Monday, April 26, 2010

Interview: Lauren Conrad, Author/Designer/Reality Star

Alex Kazemi: What’s your favorite collection/designer from this Spring/Summer 2010?
Lauren Conrad: I am really loving Peter Som, Phillip Lim, Nanette Lapore and Rebecca Taylor right now.
Kazemi: What was your experience like at Peoples Revolution? Would you ever work as a PR girl again?
Lauren: It was great, all my intern experiences have been ones I have learned from.
Kazemi: What inspired you while designing your “LC Lauren Conrad” collection for Kohl’s?
Lauren: I get inspired from things around me. Films, nature, flowers. There are a lot of bow, ruffles and flowers in my Kohls spring collection.
Kazemi: Do you have any summer style tips for readers?
Lauren: : A great maxi dress is perfect for summer as it takes you from day to night. Also the boyfriend blazer, a must over summer dresses and jeans and a camisole.
Kazemi: In the near future, could we see a return to reality TV? Has it been nice without the cameras?
Lauren: I never say never
Kazemi: What’s it like being a role model for so many teenage girls around the world?
Lauren: Nerve racking, I just hope that people see that I work hard for things that I want and that I show them they should all try to go after what they believe in.
Kazemi: What’s on your summer iPod playlist?
Lauren: Disney music LOL, Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, 80’s and the Glee soundtrack.
Kazemi: Your now best selling novels read almost like a biography, was that intentional?
Lauren: No, I just figure it is easiest as a new author to write what you know.
Kazemi: What does your diet consist of? What do you do to keep in shape?
Lauren: I try to eat clean and healthy. Not a lot of white carbs and sugar but I am never too strict.
Kazemi: Do you think your life has been less dramatic since The Hills
Lauren: Yes or at least the drama isn’t seen by most of America:)
Kazemi: What can we see in the future for Lauren Conrad in 2010?
Lauren: I will continue to design my line for Kohls and I have 2 new books coming out in October so I am really excited.
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~Kelli at Hills Freak

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