Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heidi Montag: Obsessed with Being Perfect - scans from People Magazine

Jayde Nicole Leaves ‘The Hills’

There were no Hills cameras around when Jayde Nicole came out to the Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas this past weekend sans ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner. And don’t expect to see cameras around her anytime soon! The Hills star and Playboy Playmate of the Year told OK! she has no plans to be on MTV reality show now that she and Brody have broken up.
“As of right now, I’m not going to be on the show,” she told OK!. “I’m not a very dramatic person and I don’t like all the drama and I feel like that’s all it was.”
Despite all the arguments on the show over Brody’s other ex Kristin Cavallari, Jayde says the hardest part was the scrutiny.
“Its hard everybody kind of watching your relationship and kind of scrutinizing it and taking all of your good times and only putting the bad ones on TV,” Jayde told OK! at the PokerStars amfAR Party. “I mean our relationship wasn’t like that at all in real life. Of course we fought, everybody fights but at the end of the day we made it through the whole filming so it didn’t really affect it that much.”
Jayde, who joined other celebs including Adrian Grenier, Kelly Rowland, Nelly and World Series of Poker Champion Joe Cada at the Atlantis, has traded in The Hills for poker playing. She’s getting lessons from a different pro poker player each month to prepare for the World Series, as part of the All In Project. Jayde first learned to play poker with her ex, but she says Brody has no hard feeling she gets to play with the pros while he sits on the rail.
“He was not jealous, but he definitely wanted to be part of it,” Jayde says. “Me and Brody still keep in touch too. We’re still friends. Everyone that I was friends with on the show I’m still friends with now.”
Although The Hills is not in her future, Jayde says other reality shows are in the works.
“We do have a couple show we’re working on right now that are insane and a lot of fun but nothing really that’s going to dwell into my personal life that much,” Jayde says. “Live and learn. Never again.”
credit - OK Magazine

I think she made a smart decision! It would be fun to see her in a 'Girls Next Door' type of show.

Whitney Port in the West Village 1/14

Back to life on the east coast, Whitney Port was spotted making her way around the West Village of New York City on Thursday (January 14).
Joined by a gal pal, the MTV reality star showed off her stylish ways as she ran a few errands during a break from filming duties for “The City”.
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More Photos of Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari filming on 1/13

Making for an interesting pairing, Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari joined forces on their first day back of filming “The Hills” in Los Angeles yesterday(January 13).
When they were informed that ‘Hollywood Burglar Bunch’ leader Rachel Lee was formally charged for the celebrity break-ins (including one at Audrina's home), Audrina expressed her happiness, “Very happy about that. Maybe I can get the rest of my stuff back.”
credit - gossip center, celebrity paradise

Heidi Montag: Pop music gate-crasher or queen of pop?

Many moons ago in the dark ages of the '80s, an upstart soul singer by the name of Terrence Trent D'Arby claimed that he was destined to be as big as the Beatles. Thirty years since their breakup, the Beatles are still one of the top-selling acts in music history and remain an inspiration for anyone looking pick up a guitar or write a song.
Where's Terrence Trent d'Arby now? He goes by the name Sananda Maitreya and is playing some gigs in Switzerland. The lesson? Be careful who you compare yourself to.
Heidi Montag should heed this lesson well.
Her debut album, aptly titled "Superficial," is in stores this week. According to the pop music gate-crasher, "Superficial" cost her the significant sum of $2 million. Montag told Entertainment Weekly that she expects to make her money back in the first week because her "songs will make an impact in pop history" and the album is as good as Michael Jackson's "Thriller."
Sounds like the gloved gauntlet has been thrown down.
As a reminder, "Thriller" was released on November 30, 1982, cost $750,000 to record, sold a million copies per week soon after its release, and has currently sold more than 110 million copies worldwide.
I look forward to presenting you with "Superficial" sales figures next week. I hope Heidi's "Hills" checks keep coming. Maybe Sananda Maitreya needs a backup singer in Switzerland.
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Ok, I'm curious. Anyone planning on buying Superficial?

NYPD called in when 'The City' filmed an episode in Grand Central Terminal

Doing reality TV can be tricky. While Whitney Port, Kelly Cutrone and Roxy Olin of MTV's "The City" were styling a shoot at Grand Central Terminal for for an upcoming episode, police came over to break up a crowd gathered around the cast. "They asked to see a permit, and it turned out that producers were using one too many cameras, so the cops pulled the permit," says a spy. "Roxy ended up getting into an argument with the cops, and they threatened to throw her in a holding cell . . . Whitney ended up running over and breaking up the argument."
credit - New York Post

Lo Bosworth at Pepsi Refresh Project Cafe - Day 1 1/8

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