Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Asher Roth slams Spencer Pratt

Back in May, Asher Roth told MTV News he wasn't interested in starting a rap feud with Spencer Pratt. "I've got way too much on my mind and on my plate right now to be dealing with somebody who is just looking for attention," Roth scoffed in response to taunts from Team Spencer.

But two short months later, the rap icon lanky lyricist (who's been romantically linked with Spencer's sister, Stephanie), fired back with a vengeance, putting Pratt on blast in a fiery, new dis track. Listen to the whole song on Perez Hilton and check out the best (worst?) of the Spencer-inspired lyrical assault, below:

"Ash is back / suck my cul-de-sac
That goes for all those / who pose like Spence Pratt
Whacks that can't rap / but they think they're the s***
When I'm hanging out in Vegas / making out with his sis
F*** reality shows ..."

credit - mtv.com

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