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Stephanie Pratt Clears up those 'City' Rumors and Talks About Expanding Her Handbag Line

Stephanie Pratt recently decided to spend her post-"Hills" time in New York City. This had many fans wondering if her Big Apple jaunt would end up documented on that other MTV reality show, "The City." Well, Stephanie wants you to know that once and for all she is not joining the Whitney Port-lead series.
"No, I'm not going to be on 'The City.' I think the rumors got started because I came to New York two days [after 'The Hills' ended]," she told MTV News. "I totally get why they think that. It's not a ludicrous thought at all."
With those rumors cleared up, Stephanie was more than happy to talk about her burgeoning handbag line.
"Well, I'm here in New York pretty much vacationing and then I've just been meeting with designers and presidents of different fashion houses," she said about the once-titled Monroe handbag line. "Literally this week has been the best dream come true for anyone who is so in love with this world, but the fashion line, the handbag line is coming out this fall and then in September I can't wait to come back for fashion week and then September, October is when I start designing the spring collection."
But, Stephanie isn’t settling on catering to only ladies. She adds, "And I'm designing belts for men!"
credit - Jocelyn Vena @ mtv
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Lauren Conrad: Behind the Scenes of The Hills: A Hollywood After Show

Lauren blogged:
I had a great time reuniting with all my old cast mates at The Hills Finale After Show to wrap up a show that played such an important part in shaping my life. I'm so proud of all of them and think they did such a nice job of ending the show. Here is a little sneak peak of me before I went up on stage including a cameo from my lovely friend Whitney.
Credit - Lauren's Official Website, thanks for the heads up portia!
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Kristin Cavallari's SoCal Street Style

Kristin Cavallari is the quintessential Cali girl with a penchant for skinny jeans, tees, easy day frocks, flip flops and, of course, a cool pair of shades. Don't miss her 10 best downtime looks!

(L) Gap Girl: Don't know about you, but we like a gal who shops the Chanel boutique in high-low style. Here, Kristin jazzes up her skinny jeans and Gap denim blazer with Louboutin's gray suede platform ankle boots. (R) Retro Boho: Kristin's aviator shades and bright citrus scarf is the perfect summer accessory to her white tee and flare leg jeans.

(L) Bikini Babe: Shopping in Malibu, Kristin covered her Missoni string bikini with a black tank and cutoff jean shorts. Love that Alexander Wang studded Rocco bag! (R)Red, White & Denim: Kristin is a master at dressing up her many, many jeans! Here she accessories with white Trib Too pumps, a vibrant blazer and fabulous Michael Kors tote.

(L)Big Bag, Tiny Shorts: There's that Kors tote again! This time, the leather satchel accents teeny tiny shorts and an easy gray-and-white striped tee.(R)Total Stud: Alexander Wang's studded Rocco mini duffle is one of Kristin's favorite bags. Here she carries it with black jeans and this summer's celeb favorite—a red plaid boyfriend shirt.

(L) Color Shock: Red peep toe slingbacks made the perfect statement accessory to Kristin's faded black jeans and white tank. (R) Beachcomber Chic: Cool Tribute platform sandals and Wang's studded Rocco are standouts against Kristin's easy black silk mini dress.

(L) American Girl: Kristin shows she's an all-American girl shopping at American Apparel in a denim strapless mini dress and Haivaiana's flip flops. (R) Urban Warrior: Kristin looks more New York than SoCal in her sheer black cardigan, motorcycle boots and luxe shagreen drawstring bag by R & Y Agousti

credit - Style Bistro @ zimbio
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Kristin Cavallari: StyleBistro Interview

You may miss California girl Kristin Cavallari on MTV's The Hills, but rest assured, this 23-year-old reality star isn't going anywhere. To help us celebrate the launch of StyleBistro, Kristin sat down with us to gab about her beauty secrets (she does her own hair and makeup!), what she'll be wearing this fall (she's on the hunt for the perfect trenchcoat) and life after The Hills (babies!). Here are a few of the highlights from our chat:
SB: How do you define your personal style?
There isn't one kind of style that I like—I love trying all different styles. Sometimes I'll wear edgy rock and roll pieces, and other times I love being really girly and flirty.
SB: Do you dress differently for the cameras than you do for a day to yourself?
When I'm filiming, I definitely put thought into my outfits. Sometimes when I'm not, I can be very lazy and just wear jeans and a T-shirt.
SB: Are there any style pitfalls of being on reality TV? Do you ever see yourself onscreen and say, 'What was I thinking?!"
Usually anything that's baggy or has a pattern won't photograph well, so I always try to stay away from those.
SB: Do you ever have mornings when you wake up and just don't feel pretty?
Yes! Hats are great for those days!
SB: Where do you hope to be in 10 years?
I hope I'll be a producer and actress, happily married and about to have kids!
credit - chloe at Style Bistro @ zimbio
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Audrina Patridge: Photo Session

She looks gorgeous!! more to come later

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Kristin Cavallari's advice for Lindsay Lohan

CNN iReporter Chris Morrow caught up with "The Hills" star Kristin Cavallari at San Diego Comic Con. Cavallari, who was at an event to accept an award for trendsetter of the year, offered a few tidbits of advice for recently incarcerated star Lindsay Lohan:
"Even, like, when it comes down to parking tickets, pay your parking tickets on time!" says Cavallari. "Just make sure everything is taken care of so that things doesn't follow you and then all of a sudden you're knee-deep in DUIs or parking tickets or whatever it is. Handle everything as it comes in."
Cavallari, who's no stranger to the tabloids, also tells Lohan to try to ignore the media frenzy around her case as much as she can. "It's extremely frustrating, the end of the day, there's no point in getting really upset about it because there's nothing that you can do."
"That's why I actually got a Twitter, too," she adds. "To have some sort of a voice in the media. Which helps, a little bit, but ultimately it really doesn't do anything. They're still just going to write whatever they want."

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Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo: Scans from OK Magazine

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