Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pregnant Kristin Cavallari Tries To Hide From The Paparazzi

Spotted: Mama-to-be Kristin Cavallari shopping in Chicago, IL on Tuesday afternoon (May 8).
Making her way through Barney’s New York and Gucci, KCav tried to avoid the swarms of paparazzi while she dressed in an oversized sweater to hide her growing baby bump.
Kristin tweeted this photo yesterday along with this caption "The newest member of my family:"

The 25-year-old star then apologized by adding, “Haha sorry for the tease! The real baby won't be here for a few more months.”
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Lauren Conrad: What To Wear To Prom

Lauren Conrad shared her her dress picks for prom with .
"If you're in high school, there is only one thing on your mind right now: Prom! It's one of the quintessential high school experiences that will stick with you for a lifetime. For most of us, it's the first time you really get to dress up like a princess for a night. And because it is such a special night, it calls for a very special dress.
Back when I was in school, gowns were the go-to dress of choice. (Let me tell you, gowns can get pretty pricey.) Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite looks for prom."Thankfully, prom trends have broadened and shorter hemlines have been embraced.
"Which look are you?
Whether you went to prom or not, the looks listed above are a great guide for any special events you may have on your calendar for spring or summer. Wedding season anyone?
Also, if you did go to prom and you're not sure what to do with your old dress, check out this blog I wrote about a wonderful organization that donates used prom dresses to girls that otherwise couldn't afford a dress for prom."
XO Lauren

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Stephanie Pratt at the 4th Annual Night of Generosity Gala

Spotted: Stephanie Pratt checking out the the 4th Annual Night of Generosity Gala in L.A. on May, 4th 2012.
Steph tweeted after the event: " Had a great time at the @GenerosityWater event last night! Congrats on over 100k raised! @JordanWagner @JasonKennedy1 @MIKESNEDEGAR!! XO"
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10 Things Lauren Conrad Wants You To Know

By Kristianne Young
Here are ten things that LC wants you to know about fashion, careers, and of course internships. Enjoy!
The most important reason to have an internship under your belt
LC: Experience. The best way to learn is to do and see. Being hands on with an internship can show you what happens in real situations.
What she learned from her internship at Teen Vogue
LC: I learned that I was better designing than I was at marketing and business. That doesn’t mean I am not hands on in both but I saw where my strengths were and built on that.
Favorite and least favorite parts of interning
LC: The grunt work is never easy. Keeping track of the clothes, getting it to shoots, unpacking, packing. But it is some of the most important parts of the job. Without the clothes and credits we wouldn’t have had shoots.
Why fashion, books, and beauty
LC: Fashion was my first love and I always wanted to pursue it. I also love to read so becoming an author was exciting and something I am proud to be. As for beauty I am a girly girl at heart and playing with glam looks is especially fun for me.
Advice for those wanting to start a business
LC: Research the field, the competition, the need and the market. Perhaps try working for someone first before you invest a lot into something on your own.
Where she finds inspiration for her clothing lines
LC: From everyday life and from my travels. I also like to pull from things in nature. Colors, textures – inspiration is all around us.
Interview outfit advice
LC: Look clean and professional. Wear something that isn’t too short or that you need to fidget with. The interview should be about you and not your clothes.
Interview Beauty advice
LC: Hair should be clean and makeup minimal.
Advice for fashion industry hopefuls
LC: Work in retail, know the market and the customer. Study fashion, read magazines and take as much in as you possibly can.
LC: I love blogs and websites. Anything from Pinterest to There is so much out there that I like to look at.
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