Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Whitney Port: What Would She Wear

We may have shed a tear or two during the finale of The City—so glad it's coming back for a third installment!— but we're making the best of this season's closer by paying homage to the drama-filled show's fashionable leading ladies. In addition to our Style Spotlight story on Olivia Palermo, we're rounding out our coverage by turning our attention to another fan favorite: Whitney Port. Now you might recall Port's first day at Teen Vogue (back in The Hills era), when she was rudely criticized for wearing an outfit that was "too matchy-matchy"—well, dear readers, times have changed. Today, the reality-star-turned-designer is well-known for taking risks and making clever style choices that include everything from girly mini dresses to shiny metallic items to printed pants. So in honor of this smartly dressed, always accessible muse, we have rounded up a few Port-inspired pieces that capture her adventurous sense of fashion. Enjoy!
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credit - WhoWhatWear! , thanks for the heads up a!
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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