Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stephanie Pratt: UCB Theater "Night Of 140 Tweets" Haiti Benefit


Audrina and Ryan are taking center stage on 'The Hills' Next Season!

You're going to be seeing a lot more of Audrina Patridge on the The Hills this season now that she's got a boyfriend " 27-year-old Ryan Cabrera – who isn't the wretched Justin Bobby. In fact, the new couple is going to become the show's primary focus " even over resident villainess Kristin Cavallari!
"The show [this season] really focuses on us and our relationship," Audrina, 24, was overheard saying at E!'s Official Oscar afterparty at Drais nightclub in Hollywood, Calif March 7. She added, "We do all kinds of things together and you see that he treats me really well."
Well it's about time! Justin Bobby was so two seasons ago! And as for catty scene-stealer Kristin Cavallari, 23, Audrina said that things have calmed down amongst the cast members. "We actually all get along now, it's going to be a really good season," she confided.
So no more screaming catfights and evil glares? We have a feeling that this is just the calm before the storm.... Kristin would never settle for second best!

I'm all for seeing more of Audrina, hopefully Ryan will grow on me. I'm not counting on it though, Corey Bohan is a tough act to follow!

Roxy Olin and Alex Lobel: Dylan's Candy Bar

Roxy and Alex Lobel( who works for Lizzie Grubman and is going to be on the new season of The City) take Harry Stern ( Lizzie Grubmans son) to get some candy at Dylan's in NYC.

Whitney Port: Manicure Day

After launching her clothing line at Gen Art's 6th Annual Fresh Faces in Fashion Show in Miami earlier this week, Whitney Port treats herself to a manicure and pedicure at a salon in Beverly Hills.

Roxy Olin: BE! Magazine Cover Shoot

Allen Zaki tweeted:
"The Sexy Roxy Olin from The City for the cover of BE! Magazine."

Stephanie Pratt: The Radar Online One Year Anniversary Party