Friday, January 22, 2010

Audrina Patridge, Stephanie Pratt & Kristin Cavallari: Filming at Wonderland nightclub 1/21

They’re no strangers to the swanky Los Angeles nightlife, and Audrina Patridge and Stephanie were spotted living it up at Wonderland nightclub in Hollywood last night (January 21).
Joined by fellow co-star Kristin Cavallari, the MTV ladies looked super-sexy as they partied together all the while filming scenes for an upcoming episode of their hit show “The Hills.”
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Audrina Patridge, Stephanie Pratt, Kristin Cavallari, Frankie Delgado & Brody Jenner - twit pic

Frankie tweeted: " @stephaniepratt @brodyjenner @officialaudrina kristin cavi and I all raging season 6 baby!"

Heidi Montag’s Father Admits He is Concerned For Her

Heidi Montag’s father spoke to exclusively, admitting that he has “concerns” over his daughter’s welfare.
“Obviously, every parent has concerns,” Bill Montag said from his Colorado home about Heidi’s controversial plastic surgery procedures. Despite the parental trepidation, Bill is keeping mum about the current storm surrounding his twenty-three year old daughter’s decisions.
“I have promised Heidi that I will not openly speak about the situation.”
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Stephanie Pratt & Shanna Moakler: Car-Swap Debacle

Oopsy! Looks like there was a bit of a mix up at the Voyeur nightclub in the wee hours of the morning.
Reality stars Stephanie Pratt and Shanna Moakler both went to party the night away at the hotspot. Both of these blondes just so happen to have the same make/model/color of SUV. When the two - who were at the club seperatly – left, the valets gave them the wrong cars! But on this night Twitter came in very very handy…
Stephanie wrote: “When valet gives away ur car... Hopefully ur with a good friend like @frankiedelgado to keep u calm. #worstnight" Shauna just happened to be scrolling through twitter and saw Stephanie’s post. She replied, “Dear Stephanie pratt.. Valet .. Gave us the wrong car…how do you wanna do this? Lmfao!”
“Omg! Worst!! Swap asap!” Stephanie wrote, perhaps worried about all her goodies, since Shanna Tweeted back, “10 min from home before we realized you raided a gifting suite and this sh*t was NOT ours! Lol all the best…”
And what did Stephanie get in the car she drove away with? A toddler’s carseat! She drove away without even noticing the seat in the back, good thing there wasn’t a kid buckled in…that would have really complicated matters!

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Spencer Pratt: I'm Not in Charge of Heidi's Body

He may not have the best track record, but Spencer Pratt has stood by wife Heidi Montag in her decision to undergo 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day. But for the record: He wasn't in favor of her total transformation.
For the past three years, while Montag has obsessed about her imperfections and eagerly planned her November surgery, Pratt was there to voice his very different opinion on things.
"Anytime I hinted that it might be a little much or if I just asked if she was sure, I even felt like I was crossing lines," he told PEOPLE. "I'm not in charge of what she does with any part of her body. I'm her husband – not her owner."
To Pratt, his wife of a year was perfect to begin with. "But everyone sees themselves differently when they look in the mirror," he says. "Nobody truly understands how she feels except her. I may not be okay with things, but it's not my call."
Throughout the lengthy procedure and seven-week-plus recovery, Pratt, 26, played nurse – monitoring Montag, 23, and her health day and night. But the hardest part of all was seeing his wife post-surgery.
"Right after … it was the worst experience of my life," Pratt said. "Nobody that loves a loved one should see that."
And despite his difference of opinion on her having the surgery, Montag appreciates his honesty. "At the end of the day we do share a same opinion: It's my body and I need to feel comfortable as a woman, as a person, and my inner beauty is always there and that's what's most important," she says.
"His support has really been a lot and made such a difference. I couldn't ask for more."
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Olivia Palermo & Johannes Huebl @ Cinema Society Screening Of "Extraordinary Measures" - After Party

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Kristin Cavallari in the cover spread for ASOS Magazine

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The magazine is due out next week

Roxy Olin at the NY Premiere of "Extraordinary Measures"

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Roxy tweeted about the film: "Really amazing story very inspiring."

Kristin Cavallari: Rainy Day in Beverly Hills 1/21

Getting caught out in the wet winter weather, Kristin Cavallari braved the rain while running around Los Angeles, California on Thursday (January 21).
Kristin happened to be out for a hair appointment at her home away from home aka The Neil George Hair Salon in Beverly Hills.
Despite the nasty conditions, Miss Cavallari gracefully flaunted her golden locks as she ran out to the car following the day’s beauty session.
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Heidi Montag's Mom Horrified Over Her Surgeries

When Heidi Montag underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, the Hills star kept her plans secret from friends – and even her family.
Now, nine weeks after her dramatic transformation, Montag is dealing with the horrified reaction of her mom, Darlene Egelhoff.
"I still can't believe I'm 23 and mom is reacting this way," Montag tells PEOPLE. "I'm nervous to go home and face her – especially with cameras rolling."
A source close to the family tells PEOPLE that Egelhoff "is horrified and having a total breakdown. She can't wait to confront Heidi when she goes home."
Montag's mom, who lives in Colorado where the reality star grew up, will get her wish soon. "Heidi is planning to head back to her small town of Crested Butte very soon," says the source.
And Hills fans will get to see the drama play out next season on the MTV hit, as cameras will catch every moment.
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