Friday, December 4, 2009

Roxy Olin: How Can We Get Your Winged-Out Lids?

Want to get “The City” star’s lush liner look?
Roxy Olin was sporting some gorgeous, Edie Sedgwick-inspired winged liner at “The City” season finale in NYC on December 1st thanks to her talented makeup artist Julie Tomlinson. “She’s amazing,” Roxy tells “I just close my eyes and she does her thing.” To get her look, “I applied black cream liner first with a small, pointed brush,” Julie says. She layered a black powder liner on top for added impact and used a pointed Q-Tip to clean up any mess. She curled Roxy’s lashes and applied a coat of black mascara. As a finishing touch, “Roxy loves false eyelashes so I used a lot of individual lashes right at her lash line,” Julie says. Her trick for applying falsies? “Make sure the glue has been exposed to air for a little bit so its tacky and then I use a tweezer and pop them on.”
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