Friday, December 4, 2009

Whitney Port Interview: From The Hills To The City

How’s it going Whitney, are you expecting a Christmas card from Olivia?
Olivia and I are not really the best of friends out of work. We are fine; we’re amicable, it’s cool, I don’t dislike her and I hope she doesn’t dislike me but there’s definitely facets of her personality that are hard to get along with. We’ve both left DVF (her new New York fashion house, Diane Von Furstenbergand) I think it’s a lot healthier for me to be at a workplace where she’s not!
(*We think that means “I really hate that person and if she died in her sleep I would laugh for several days” in Hollywood chat.*)
Right. Did you ever think that The Hills and subsequently the City would be the cult hits they are?
I never thought it would be this popular! When I first started doing The Hills I had no idea what I was in for and now, to be doing The City, it’s been very surreal.
I think The City is very different to The Hills (*a lot more crowded presumably*). The way it’s filmed is very similar in the way we sit and do the chats; have conversations and the work atmosphere and the going out atmosphere are similar but the look of The City and how career orientated we are is very different.
The Hills girls have become something of a fashion phenomenon and you now have your own clothing line…
I have my own fashion line ‘Whitney Eve’ which is online now so for all you guys here in the UK that don’t have access to the stores you can find it online! I showed my first collection at Bryant Park which is New York’s fashion week and it’s a really great collection for me – fun flirty dresses, bright colours, metalics, some tailored jackets, and comfortable leggings – fun cocktail wear.

And Lauren also has a clothing line. Are you now rivals? What do you think of her designs?
Lauren and I are still friends but her clothing line is very different. Mine is a little more upscale, it’s definitely more expensive, more fancy.
So, how are you enjoying New York? Do you think you’ll ever move back to LA?
I think eventually I’ll move back to LA but right now I’m happy to be in New York. I think at 24 years old it’s the perfect place to be. I’m meeting more people than I ever probably could in LA because it’s a melting pot of cultures and nice people.
I feel that New York has definitely grown on me and I can definitely call it a home. It’s not like my home because home is where family and friends are and everything but I definitely feel like I’ve become accustomed to the lifestyle and I feel more comfortable there.
The social scene is very different; it’s very new. I hardly know anybody there so it’s been difficult to make new friends but I think I have found a good circle of friends right now…
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