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VIDEO: The Hills: From The Beginning

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VIDEO: The Hills: Revealed

Do you think you know everything about "The Hills"? Have you been following the lives of Lauren Conrad and her gang since her days on "Laguna Beach?" Well, on MTV's "The Hills: Revealed," fans get the behind-the-scenes stories behind some of the show's greatest moments. And, if you think you know, the show proved that you really have no idea.

For anyone outside the US, you may have to watch with a different browser. I recommend: Hotspot Shield, Free VPN or Ultra Reach
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Stephanie Pratt on Lindsay Lohan, the end of 'The Hills'

With the series finale of "The Hills" set to air Tuesday, the Ministry caught up with Stephanie Pratt, a star of the reality-TV staple.
With the series finale of "The Hills" set to air Tuesday, the Ministry caught up with Stephanie Pratt, a star of the reality-TV staple and sister of controversial Spencer Pratt.
It's refreshing to see how level-headed and, well, real Pratt is when she's truly unscripted -- offering advice for embattled Lindsay Lohan (Pratt was arrested on a DUI charge in 2009) and discussing estrangement from her brother and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Heidi Montag, and her own life after TV.
Pratt thinks Lohan "really should take this jail time. I know she's not going to do the whole 90 days. I think it's going to be great for her. I'd love her to have a great, great comeback."
She shared her own experience: "When I got my DUI, I knew that I had the best fans ever thanks to the show. I wanted to make sure I did everything right. ... I went to [the] Betty Ford [Center] and stopped drinking," she said. "I only did that so these kids know that you can have fun but take care of yourself first."
The 24-year-old blew just over the .08% legal limit when she was pulled over last October, the night of Montag's birthday party. She made a deal in which the DUI charge was dropped in exchange for a no contest plea to misdemeanor exhibition of speed, three years' probation, completion of an alcohol education class and attendance at AA meetings. The Betty Ford stint was her decision, however.
"You can say, 'This is my chance. I'm being tested right now, I'm on trial right now and whatever I do it's going to manifest my future.'"
But while lightning-rod Lohan contends with moving from mess to manifest destiny, Pratt's got a controversial twosome right in her family tree -- the aforementioned Spencer and Heidi.
"I still haven't talked to them. It's now been since, I guess, September," she said. "I don't ...
... really have any comments on them. The only thing I will say is that I do miss my brother and I hope that he's OK and happy."
Pratt does have a few things in the hopper to smile about, among them her line of women's handbags coming out in the fall.
Pratt also tipped us off that she's working on a line of leather belts for men. But is there a return to reality TV in store?
"I don't think I can do another show with girls and drama," she admitted.
Go forth -- drama free -- young Stephanie.
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'The Hills' Gets Ready To Say Goodbye For Good

It's the end of an era for Hills fans.
After six seasons, MTV's The Hills - the show that brought us Spencer and Heidi - is wrapping up for good on Tuesday at 10 p.m. The night begins at 8 p.m. ET live/tape-delayed PT with The Hills Live: A Hollywood Ending as Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port reunite with pals Kristin, Audrina, Lo, Brody, Justin, and Stephanie to chat about the show at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.
Immediately following, MTV will air the series finale at 10pm ET/PT, with the season two finale of the The City at 10:30pm ET/PT.

awww They all look so young in that old promo!
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Roxy Olin Dishes On "The Coolest Job"

During one of Manhattan¹s hottest evenings on record, Luxist decided to seize the sizzling day and ask VIP celebrities what the coolest job they could ever imagine would be.
We caught up with Roxy Olin, of the hit MTV series "The City," during a small private screening of "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" hosted by the Cinema Society and Amnesty International. "CIA," she said. "But I've already ruined it for myself," admitted Olin. "When I was young, I was crazy. And they don't want anyone who has a little bit of a past."

Click here to see photos of Roxy at "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" Premiere

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Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan: Encore Lovers

Audrina Patridge steps out with Corey Bohan at the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas - July 8, 2010

Corey tweeted:
"Boarded & seated. Drink vouchers are goin down. A farewell drink for Vegas to celebrate a glorious couple of days with @OfficialAudrina"
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Lauren Conrad: My Life On The D List Appearance (Video)

Love it!

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Olivia Palermo: Boss Black Show MBFW Berlin, Germany

Olivia Palermo attend The Boss Black Show with boyfriend Johannes Huebl during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 in a tent at Gleisdreick on July 8, 2010 in Berlin, Germany.
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Lauren Conrad: Clippings From Us Weekly

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Tone It Up & Andrea Orbeck with The Hills Star Stephanie Pratt (2 Videos)

TV Guide cooking segment with Tone It Up's Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn along with The Hills star Stephanie Pratt.

Fashion Team meets up with Stephanie Pratt from The Hills and Katrina Hodgson from to make high protein pancakes that will get you bikini ready. Plus, Andrea Orbeck, celebrity fitness expert, joins Stephanie to create a long, lean physique that is red carpet ready!
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