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Lo Bosworth Says She'll Likely Wed Hills Beau

Wedding bells for The Hills' Lo Bosworth and Scott Hochstadt?
Could be!
On Tuesday's series finale of MTV's hit, Bosworth's lacrosse player beau hinted at a proposal in the future -- and she agreed to move in with him.
"I think he is The One," Bosworth, 23, told of Hochstadt at Wednesday's Lia Sophia Summer Party in West Hollywood. The pair first stepped out together last summer.
Of an engagement, she said, "we are sort of heading in that direction...[but] not in the next six months," she said of becoming husband and wife. But, she hinted, "I would like to be a young bride."
As for living together, she explained, "we are transitioning slowly but surely."
Bosworth, who just launched her lifestyle website and has a book due next January, gushed of the impending cohabitation: "I'm just excited! He's the guy so I can't really be happier than that."
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The City Creator: Major Changes Ahead for Season 3

On the eve of The Hills' series finale, series creator and executive producer Adam DiVello is looking ahead to a new season of his other show, The City.
Led by Hills alum Whitney Port, the series wrapped its second season Tuesday with Port and BFF Roxy Olin still on the outs after a disagreement at work. Port was contemplating signing with one of her mentor's rival PR companies. Although the New York-based series has yet to be officially renewed for a third season, DiVello already has big changes in the works.
"We're kind of tooling with that and messing with that show so I think when it comes back, it's going to be a little different than what you've seen. But it will be a better incarnation of it," DiVello says. "We have a bunch of new people lined up and a bunch of new locations. We just kind of branched it out. We're just waiting for the word."
The City already has one major makeover under its designer belt. In the middle of Season 1, the show's focus shifted from Port to a more career-oriented and fashion-focused series, thanks to a new story line set at Elle magazine.
No matter what changes the third season brings, DiVello, a native New Yorker, says The City will remain dedicated to the professional world rather than the party scene as long as it's based in the Big Apple. "The City focuses more on work because New Yorkers are more career-driven," he says. "They don't mess around."
Although there's no cloning the roller-coaster relationship of Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby Brescia or the dramatic, trouble-causing ways of Kristin Cavallari, DiVello hopes The City is able to fill The Hills' shoes now that the latter is off the air once and for all. "We did Laguna Beach back in the day and The Hills was a progression of that and I feel like The City will become the next level of that," DiVello says. "It's a nice little graduation."
credit - Kate Stanhope @ TV Guide
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Farewell to ‘The Hills,’ With a Wink and a Nod

“The Hills” ended on Tuesday with a wink to all the fans and critics who have questioned its semi-scripted nature over the years.
After Kristin Cavallari said goodbye to her former boyfriend, Brody Jenner, on a quiet street, the Hollywood sign gleaming in the distance, the camera pulled back to reveal that Mr. Jenner was standing on a studio backlot, implying that the coming-of-age-in-tinseltown stories were never as real as they appeared.
It was arguably the most buzz-worthy moment on “The Hills” this season, its sixth and last on MTV. The once-innovative show has been waning for some time, having peaked in its third season with an average of 3.8 million viewers. By the fifth season last year, it was averaging just 2.6 million viewers an episode. This season, it was averaging 2.3 million, and Tuesday’s finale was watched by 2.95 million viewers, according to the Nielsen Company.
The final 60 seconds, with its flashbacks to prior seasons and its scene on the Paramount Pictures lot, were grist for Web sites like Gawker, which posted the final minutes of the show and said the series finale “will blow your mind with reality.”
Maybe the ending was a message from the producers that the show was scripted all along, or maybe it was just an inside joke, poking fun at all the questions about the blurry line between the real lives of the cast members and the rehearsed nature of reality television.
“I thought it was a smart and clever to break the fourth wall and acknowledge how fake ‘The Hills’ often was, without really tearing down the constructed reality that the show created over the past four years,” said Andy Dehnart, the editor of Reality Blurred and a lecturer at Stetson University. “Its alleged veracity was a significant part of the reason why viewers watched and cared, and enough of that remained intact for apologists to cling to. Only the final moments of that scene were artificial; the rest of it appeared to be filmed on a real street in front of the real Hollywood sign, so on some level, the producers have left open the possibility that those final few moments were just a joke at critics’ expense.”
The finale was reminiscent of another MTV series, “The Osbournes,”
a reality show about Ozzy Osbourne’s family In the final moments of a 2003 episode viewers heard a director shout, “Cut, that’s a wrap,” and saw a crew member holding cue cards, all designed to leave viewers wondering whether the whole show was staged.
On a live “after party” for “The Hills” after the finale on Tuesday, Mr.
Jenner said “As you saw in the end — what’s real and what’s fake? You don’t know. Our relationship the entire time could have been fake. You don’t know; you don’t know.”
Similarly, Ms. Cavallari, who replaced Lauren Conrad on the series last year, told People magazine recently: “Nothing you see on TV is real. Fans need to understand it’s all entertainment. It’s all in fun. I would never put my close friends or a real relationship on a show.”
One “Hills” blogger, Ben “B-Side” Mandelker, indicated to The Associated Press that he was glad he wouldn’t have to field the real-or-fake question anymore. “I just tell people it’s like professional wrestling,” he said. “Don’t take it so seriously, and enjoy the ride.”
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Brody Jenner & Avril Lavigne: Reality Show?

Believe it or not, Brody Jenner hasn’t had enough of the reality show genre and now he’s trying to pull girlfriend Avril Lavigne into a new gig.
The “Hills” stud is reportedly in talks with producers to pitch a new reality show centered on his relationship with the “Complicated” songstress.
Unfortunately for Jenner, Ms. Lavigne isn’t too keen on the whole idea, though she hasn’t put the kibosh on the project altogether.
An inside source told press, “Brody has been begging her to do it. She’s in love with him so she doesn’t want to say no.” But she really doesn’t want to take her career that direction, either.

This doesn't suprise me in the slightest. I think Brody likes the cameras a little too much. What do you guys think - would you watch a show about Brody and Avril?
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Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth: Cocktail Party Chicks

Stephanie and Lo at the "lia sophia lanaya II collection preview" at Sunset Tower on July 14, 2010 in West Hollywood, California.
Lo tweeted, “Lia Sophia party. Fun! Xo,” and Stephanie added, “We dressed like we're going 2 a yacht party lol nautical theme!”
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Erin Kaplan unleashes on Olivia Palermo and the finale

As we’ve watched Erin Kaplan, the California transplant who's Elle’s PR director, on “The City,” it’s clear that she has learned a couple of things since the last season. First, make sure that the cameras get your fabulous shoes. And second, everyone loves an evil awesome plan. Her plan to oust Olivia Palermo from Elle may not have gone the way she wanted, but she tells us that things will be different next season.
“I think I have taken a bit of a backseat in the past,” Kaplan tells Show Tracker. “But if I’m back, there will definitely be changes!”
We talked to Kaplan about some of the highlights and lowlights of this season, and, of course, what she thought of the finale episode.
In the beginning of this season, you and Olivia made a truce. What happened to that?
In that episode, they actually didn’t air it, but I apologized. And it took a lot for me to apologize, but I did. I said I’m sorry if we got off on the wrong foot and if I offended her in any way, I’m sorry. And we did. We kind of decided to move on. And then she just kind of went back to the same old thing that she had been doing. You know, not showing up for work and assignments. I don’t think she had any intention of changing.
At least Joe Zee came around this season. Were you glad that he was seeing some of the stuff you pointed out about Olivia last season?
I think the degree to which she failed this season was just taken to a whole new level. You had to be blind not to see what was happening. I guess I kind of felt vindicated a little bit. But at the same time, what she did – not showing up for a photo shoot – was just, I mean I’ve never seen anything like it. So, I would hope that action would be taken after something like that.
Was it nice to have someone to conspire with in assistant Seth?
First of all, what you see is obviously a condensed version of my relationship with Olivia and my relationship with Seth. Seth and I have conversations that are 45 minutes long, and 40 seconds might get into the episode. Sometimes they’re taken out of context. Sometimes we’re talking about other things and happen to mention her. So, Seth and I, by no means 100% sit around the office scheming and plotting and drawing up maps and doing these elaborate plans at all. I think that it’s the way that it’s shown sometimes. I don’t think we’re that evil.
Is Olivia Palermo really as unpleasant as she comes off on TV?
I think we've spent an enormous amount of time filming since the beginning of December. I think the show magnifies our personalities, but I don’t think they’re ever showing us as something that we’re not. They only air the footage that we give them. You know if we say certain things, they air it. I don’t think any of us have been too poorly portrayed.
That was very diplomatic.
I’m saying it through gritted teeth, I might add.
We know that being part of New York society can be just as important as one’s experience. Have Olivia’s connections been outweighed by her poor performance at Elle yet?
I don’t think I was ever enchanted by her. And regardless of her contacts or what she does, it really has no bearing on my job. Like you said, I did come here. I worked for my job and I continue, and the magazine is by far the most important thing I can do right now. I don’t think that is ever going to change. Even if I had the luxury of not working or relying solely on my contacts, I wouldn’t want to do that. I enjoy working. I enjoy working for Elle, and would want to work regardless.
We don’t appreciate it when Olivia turns around when you’re talking. Don’t you just want to pull her hair when she does that?
Yes, she does turn around while I’m talking. Aside from it being disrespectful and rude and just Human Decency 101, we’re filming a television show. There are cameras around. We’re actually being paid to talk. So, for her to just not engage is bizarre, to say the very least.
After your meeting with Joe Zee, when you pushed once more for Louise Roe, did you feel confident he'd pick her?
Not at all. I really didn’t have any idea what he was going to do. He obviously knew how I felt, and at that point the decision was completely out of my hands.
Now that you've seen Olivia in Japan, what do you think of her performance? Was that enough to warrant being the face of Elle?
I had heard that she was doing really, really well in Japan — really producing. I thought she was going to come back with videos for the website, interviews, photos, etc. — when I finally watched the episode, I was a bit confused. I had to watch it twice because I thought I had missed a pivotal scene.
After Joe Zee announced she had the job, I can’t believe Olivia said to you, "Erin, are you OK with that?" Did you just want to punch her?
No, I actually expected that type of response, but trust me, a lot of things ran through my mind at that moment!
Didn't Joe Zee overhear Seth telling you that if you didn't want to leave before, you may now?
I’m not sure. Of course, I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome, but I love my job and would never, ever leave Elle because of Olivia.
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Kristin Cavallari: Lauren Conrad and I "Are Cool"

Now that The Hills is over and done with, Kristin Cavallari and Lauren Conrad are letting bygones be bygones -- but they're not exactly BFFs, either.
Cavallari, 23, replaced Conrad, 24, as the protagonist and "narrator" of the series in 2009, but the pair have a rocky history: as schoolmates on Hills precursor Laguna Beach, they both battled over Stephen Colletti. And both bad girl Cavallari and the milder Conrad dated Brody Jenner
"I saw her at the wrap party on Saturday and we caught up," Cavallari told at Tuesday's series finale party, explaining that they're now cordial -- but that's about it.
"We are not going to lunch together and I don’t have her phone number, but we are cool."
Cavallari is on chummier terms with fling-turned-friend Jenner. Jenner, 26, is now dating singer Avril Lavigne; Cavallari is seeing Miguel Medina, a cameraman from The Hills.
Have they double dated? "We haven't yet, but we would," she told Us. "Our friendship is the most important thing and I don't think that anything will ever get in the way of that."
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Who Wore It Better: Stephanie Pratt vs Little Kim & Carmen Electra

Lil Kim Carmen Electra, and Stephanie Pratt all wore the same dress this week (well, Stephanie's is really close), but they look radically different from each other. Who looks best?
R&B star Lil Kim wore hers while celebrating her 34th birthday and creating a concoction at Millions of Milkshakes in West Hollywood on Sunday...
Carmen wore an identical dress while hosting an evening at Crown Nightclub at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on the same day...
And Hills star Stephanie wore hers Tuesday night at the series wrap up party in L.A.
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Whitney Port Signs with Alison Brod

Alison Brod PR tweeted earlier this evening
"ABPR has announced its representation of The City star Whitney Port’s clothing line, Whitney Eve."
She also posted a link to this article over at The Fix:
Alison Brod Public Relations has announced its representation of The City star Whitney Port’s clothing line, Whitney Eve. But don’t fret, City-philes: she’s still just as connected with her mentor, People’s Revolution founder Kelly Cutrone. Though Cutrone has consulted on Port’s line and People’s Rev has produced its fashion shows, the agency has never represented Whitney Eve as far as day-to-day PR, Cutrone told The Daily. (Whitney Eve was formerly represented by Rogers & Cowan.) Whitney will still be working for People’s on The City, and Kelly will stay an MTV fixture in addition to a Bravo one. Quelle relief!
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