Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lo Bosworth Says She'll Likely Wed Hills Beau

Wedding bells for The Hills' Lo Bosworth and Scott Hochstadt?
Could be!
On Tuesday's series finale of MTV's hit, Bosworth's lacrosse player beau hinted at a proposal in the future -- and she agreed to move in with him.
"I think he is The One," Bosworth, 23, told of Hochstadt at Wednesday's Lia Sophia Summer Party in West Hollywood. The pair first stepped out together last summer.
Of an engagement, she said, "we are sort of heading in that direction...[but] not in the next six months," she said of becoming husband and wife. But, she hinted, "I would like to be a young bride."
As for living together, she explained, "we are transitioning slowly but surely."
Bosworth, who just launched her lifestyle website and has a book due next January, gushed of the impending cohabitation: "I'm just excited! He's the guy so I can't really be happier than that."
credit - Us Weekly
~Kelli at Hills Freak

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  1. It's actually, just like her name... no "w" :)