Monday, April 26, 2010

Kelly Cutrone launches Web talk show

Kelly Cutrone really believes in charting her own course.
The star of the Bravo show “Kell on Earth” has launched her own YouTube channel, KellyCutroneTV.
The channel features Cutrone’s web-based talk show where the initial episodes were conducted pretty close to home – as in Cutrone’s bed.
The show “Wake Up and Get Real” features the outspoken fashion publicist who makes her feelings known on various topics in her own, invariable, tell-it-like-it-is style.
“I’m just going to go natural for the rest of my life,” she says on her first video where she appears sans makeup and wearing huge glasses. “I’m just going to do the whole no makeup thing and (expletive) you all, I don’t really care. I’ll stand next to Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port and not wear any makeup.”
A few of Cutrone’s friends make appearances, including actress Justine Bateman who calls the show “the anecdote to 'The View.' ” Bateman is best known for her role as Mallory Keaton on the popular 1980s sitcom “Family Ties.”
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Kristin Cavallari: On The 'Live with Regis and Kelly' Set

Click here to watch Kristin's interview with Regis and Kelly

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'Hills' Final Season Has 'Lots Of Drama,' Lo And Stephanie Promise

As fans gear up for the Tuesday night premiere of the final season of "The Hills," Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt promise that — while the past five seasons have given us amazing moments — the best is yet to come.
"Lots of drama," Bosworth told MTV News when asked what castmate Kristin Cavallari has brewing for season six. "Kristin's our girl, though. We really are all friends. ... We just have so much fun together. We love her no matter what she does. That's just how it is."
While Kristin's dating drama became a recurring season-five story line, Lo says her own love life could "potentially" wind up onscreen too. But Bosworth played coy: "I don't really know."
Pratt was more forthcoming: "I'm dating someone on the show and I'm just so picky. It's so bad. Audrina and Lo kind of set me up on so many dates, and half of them are good guys. ... Audrina hooks me [up with], like, guys who ... my God, I don't even know where she finds them!"
Last month, Bosworth and Pratt spoke to MTV News about "The Hills" farewell. To Bosworth, it still seemed strange. "We were, I think, anticipating it was going to come to an end, but it's sort of surreal, 'cause this has been our lives," she said. "And to have that change is sort of scary, but we're all really excited."
Pratt thinks now is an ideal time to say goodbye, with the "Hills" stars having gotten older and wiser since the show's debut four years ago.
"I called Lo right after I heard [about the show ending] just to see if she knew," Pratt said. "I pretty much figured it was the last season. We all have really grown up, and we really don't go to nightclubs every night anymore. We're just, like, more mature. I mean, we still fight with each other, but it's the sixth season. I've never known a reality show to go as far as 'The Hills.' "
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Interview: Lauren Conrad, Author/Designer/Reality Star

Alex Kazemi: What’s your favorite collection/designer from this Spring/Summer 2010?
Lauren Conrad: I am really loving Peter Som, Phillip Lim, Nanette Lapore and Rebecca Taylor right now.
Kazemi: What was your experience like at Peoples Revolution? Would you ever work as a PR girl again?
Lauren: It was great, all my intern experiences have been ones I have learned from.
Kazemi: What inspired you while designing your “LC Lauren Conrad” collection for Kohl’s?
Lauren: I get inspired from things around me. Films, nature, flowers. There are a lot of bow, ruffles and flowers in my Kohls spring collection.
Kazemi: Do you have any summer style tips for readers?
Lauren: : A great maxi dress is perfect for summer as it takes you from day to night. Also the boyfriend blazer, a must over summer dresses and jeans and a camisole.
Kazemi: In the near future, could we see a return to reality TV? Has it been nice without the cameras?
Lauren: I never say never
Kazemi: What’s it like being a role model for so many teenage girls around the world?
Lauren: Nerve racking, I just hope that people see that I work hard for things that I want and that I show them they should all try to go after what they believe in.
Kazemi: What’s on your summer iPod playlist?
Lauren: Disney music LOL, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, 80’s and the Glee soundtrack.
Kazemi: Your now best selling novels read almost like a biography, was that intentional?
Lauren: No, I just figure it is easiest as a new author to write what you know.
Kazemi: What does your diet consist of? What do you do to keep in shape?
Lauren: I try to eat clean and healthy. Not a lot of white carbs and sugar but I am never too strict.
Kazemi: Do you think your life has been less dramatic since The Hills
Lauren: Yes or at least the drama isn’t seen by most of America:)
Kazemi: What can we see in the future for Lauren Conrad in 2010?
Lauren: I will continue to design my line for Kohls and I have 2 new books coming out in October so I am really excited.
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Whitney Port: Leaving The Wendy Williams Show

Whitney Port was up bright and early this morning (April 26) in New York City as she taped an interview for the Wendy Williams Show.
Dressed to impress, the 25-year-old reality TV starlet was on hand to talk about her latest fashion line Whitney Eve as well as to dish about the upcoming drama for the next season of The City.
The big premiere airs tomorrow and centers on up-and-coming clothing designer Whitney and the issues she faces to make it in the fashion industry in New York.
“This season, you’ll not only see Whitney step into the new, exciting territory of truly being a fashion designer, but she also becomes an adult and true professional,” executive producer Liz Gately tells the New York Daily News. “She really takes ownership of her line, and we pull back the curtain on how a young designer gets it all together.”

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Stephanie Pratt: Good Day La (Video)

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Olivia Palermo: My fashion and style choices for April - Week 3

Budding style icon, New York socialite and co-star of The City Olivia Palermo shares her fashion and style choices with VOGUE.COM every day for the month of April.

"I bought the skirt that I'm wearing today in a vintage boutique in Paris a few years ago and my shoes are BCBG Girl. My sweater is Kenneth Cole and my bag is Hermes."

"Today I have on a dress by Roni over a Club Monaco top with a Topshop belt and tights. My bag is Valentino, my boots are by Baker and my bracelets are all vintage."

"Today I'm wearing a striped top by Ralph Lauren, Zara shorts and a Diane von Furstenberg jacket with Salvatore Ferragamo shoes and a Lulu Frost necklace."

"My dress and the pin at the neck are both from Club Monaco and my boots are from Baker."

"I got this dress by Not Shy in one of my favourite boutique in St Barts and I'm wearing it with a J.Crew jacket. My necklace is Ann Taylor, the star pins in the jacket collar are vintage, the shoes are from Kurt Geiger and the bag is Chloe."

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Kristin Cavallari Interview: Live With Regis & Kelly 4/26/10

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Avril & Brody Take Their Romance Clubbing

New couple Avril Lavigne and Brody Jenner finished off their night with a stop at Voyeur in West Hollywood, strolling into the club hand-in-hand sporting matching black hoodies. The two headed right over to their booth, which was crammed with friends, and perched on the banquette, snuggling and sharing a few kisses. According to an onlooker, the two "acted like they were the only two in the club" and stayed out until closing time.
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Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard: Beach Lovers

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