Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kristin Cavallari: Jay Cutler Romance Rumors

Sources revealed to Perez Hilton that Kristin was spotted getting rather close with Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, last night at the Angels and Kings lounge in Chicago, IL.
The sources claim that Ms Cavallari and Mr Cutler “were all over each other, kissing and acting all in love.”
We caught up with Cutler to get the scoop straight from him:
"I find it funny," Cutler told me. "That stuff, you just have to laugh about. I had dinner with her, and that was pretty much about it."
Cutler said he expects to draw that sort of attention.
"It's a sports town," he said. "It really is, and they love their football so it comes with it."
credit - gossip center,, thanks katie!
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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