Monday, July 26, 2010

Stephanie Pratt Clears up those 'City' Rumors and Talks About Expanding Her Handbag Line

Stephanie Pratt recently decided to spend her post-"Hills" time in New York City. This had many fans wondering if her Big Apple jaunt would end up documented on that other MTV reality show, "The City." Well, Stephanie wants you to know that once and for all she is not joining the Whitney Port-lead series.
"No, I'm not going to be on 'The City.' I think the rumors got started because I came to New York two days [after 'The Hills' ended]," she told MTV News. "I totally get why they think that. It's not a ludicrous thought at all."
With those rumors cleared up, Stephanie was more than happy to talk about her burgeoning handbag line.
"Well, I'm here in New York pretty much vacationing and then I've just been meeting with designers and presidents of different fashion houses," she said about the once-titled Monroe handbag line. "Literally this week has been the best dream come true for anyone who is so in love with this world, but the fashion line, the handbag line is coming out this fall and then in September I can't wait to come back for fashion week and then September, October is when I start designing the spring collection."
But, Stephanie isn’t settling on catering to only ladies. She adds, "And I'm designing belts for men!"
credit - Jocelyn Vena @ mtv
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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