Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl: Big City Lovin'

Enjoying the end of summer to the fullest, Olivia Palermo was spotted strolling around the New York City streets on Wednesday afternoon (September 1).
With her boyfriend Johannes Huebl lovingly putting his arm around her shoulder, Olivia looked radiant as she soaked up the warm summer sun in the Big Apple.
Meanwhile, Miss Palermo is currently busily prepping for the upcoming festivities of New York Fashion Week at the tents in Bryant Park.
Set to kick off on September 16, Olivia will undoubtedly be front row for the majority of shows.
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Audrina Patridge: Partnered up with Tony Dovolani for DWTS

Now that we know the season 11 "Dancing with the Stars" cast and the celeb/pro-dancer pairings, we're left wondering about partner chemistry and what dances the pairs will roll out when the show premieres September 20.
When MTV News caught up with Audrina Patridge between a flurry of photo shoots, wardrobe fittings and rehearsals recently, she said she's having a great time so far, particularly working with her dance pro, Tony Dovolani
"He is amazing," she said. "He's such a great teacher. He's very professional, and we have a lot of fun together. It's really fun. I look forward to going to rehearsal every day."
Patridge added that dancing with a partner might spoil her for all other forms of dance. "I almost like dancing with a partner better, because they're leading you and you have someone next to you, so it pumps you up to dance and move to their movements," she explained. "I love it."
The former "Hills" star said she hasn't yet mastered a particular step — since they've only had a few days of rehearsals — but she's having fun learning so many new things. "[During our first rehearsal] I learned so many different things," she said. "It was really just getting to know my way of learning; I'm a visual learner."
One movement she said she's going to have to practice is spotting, a technique dancers use to focus their turns and keep from getting dizzy.
"I practiced doing all the pique turns, [but] I need to practice spotting, because I get a little dizzy," Patridge admitted. "Those are probably the most challenging for me right now: spotting and spinning without getting dizzy."
credit - mtv, Audrina's twitter
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Heidi Montag: New Costa Rica Photos?

Has Heidi has been under the knife yet again?
Heidi tried to explain away the bandages in Life & Style “Except for filming and a few photo shoots, I’ve had my nose tape on 24 hours a day since November,” she . “It takes a year for your nose to heal. This is just the first photo that anyone has seen of it.”
On his blog, OcBody plastic surgeon Dr. John Di Saia explains, ”Heidi Montag has been seen in Costa Rica with Steri-strips on her nose talking about an implant exchange (to a smaller size.) Could she have had another nose job? Well of course. She told the Huffington Post that she was wearing the nasal strips under the direction of her late plastic surgeon Frank Ryan presumably for support after her surgery with him, but while this is possible, it is not likely. Steri-strips are wound closure support strips used by plastic surgeons for at the most weeks in the majority of cases. They are much more commonly used on fresh surgical wounds.”
“When you see steri-strips in that there is a high likelihood that someone is protecting an open wound or has had recent surgery.”
“Heidi needs to slow down. She seems to be in a rush to get to Michael Jackson “massively operated” status which is a shame. I liked her original improvement of 2007 and indicated at the time that I felt she was best served leaving well enough alone.”
Perhaps she'd be better served seeing a psychiatristinstead of a plastic surgeon the next time she feels the need to visit a medical office.

I still think there is something off with all of these Costa Rica Photos but that's just my $.02...
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Erin Lucas: Modeling For Lolli Popitt

She looks great!

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Kristin Cavallari: Shows Her Bears Pride

She’s always on the go, and yesterday (August 31) Kristin Cavallari was spotted at LAX International Airport.
KCav looked to be in good spirits as she sported a Chicago Bears football team ballcap, sparking even more rumors of a romance with Jay Cutler.
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Lauren Conrad: My Studio Beauty

Lauren Conrad heads to My Studio in West Hollywood. Lauren dined earlier at the Loteria restaurant with some gal pals.
Lauren tweeted: "Girl's night out with @jillyHendrix at My Studio tonight!! Come early to hear her DJ!"

Lauren tweeted: "Higher the hair, closer to god... Tonight I'm feeling like a saint haha"
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Kristin Cavallari: Jay Cutler Romance Rumors

Sources revealed to Perez Hilton that Kristin was spotted getting rather close with Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, last night at the Angels and Kings lounge in Chicago, IL.
The sources claim that Ms Cavallari and Mr Cutler “were all over each other, kissing and acting all in love.”
We caught up with Cutler to get the scoop straight from him:
"I find it funny," Cutler told me. "That stuff, you just have to laugh about. I had dinner with her, and that was pretty much about it."
Cutler said he expects to draw that sort of attention.
"It's a sports town," he said. "It really is, and they love their football so it comes with it."
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Whitney Port & Ben Nemtin: Los Feliz Couple

Spotted: Whitney Port and boyfriend Ben Nemtim out & about in Los Feliz
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