Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Asher Roth slams Spencer Pratt

Back in May, Asher Roth told MTV News he wasn't interested in starting a rap feud with Spencer Pratt. "I've got way too much on my mind and on my plate right now to be dealing with somebody who is just looking for attention," Roth scoffed in response to taunts from Team Spencer.

But two short months later, the rap icon lanky lyricist (who's been romantically linked with Spencer's sister, Stephanie), fired back with a vengeance, putting Pratt on blast in a fiery, new dis track. Listen to the whole song on Perez Hilton and check out the best (worst?) of the Spencer-inspired lyrical assault, below:

"Ash is back / suck my cul-de-sac
That goes for all those / who pose like Spence Pratt
Whacks that can't rap / but they think they're the s***
When I'm hanging out in Vegas / making out with his sis
F*** reality shows ..."

credit - mtv.com

Trend watch: Olivia Palermo is showing off her bling

At Miami Fashion Week, Olivia Palermo showcased her love of blingy, larger-than-life jewelry -- a style she's been cultivating since Cannes. But is bigger always better when it comes to baubles? Tell us whether you're into the bold, metallic look!
Credit - mtv.com

Stephanie Pratt: “The Hills Saved Me”

Recent press reports have claimed that starring in The Hills gave Stephanie Pratt an eating disorder. But the reality star has told OK! that these rumors couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, Stephanie says that the show saved her from the bulimia that she had struggled with since eighth grade.

“I should have died a million times,” Stephanie told OK! at the launch of the Charlotte Russe fall collection in NYC.

“I was just partying, trying to fulfill this emptiness that I had for no reason,” she admitted.

“[In the reports], it says that I’m on The Hills and I’m throwing up. But what the hell am I doing? I’m living a dream life right now, you know,” she explained. “I got myself out of it, I got help.”

And speaking of transformations, Stephanie says her big bro Spencer Pratt is a new man since his marriage to Heidi Montag.

“Since the wedding, he’s happier and nicer than anyone. He just took my mom and dad out to dinner the other night. He’s been a great guy right now,” she told OK!.

“He’s just completely different. They’re in bed at 9:00 reading!”
Credit - Oliver Coleman @ Ok Magazine

Lauren Conrad and Olivia Palermo - how they wear chic shorts

(click photo to enlarge)
Elle's newest staffer, Olivia Palermo, provided an example of how to wear a dressier short in a more subtle pattern at the launch festivities for Matthew Williamson's for H&M earlier this summer. The City-star's Stone Embellished Boucle Dion Shorts($40), from the Swedish purveyors of fast-fashion looked quite snazzy with her Chanel clutch and Topshop necklace (try their Fabric Wrapped Chain Necklace($40) for an equally high-impact and high-street piece!). Though Palermo's pick won't be available until late August, we can recommend Silence & Noise's High-Waisted Shorts($38), which are available now to help you achieve her assemblage.

LA Candy author, Lauren Conrad looked quite polished in Alex Lane's Pleated Silk Shorts ($169). Her rolled-hemmed version is perfectly understated and elegant, but we think Topshop's Silk Shorts ($60) would look just as posh with a tucked-in top for a book signing or just a night on the town.
Credit - whowhatwear.com, photos from Splash

Brody Jenner at the Getty Museum

2 new twit pics from Brody (and Jayde) Brody tweeted earlier in the day "Headed to the Getty museum in malibu.. Amped! Have not been to a musuem since I was a kid"

Jayde:"BrodyJenner and I checking out the view from the top of the Getty Museum... So amazing!!"

Brody: "The view up here is CRAZY!! Check it out."