Friday, January 22, 2010

Stephanie Pratt & Shanna Moakler: Car-Swap Debacle

Oopsy! Looks like there was a bit of a mix up at the Voyeur nightclub in the wee hours of the morning.
Reality stars Stephanie Pratt and Shanna Moakler both went to party the night away at the hotspot. Both of these blondes just so happen to have the same make/model/color of SUV. When the two - who were at the club seperatly – left, the valets gave them the wrong cars! But on this night Twitter came in very very handy…
Stephanie wrote: “When valet gives away ur car... Hopefully ur with a good friend like @frankiedelgado to keep u calm. #worstnight" Shauna just happened to be scrolling through twitter and saw Stephanie’s post. She replied, “Dear Stephanie pratt.. Valet .. Gave us the wrong car…how do you wanna do this? Lmfao!”
“Omg! Worst!! Swap asap!” Stephanie wrote, perhaps worried about all her goodies, since Shanna Tweeted back, “10 min from home before we realized you raided a gifting suite and this sh*t was NOT ours! Lol all the best…”
And what did Stephanie get in the car she drove away with? A toddler’s carseat! She drove away without even noticing the seat in the back, good thing there wasn’t a kid buckled in…that would have really complicated matters!

credit - tmz, famecrawler

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  1. they didn't notice they were in different vehicals till they were almost home, what the hell. all cars have different smells and interiors.2 ditzy blondes or too much of the bubbley?