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Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera: LAX Lovers

Audrina Patridge and boyfriend Ryan Cabrera hold hands as they arrive at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).
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Kristin Cavallari: After Show Girl

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Yesterday, yesterday (April 27) Kristin was spotted hopped on a plane to Toronto, Canada where she was greeted by paparazzi as she arrived.
Ms. Cavallari gave a live interview on MTV Canada’s “The After Show” at the Masonic Temple following the premiere of the last season of “The Hills.”
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Whitney Port Talks New Season of 'The City'

You have a big confrontation with Olivia this season. What happens there?
Well, I finally couldn't deal with it anymore, and I felt like Olivia needed to hear it from me. Whether or not she understood, or absorbed or even cared about what I said, I just needed to let it out for my own sake. So, I think it'll probably come at a good time, and I feel like everyone's patience is going to be pretty slim-to-none with her at that point. Hopefully, I did what most people maybe wanted to.
Is Olivia pure evil?
I don't know if she's pure evil ... It's hard to say. I feel like Olivia is just struggling herself, so she's not evil. I don't know that she's malicious; I just think she's confused.
What kinds of crazy things can we expect from your roommate, Roxy?
[Laughs] Roxy is basically my partner in crime this season. We bicker a little, because we're living together, working together -- doing everything together -- so she is kind of just trying to figure out what she wants to do. She's working a lot with photography. She helps this kind of out-there photographer and assists him in some of his projects, so she's kind of all over the place.
This season also focuses a lot on your fashion line. Have you already started work on your next collection?
Yes. I'm just about to start. There's really not much to say other than that I know kind of what my three main top colors are going to be. But other than that, I'm just beginning to sketch out my spring collection.
Is designing clothes where you see yourself in, say, 10 years?
Yes. This is what I see myself doing regardless of the show. I will continue to do this for as long as I can.
As you know, 'The Hills' is ending after this season. What was your reaction when you found out the news?
At first, I didn't really think about it so much. I felt so far away from it that it didn't really affect me. But then, as I started to really think about it, and think about how it shaped my future, I got sad about it. You know, the hours spent filming for 'The Hills' were awesome and it really launched my career, so I'm grateful. But I think that it's ending on a good note. I think it's ending on a high note.
How long do you think 'The City' will continue?
I honestly don't know. I would like to continue to do it for as long as people want to see me do it. Obviously, I'm not about to, like, start a family on the show. [Laughs] But, I don't know. I would say a good couple more years
Do you still talk to Lauren Conrad?
Yeah, I still talk to her here and there. When I go to L.A., I try to see her, and she's always been a great support for me. She's been a great friend.
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Audrina Promises “Lots of Love Triangles” This Season on ‘The Hills’

OK! chatted with Audrina Patridge during John Frieda’s On Site Style Tour — and she had some revealing things to say!
So what can we expect from this season?
“Lots of drama, lots of love triangles,” Audrina tells OK!. “The season is so different from any other season because now we have all come together. We all care about each other and no one is really fighting but still there is drama. It’s interesting, it is more mature and not as catty as the other seasons.”
And while she’s made a name for herself by appearing in front of cameras in her daily life Audrina, who’s been dating rocker Ryan Cabrera, is ready for a quieter kind of life.
“It’s hard being on camera having a relationship. Everyone is telling you what to do. Now off camera, I can have aprivate relationship that is personal where no one’s opinions matter. No one will judge you and there are not hundreds of people watching you.”
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The City (Season 2): Ep. 1 'Show 'Em What You Got' recap and photos

Whitney gets a once in lifetime chance to show her line at New York Fashion Week when one of Kelly's designers drops out, but only has a week to pull the whole thing off. Joe Zee settles the dispute between Erin and Olivia by promoting Olivia to an on-camera interviewer and forcing Erin to bury the hatchet.

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Whitney Port: Cabbing Cutie

Making an array of faces, Whitney Port was spotted munching on a snack while she waited for a cab in New York City on Tuesday afternoon (April 27).
Wearing a bleach-splattered olive coloured jacket accessorized with a black scarf, skinny jeans, and oversized sunglasses, the reality TV fashionista kept it casual and low-key as she made her way to a friend’s condo.
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