Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pregnant Kristin Cavallari Tries To Hide From The Paparazzi

Spotted: Mama-to-be Kristin Cavallari shopping in Chicago, IL on Tuesday afternoon (May 8).
Making her way through Barney’s New York and Gucci, KCav tried to avoid the swarms of paparazzi while she dressed in an oversized sweater to hide her growing baby bump.
Kristin tweeted this photo yesterday along with this caption "The newest member of my family:"

The 25-year-old star then apologized by adding, “Haha sorry for the tease! The real baby won't be here for a few more months.”
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~Kelli at Hills Freak


  1. I live in Chicago and I like Kristin but it's obvious that she courts the attention. The cameras would not have "spotted" her if they hadn't been alerted by her or her people. Notice how you never see candids of Oprah or any other celebrities from around here.
    I get that it's the tabloids that have kept her relevent all these years. But if she is truly happy with Jay and being pregnant shouldn't that be enough?
    Just saying...

  2. Tanis I agree with you. And excellent point about the paparazzi not having photos of Oprah (who is way bigger than K Cav). Kristin knew the life she was getting into. When she started on Laguna Beach the paparazzi were in full affect with TMZ, Us Weekly, etc. After Laguna Beach not that many people even knew who she was (aside from fans) and she then chose to come on the Hills and further her career. She has essentially become relevant BECAUSE of the paparazzi. The only problem is there are no rules that say you can get out when you want out. They decide when they don't want to follow you. Now....if she became way overweight and made herself super ugly, I'm sure everyone would lose interest in her really fast!

  3. HI KELL !!! ITS DOLL !!!

    KCav tried to """"""avoid"""""" the swarms of paparazzi while.

    Pregnant Kristin Cavallari tries to """""hide"""" from the paparazzi.


    Kell look this video on youtube - "The Hills" was FAKE" - The cast reveals The Hills was soft-scripted and fake:

    very cool !!


  4. Yeah right, trying to avoid them after she called them. You can't have it both ways hon.

  5. pregnant and sensitive just have to understand that, she wants more so he was quiet LA...

  6. For all the naysayers that seem to still hound KC on this site. Time to get real and get educated with the times.

    Remember this - The most important part of learning from how reality celebrities are parlaying their fame into business success comes down to this: Be your own brand and be it all the time.

    We all love KC, love to see what she is up to and love to shop with her "unique" influences on HOW it feels to us. I choose her because she is the coolest one of the Hills bunch, the one that I identify with most. She certainly is the most FUN to watch.

    Try this, go to Google and enter:
    "Shop Kristin Cavallari" then try "Shop
    Oprah Winfrey". Look how different the sites are that come up and where they might take you. Hello, its TOTALLY different!!!

    In other words, you are not exposing some big new revelation when you point the finger or say stupid statements about Kristin's judgement or choices. Get real and get quick and learn a little, as you mostly have no point. Tell us something you do know about.

    Read this article, and as KC might be saying in the Hills show (a few times),"shut the f**k up"

    a Big fan of Hills Freak and Kristin
    Carmel, CA

    1. The majority of us (I'd like to think) are fans because we like her personality not because of what she can sell us. Same goes for the other girls.
      You can keep yourself relevent in the media by getting involved with different charities and by attending actual events. Staging candid shots and then moaning about the press hounding you is not going to win favor in anyone's eyes! It just makes her look like a big hypocrite. And this is coming from a fan!

    2. "Be your own brand and be it all the time."

      When she misrepresents herself she hurts herself and her brand.
      She likes the attention, so what? Own it! Don't lie about how the press bothers you.

  7. Having an opinion on KC isn't "hounding" her. People are calling her out on her hypocrisy.
    Just b/c people are fans of hers doesn't make them blind. You're kidding about quoting Kristen saying "shut the f*** up," right?
    Is that supposed to be impressive?
    She may be fun to watch but she's not a great inspiration or role model.

  8. Sheryl,
    Did you read the article you recommended? #4 on the list is "Be Transparent and Honest" and #5 is "Be Authentic!" Which is EXACTLY what everyone here is calling Kristin out on...