New York Times best seller (two more are in the works), designed a line for Kohl's (which entails monthly visits to Wisconsin), and has helped create products for Mark cosmetics. Whew! "It's nice to no longer be on television--I need as few distractions as possible so I can get my work done!" she says. It's especially refreshing for Beauty Blogger to see Lauren using her fame for good. This month, she launches the Have a Heart Bracelet for Mark: "One hundred percent of the proceeds go to raising funds for M.powerment, a nonprofit that educates girls about dating abuse." So far, the charity has raised more than $400,000. Lauren adds, "It's been one of my proudest achievements ever, by far." Now that's star quality.
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Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard vacationing in Mexico 1/3

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I love seeing these but I hate the idea that her vacation is going to be spent trying to outwit/outrun the paparazzi :(

Brody Jenner on 'The Hills' , Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari

We caught up with Brody on his recent trip to Oz to get the lowdown on of the new season, LC and Speidi’s books and our favourite new villain, Kirsten Cavallari.
MTV: So, what do you think of the new season of The Hills?
Brody: This season’s been crazy! We’ve just finished the rest of Season five and just about to start filming season six, but I can tell you, you guys are in for a crazy one! With Kristen being on the show now, and there’s a lot of relationship drama in this one. Next season I wanna try and lighten it up, a little more funny moments not just be so much drama, because this one is just packed with it! People braking up, getting back together, it’s crazy.
MTV: Kristen was sent to stir things up a bit – do you think she’s done that?
Brody: Yeah, she’s definitely doing what they want her to do, causing drama!
MTV: Have you got a favourite episode of the Hills thus far?
Brody: One of my favourite moments was when Lauren went through my phone book, I thought that was a pretty funny moment! You know, she was like, are you going to be ok when you go away and stuff and then she grabbed my phone and found about thirty girls phone numbers in there and was reading all their names out [laughs] it was pretty funny and it made it over to Gossip Girl. I ended getting an AT&T commercial out of it, I think that was a pretty funny moment…
MTV: Do you miss Lauren on the show?
Brody: Yeah of course! Me and Lauren have a good relationship, I haven’t really got to see her much, she’s got a boyfriend now and is doing her own thing writing her book, so I don’t see her as much as I’d like to but we get along great. I love Lauren.
MTV: So, we’ve heard Lauren's book LA Candy is being produced as a movie. You’ve said you’d like Emile Hirsh to play you?
Brody: Well you know, I’d ideally like to play myself, realistically, but if I had to pick someone, I’m a huge fan of Emile Hirsh. I think he’s an incredible actor and he was the first one that came to mind. I was going to say Christian Bale but er, I don’t think Christian Bale would do that role [laughs!] But he would bring drama to the set!
MTV: So what’s going on with you at the moment? Do you have any side projects on the go?
Brody: Yeah! I’m constantly staying busy with other projects, I really love being behind the camera so I’m constantly coming up with show ideas and concepts and I'm constantly in and out of meetings. I've got some projects coming up with MTV that we’re hopefully going to be starting pretty soon.
MTV: Have you read Speidi’s book yet?
Brody: No! Today was the first I heard of it! I didn’t know they even had a book! I haven’t read it, but I’ll be sure to go pick up a copy of that [laughs].
MTV: Do you have any of your own tips for those wanting to get in the public eye?
Brody: Oh man, I’d say honestly, the number one tip I’d give anybody is to stay yourself. Don’t get caught up with all the BS, there’s going to be a lot of up and downs when your famous, so stay true to who you are and your roots, stick with your good friends and do get caught up in all the glitz and glamour.
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Olivia Palermo - Most Fashionable Fixture

Style Awards: 2009
Awards season may still be around the corner, but we've had our eyes on the prize all year. You see, though a grade-A ensemble may seem like less of a production than a film, we know that a blockbuster outfit is truly an achievement. So for this year's best-dressed round-up we wanted to give credit where credit is due and single out the most stellar sartorial performances of 2009. All twelve of these well-dressed winners have played roles in making this year memorable, so we wanted to pay tribute to their particular clothing contributions in our inaugural edition of Who What Wear's Style Awards. So without further delay, the envelopes please…
Most Fashionable Fixture
In a world full of uncertainty, you can always depend on one thing: Olivia Palermo will look polished and put-together whenever she leaves the house. Although it seemed that the ELLE editor-in-training was incapable of making a mistake this year, we really wanted to applaud Palermo for her consistently cute and delightful ensembles and her determination to distinguish herself as a fashionable fixture with stylish staying power!
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Stacie Hall - twit pic

Stacie tweeted: "At the game with all the people I love!" and "Just leaving the Nuggets game! Sucks they lost but I'm going out with @hollymontag in her home town!!"

Pink is the new red

If you’re in need of an instant 2010 ‘pick me up’ just take a leaf out of Blake Lively and Lauren Conrad’s style book. Because it’s time to put away the red lipstick (for now) and embrace hot fuchsia pink lips. It’ll warm up your skin and beat the dull winter blues, instantly updating your make-up look and making spring feel that little bit closer. The rules? If you’re a brunette, stick to cool pink and if you’re blonde, go for a warmer shade.
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