Friday, October 16, 2009

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Strike OC Fall Celebration 10/15

Strike OC had reality-show stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt on hand last night to bowl and greet their adoring public.
It was one long photo op, with fans straining to snap cell phone pictures of their favorite celebrity couple.

I asked one person why she was taking photos, and she responded: "My friend asked me to do it."
A likely story, I'm sure.
Of course, Heidi and Spencer, who married after meeting on the set of their MTV reality show "The Hills" and then went on to fame and fortune as the couple famous for being famous, are masters at attracting attention.

Montag was hired to make a promotional appearance for the bowling alley, and she brought along her husband, who never stopped videotaping the proceedings, a personal photographer who was hired to record the event for posterity and several public relations handlers. Oh, and the requisite oversized bodyguard.

Heidi did try to bowl, but it's tough to maintain your concentration when a publicist is telling you to jump in the air and scream with delight after you roll the ball so the photographer can get a "candid" shot.
Hey, everybody's got to make a buck...
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Lauren Conrad And Brody Jenner at Hollywood Life's Hollywood Style Awards

Click here and here for photos
of Lauren and Brody at the Style Awards

Click here for photos of Lauren and Brody leaving STK after dinner (same night at the Style awards)

Brody Jenner Dishes on 'Hills' Castmates 10/16

Brody Jenner describes how he met Kristin Cavallari, why he's not a fan of Audrina Patridge these days and how Spencer Pratt loves to be hated.

I find it interesting that Brody thinks Audrina owes anyone anything. Honestly, the more he talks, the less I like him.

Fall Knits at Every Price: Includes One of Lauren Conrad's Pieces for Kohl

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Joe Francis is a tough guy - Not!

Joe Francis must be impressed with himself. Fresh off his beating of former Playboy centerfold Jayde Nicole, Francis puffed up his chest and threatened to kick Brody Jenner’s ass too (read: drag him to the floor by his hair). His exact words were, “If I see Brody Jenner, he is dead.” He then added that Jenner has the smallest penis he’s ever seen. Penis size is very important to Joe Francis.
Of course, Francis said this before he unexpectedly ran into Jenner minutes later inside the Star Magazine party. Did Francis deliver that ass kicking to Jenner? Page Six has the shocking details.
“Brody’s boys stood up as soon as they saw Joe. Lo Bosworth told them all to calm down and not do anything crazy. Brody and his pals walked out giving Francis dirty looks. Francis stood there with his tail between his legs. He looked scared [bleep]less.”
Joe Francis is like one of those kids that talk a big game but rarely do anything besides get stuffed into a trash can. He’ll probably come up with excuses like, “Brody Jenner had backup” or “I didn’t want to cause a scene” or “Brody got a haircut which gave him an unfair advantage” or “I had to run to the bathroom because I peed myself.”
Jayde Nicole as the header because she’s much prettier than Joe Francis.

Audrina Patridge Headed Back to Natural Hair Color

Come fall, it's not just clothes and accessories that get the best of stylish gals looking for a change -- you've got to mix the hair up as well! got an exclusive peek at The Hills star Audrina Patridge's Fall/Winter hair agenda, from her colorist Erick Orellana of celeb-fave Los Angeles salon Chris McMillan.
"Audrina's wanting to go darker for the season after going lighter for the summer," Orellana says of Patridge's eventual plans to go entirely back to her normal brown.
"We can't go as dark as we're planning to go yet, so to prepare her hair for the next steps, I made subtle changes."
Orellana toned down with platinum hues with "a rich autumn blonde," using honey brown lowlights with a hint of auburn.
He insists that for any girl wanting Audrina's hues at home, make sure "tone is chosen according to your skin and eye color, and color doesn't have to be heavy or severe to translate."
As far as trends go, he says look no further than the foliage--vibrant reds and honey browns are popping up everywhere as we roll into the colder days.
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Kristin Cavallari on Jimmy Kimmel : photos and 2 video clips 10/15

Kristin Cavallari was spotted arriving at “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” studios in Hollywood yesterday (October 15).
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Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole: Lunch at Villa Blanca 10/15

Making the most of a beautiful SoCal afternoon, Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole were spotted out on a lunch date in Beverly Hills yesterday (October 15).
The “Hills” lovers looked so happy together as they headed over to the Villa Blanca for a tasty meal and some quality time together.
And both lovebirds were looking hot with Jayde sporting an orange top with short denim shorts while Brody donned a grey t-shirt and black pants with flip flops.
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Heidi Montag Pratt: Nose Jo Redob?

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Is Leonardo DiCaprio Dating Whitney Port?

Could Leonardo DiCaprio be dating…a reality show star?? Sources tell Star that may be the case. The mag claims Leo has been secretly dating Whitney Port, star of The City for several weeks now!
Insiders say Whit has been racking up her frequent flyer miles Coming back to her hometown of Los Angeles, where she and Leo have been hanging out secretly. The source says the pair’s official first date was at his mansion in the Hollywood Hills.
“They met at an NYC party and he flirted with her like crazy, then asked for her phone number,” says a friend of Whitney’s. “She didn’t think it was a big deal because she heard he does that with a lot of girls.”
The friend goes on to say, “When Leo started calling her, she thought he was just being friendly, but he called and called. He was very sweet to her. He told her how beautiful she is, how much he wanted to go out with her….He’s treating her very well, and of course it’s exciting that he’s such a huge star.”
The source also notes that Whit is taking it slow with her new A-list man, saying, “She’s really clicked with him, but she’s taking it very slowly. She doesn’t want to be just another notch on Leo’s bedpost.”
We’ll tell you this: our eyes will be officially peeled on Leo’s every move from this point on. We must get to the bottom of this rumor!
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I like Leo for Whit! I wonder if there's any truth to this...

Lauren Conrad And Lo Bosworth: Shopping in Beverly Hills 10/15

Spending up some of her hard-earned cash, Lauren Conrad was spotted out and about in Beverly Hills yesterday (October 15) doing a little retail therapy.
Joined by her gal pal Lauren Bosworth, the "L.A. Candy" bestselling author looked lovely as she strolled past the paparazzi, sporting a yellow tank top with slim fit dark wash jeans and tan strappy sandals.
Not to be outdone, Lo Bosworth also looked fabulous during the shopping outing, opting for a black and white tie-dye-style top paired with a black skirt and black heels.
In related news, it sounds Miss Bosworth was only kidding when she told press she was thinking of starring in the film adaptation of "L.A. Candy." She told press, "It was more of a joke than anything. We were on the red carpet together and they were like, 'Who do you want to be in the movie?' I would love to make a cameo, but I don't think I could handle a big role because I'm not an actress. A cameo would be really fun."
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Whitney Port leaving Voyeur Nightclun 10/15

Stepping out for a swanky evening in LA, Whitney Port was spotted arriving at Hollywood’s hottest new nightclub Voyeur last night (October 15).
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