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Holiday Shopping with Lauren Conrad (video)

Lo Bosworth discusses 'The Hills'

We caught up with Lauren 'Lo' Bosworth -- who made her reality show start as a teen on MTV's 'Laguna Beach' and later followed BFF Lauren Conrad to 'The Hills' -- before her flight from L.A. to New York and asked her to give us a sneak peek at what's ahead for the show and its stars.
How do you think the show changed since Lauren left?
I was disappointed because I think the show lost a lot of its original appeal. This season went beyond what it has before -- there used to be a little more of a nice, fun side. This side was all about these fights, people were pitted against each other. I'm glad I came out of it unscathed.
Yes, you were one of the nice girls this season.
At some point, I want to move beyond 'The Hills' without people remembering me for one or two horrible things that I did on this reality TV show. Not to say that I do horrible things, because I think I'm a genuine person. I want to have a hosting career so I keep that in mind when I'm filming. It's important to me to represent myself well. As a result, I don't get caught up in all of the drama that you see between other people.
Will you be on the next season of 'The Hills'?
We're in contract negotiations right now. What does everyone say? You'll have to wait and see!
Will Audrina [Patridge] be on next season? We know there are rumors that MTV is developing her own show.
I'm totally sure. I haven't spoken to her about it. That's a question that would be better suited for her.

What changes do you foresee happening for next season?
I think we're all hoping that the show will kind of get back to its roots next year. I personally hope that the show will focus more on our jobs, and what's going on career-wise in our day-to-to lives ... These boys run these girls' lives! Everybody has that one guy, but everybody else goes to work and goes to birthday parties, and goes out with their friends. I hope they end up showing more of that next season and I think they're going to.
There are also talks about Heidi and Spencer having their own show. What do you think about that?
I wish them the best if that's what they're doing. I don't speak to them at all, so I have no idea.
Do you think Heidi will have a baby anytime soon?
Doubtful, probably not. Who knows?
Have you watched any episodes from this season with Lauren?
No, she doesn't watch it anymore. [Laughs]
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Frisky Q&A: Whitney Port Talks East Coast Vs. West Coast Style

Whitney Port is the only celebrity designer we can think of at the moment who seriously paid her dues in the fashion business. Over the years she has interned at W and the fashion trade paper Women’s Wear Daily, worked as a contributor at Teen Vogue, and as anyone who’s switched from “The Hills” to “The City” knows, beat the pavement for Diane von Furstenberg and for Kelly Cutrone‘s now famous PR firm, People’s Revolution, which let’s face it, is no cakewalk. Now that she’s wrapped the Whitney Eve Spring 2010 collection and “The City” season finale (watch the entire season at if you missed it), she took five to sit down and talk some fash smack with us.
The Frisky: How would you define your personal style?
Whitney Port: It’s eclectic! I think what I wear each day really depends on my mood. A lot of the time I can dress down and be in jeans like a true L.A. girl, but I also like to get dressed up and play the sophisticated card. I especially like to incorporate lots of vintage and try not to wear what everyone else is wearing—just fun and funky.

The Frisky: Who do you consider style icons (past and present)?
WP: You know, the first person that comes to mind is Gwyneth Paltrow. I think over the years she has always managed to look classic and tailored. Princess Diana always radiated effortless elegance.
The Frisky: How would you describe East Coast vs. West Coast style?
WP: Girls on the East Coast are way more put-together! They’re more fashion-forward and you see women taking more chances. People aren’t as timid. Whereas on the West Coast, it’s more about the boobies, hips and legs. In New York it’s more like you’re wearing the piece of art rather than your body being the art.
The Frisky: Did you dress yourself for “The City” or was there a wardrobe department?

WP: Nope. The hair and makeup and our own clothes was all do-it-yourself.
The Frisky: So what tricks do you have for looking good on camera?
WP: You definitely learn that certain shapes just don’t translate. You want to stay away from horizontal stripes because they just aren’t that flattering. And when it’s your top and up being shown, you want to keep that in mind and accessorize accordingly.
The Frisky: What are the best heels/boots for running around a city in?
WP: Actually, I’ve yet to find a pair of heels I can wear all day and still love my feet. I keep flats that fold up in my bag and slip them on and off.

The Frisky: You’ve been on the editorial and public relations sides of fashion. What’s it like to have the perspective of a designer?
WP: It’s very difficult because you’re the creator of this art and you have to open yourself up to opinions. You’re very vulnerable and a lot of people have something to say and most people won’t like it. It’s truly emotionally draining to be that vulnerable, but it’s also rewarding because the results of all your hard work are material, so you can really enjoy that aspect of it.
The Frisky: What makes a good designer and who are some of your favorites?
WP: What makes a great designer is having the ability to keep a woman’s body in mind and appealing to every woman. I look at all these couture designers and they make amazing creations but they’re not always wearable. You’re really talented if you can match that fashion-forward mentality with wearability. I think Diane von Furstenberg has done that; Alexander Wang has hit the nail on the head with his t-shirt line and the cocktail line; Moschino Cheap & Chic is always fun and flirty and wearable and makes a girl feel good.

The Frisky: What was the inspiration behind your spring 2010 line?
WP: I wanted to allow girls to get a piece of what we wear on the show—little dresses, sophisticated cocktail outfits, really empowered and fashion-forward metallic and sequins that make you happy and cheery. I also wanted to appeal to different body types. I started out designing for one specific type and that wasn’t very fair of me, was it? And right now especially, it needed to be affordable.
The Frisky: What advice would you have for other ladies who want to come to the city to work in fashion?
WP: Well, it’s daunting. It’s a really competitive place filled with so many who want to make it and most people won’t. I would say you should definitely come here with a set goal and be OK with starting at the bottom: interning at a PR firm or magazine or even a showroom. You just need to get your foot in the door and be willing to work your way up.
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Whitney Port Interview: From The Hills To The City

How’s it going Whitney, are you expecting a Christmas card from Olivia?
Olivia and I are not really the best of friends out of work. We are fine; we’re amicable, it’s cool, I don’t dislike her and I hope she doesn’t dislike me but there’s definitely facets of her personality that are hard to get along with. We’ve both left DVF (her new New York fashion house, Diane Von Furstenbergand) I think it’s a lot healthier for me to be at a workplace where she’s not!
(*We think that means “I really hate that person and if she died in her sleep I would laugh for several days” in Hollywood chat.*)
Right. Did you ever think that The Hills and subsequently the City would be the cult hits they are?
I never thought it would be this popular! When I first started doing The Hills I had no idea what I was in for and now, to be doing The City, it’s been very surreal.
I think The City is very different to The Hills (*a lot more crowded presumably*). The way it’s filmed is very similar in the way we sit and do the chats; have conversations and the work atmosphere and the going out atmosphere are similar but the look of The City and how career orientated we are is very different.
The Hills girls have become something of a fashion phenomenon and you now have your own clothing line…
I have my own fashion line ‘Whitney Eve’ which is online now so for all you guys here in the UK that don’t have access to the stores you can find it online! I showed my first collection at Bryant Park which is New York’s fashion week and it’s a really great collection for me – fun flirty dresses, bright colours, metalics, some tailored jackets, and comfortable leggings – fun cocktail wear.

And Lauren also has a clothing line. Are you now rivals? What do you think of her designs?
Lauren and I are still friends but her clothing line is very different. Mine is a little more upscale, it’s definitely more expensive, more fancy.
So, how are you enjoying New York? Do you think you’ll ever move back to LA?
I think eventually I’ll move back to LA but right now I’m happy to be in New York. I think at 24 years old it’s the perfect place to be. I’m meeting more people than I ever probably could in LA because it’s a melting pot of cultures and nice people.
I feel that New York has definitely grown on me and I can definitely call it a home. It’s not like my home because home is where family and friends are and everything but I definitely feel like I’ve become accustomed to the lifestyle and I feel more comfortable there.
The social scene is very different; it’s very new. I hardly know anybody there so it’s been difficult to make new friends but I think I have found a good circle of friends right now…
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Q & A with Lo Bosworth

J-14 hung out with Lo Bosworth right before The Hills’ finale aired live this week, and we got all the scoop on how she really feels about the end of this season and live without Lauren Conrad — on camera.
J-14: What were you most excited for in the finale?
Lo Bosworth: I’m really excited for Audrina [Patridge]. She’s going to have some definite closure in her life — a long time coming, so I’m really proud of her. We got so much closer this season, so I totally back her decision.

J-14: Was it weird not working with Lauren this season?
Lo: We live together, so from the beginning we had this personal life that was always the same. That hasn’t changed at all. Our work atmosphere has changed — we started filming Laguna Beach when we were still in high school! For me it’s more about making new friendships this season, and I’m so much closer to Audrina and Stephanie [Pratt] now. It makes me comfortable to go to work with them because for a few weeks there, I had that new kid at school syndrome, like when you lose your best friend. But I’ve become a lot closer with the other girls so it’s still really nice.
J-14: How did you deal with some of the criticism that comes from being on a reality show?
Lo: We have so many amazing fans, but we have just as many people that think we are a joke. I don’t like to get caught up in all the drama because I don’t want people to see me that way. I went to UCLA. I’m normal. I stay out of it because I want a future like after The Hills.
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Stephanie Pratt in PRVCY Monaco Jeans

Stephanie Pratt is spotted dressed to the casual nines (you can you do that you know....) in a pair of PRVCY Crystal Pockets Monaco Straight Leg Jeans in Black Diamond Wash.

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Robert Pattinson Is No Edward Cullen-- No One Is, According To 'Hills' Star Stephanie Pratt

It's hard to imagine now, but back when Robert Pattinson first landed the role of Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" movies, many of Stephenie Meyer's most loyal fans were angered by the selection of the relatively unknown actor.
These days, of course, millions adore the man they affectionately call RPattz. In comments sure to raise eyebrows among Twilighters, however, one famous fan recently told us that while she loves the story, she thinks it's far from reality.
"I don't think anyone is Edward in real life," insisted Stephanie Pratt of "The Hills," who is a hardcore "Twilight" fan and admits that she is a fan of Robert himself.
"I feel bad that people think he's Edward, because that definitely puts a lot of pressure on him," Stephanie said of Robert. "I mean, it's Edward, and then Rob."
Between her reality-show duties, Spencer's sis read all four "Twilight" books last year in a matter of weeks, and told us that like many fans she imagined the tall, handsome, endearingly old-fashioned vampire to be her ideal embodiment of a man. To Stephanie, not even RPattz's work in the "Twilight" films has been able to capture that — even though she admits that Rob is dreamy portraying ... well, just Rob Pattinson.
"[If I met him] I don't know if I would scream," she explained. "I think I would just kind of giggle and run away. I get really shy around cute guys. And British guys kill me."
So, although Edward Cullen may still look different in her mind, Stephanie said she remains "Team Edward" and has been really impressed with how the actor has navigated his meteoric rise to the top of Hollywood's ranks. "He's handling it really well," she marveled.
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Roxy Olin: How Can We Get Your Winged-Out Lids?

Want to get “The City” star’s lush liner look?
Roxy Olin was sporting some gorgeous, Edie Sedgwick-inspired winged liner at “The City” season finale in NYC on December 1st thanks to her talented makeup artist Julie Tomlinson. “She’s amazing,” Roxy tells “I just close my eyes and she does her thing.” To get her look, “I applied black cream liner first with a small, pointed brush,” Julie says. She layered a black powder liner on top for added impact and used a pointed Q-Tip to clean up any mess. She curled Roxy’s lashes and applied a coat of black mascara. As a finishing touch, “Roxy loves false eyelashes so I used a lot of individual lashes right at her lash line,” Julie says. Her trick for applying falsies? “Make sure the glue has been exposed to air for a little bit so its tacky and then I use a tweezer and pop them on.”
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Who wore it better? Kristin Cavillari vs. Rihanna

Who do you think looked better in stripes?

Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari - Caught in the Act!

Was the drama all for the cameras? Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari partied together all night as they celebrated the Hills' finale at SL nightclub in New York. The ladies were hugging and dancing all night long, and were even spotted in a three-way embrace with Audrina's infamous ex Justin Bobby. The trio also took shots at the bar – as fellow revelers like Brody Jenner and Whitney Port enjoyed cocktails.
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