Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Holly Montag spars with Chris Franjola at LA's Laugh Factory

Holly Montag was booted from the charity event 'Reality Cares' at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood on Tuesday night.
A source tells us that Holly & her sidekick Stacey ”the bartender" were sitting in the front center VIP row and keep heckling all the Chelsea Lately comedians.
It got to the point where some of the comics began to make her a part of their jokes.
Then, it got ugly.
Chris Franjola -- one of the comedians who regularly appears on the Chelsea Handler show, Chelsea Lately -- was performing his standup act when Montag abruptly started to walkout with a friend. Because she was in the front row, everyone noticed her leaving.
Franjola started hassling her in joking way, and Montag shot back: “We’re leaving because you’re not funny.”
Chris says something like, “Where are you going?”
Holly: “Away from you” and throws out a ‘peace out’ sign.
Chris: says something witty that gets the crowd giggling.
Holly: [snotty talk starts] “I’m sorry, you’re horrible.”
Chris: Something witty, followed up with, “That’s okay, I think there’s 2 Persian dudes in Affliction shirts waiting for you outside.”
She storms out but we can’t hear what she’s shouting over the roar of the audience.
People in front quickly realize she’s forgotten her little gold purse.
They throw it up on stage.
Chris: “Well, well, well…someone forgot their purse…”
He proceeds to unzip it and pulls out a tampon!
At this point, she’s on her way back into The Laugh Factory to retrieve her purse.
Chris: “Now we know why she’s such a bitch.”
Again, crowd goes wild.
At that moment, Montag – realizing she had left her purse at her table -- came back inside the club. She storms the front of the stage, yelling, “That’s rude!” “You’re so rude!”
Grabs her purse. “That’s a viloation! That’s a violation!” “You don’t do that to somebody!”
She chucks her purse down on the ground and storms away. But 1/2 way down the aisle turns around and yells at him again.
A girl in the audience picks up her purse to run it over to her, but she’s already charging to the front of the stage again, but this time she’s removing her chains like she’s about to fight.
Chris just stands there.
She puts her fist up, chains & all, and shouts, “I have chains!”
Then in low voice, vehemently says, “I’m not afraid of you.”
She turns to storm away again, but turns and starts shouting again. Security is now heading toward her and the crowd is booing her and shouting things like, “Just leave!” “Get out!” “Crazy bitch!” etc. etc.
Montag then sat back down in the front row and said: “I’m not afraid of you.”
She tries to turn and storm the stage again, but security blocks her as she continues to yell over this big guys’ shoulders. He just continues to nudge her toward the exit. She was shouting, pointing, yelling the entire way, but we could not hear her over our own laughter & grand applause as she’s booted out of the building.
As she left, Franjola turned to the crowd and said: “Was I wrong?”
The crowd went wild in support of Franjola.
Once we all settle down a bit:
Chris: “I’m a comedian. I have something to say about everything. But, ‘I have chains??’ [as he holds his clawed fist up]. What do I say to that?” “I have to admit, when she started walking back, I got nervous there for a second. I thought she was gonna throw those at me.”
[More jokes, more jokes....then the crowd settles down, adrenalen rush subsiding]
Chris: “Wow, now I kinda miss her….I had all kinds of jokes ready for tonight, but…”

During the drama

Heather McDonald, takes the stage as does the best “That’s a violation!” immitation.
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Kristin Cavallari calls Van Wilder Audition 'A Long Process'

'They definitely did not make it easy for me,' the soon-to-be 'Hills' star says of 'Freshman Year' casting.

On "Laguna Beach," Kristin Cavallari became infamous for giving everyone a hard time as the show's resident troublemaker. The tables turned when she auditioned for "Van Wilder: Freshman Year," which comes out on DVD on Tuesday.

"I had to audition three times," she told MTV News. "And they definitely did not make it easy for me. I play a girl who's in military school, so I went in for my first audition and just kind of did my thing. And so the second, the producer had me come in ... she made me walk across the room with my arms behind my back like I was in the military, and she made me really project my voice like I was yelling at all boys, basically."

But Cavallari really proved she was fit for the role of Kaitlin Hays when she had her final audition with "Mean Girls" star Jonathan Bennett. "I had to audition again with Jonathan Bennett, who plays Van, and then my boyfriend in the movie for chemistry reads," she said. "So it was a long process, a really hard process, but the movie was so much fun, and I had the best time."

Cavallari, who will join the cast of "The Hills" in September, "wasn't surprised [they made me audition like that], 'cause coming from a reality show, people are kind of skeptical about me, which I totally understand. I just have to prove myself a lot harder sometimes, so I kind of expected it."

She also said Bennett had no problems filling Ryan Reynolds' shoes as Van Wilder, the infamous party boy who manages to help Kaitlin "loosen up a bit." "I think Jonathan did a great job," she said. "It's really hard to follow someone, so he definitely kept it very similar to how Ryan Reynolds [did it], but he put his own twist on it."

Cavallari said her now-burgeoning acting career came as a result of working on "Laguna Beach," but that wasn't her original intention when she joined the show. "When I signed on originally, I didn't really think 'Laguna Beach' would turn into what it did," she said. "But once 'Laguna' turned into what it turned into, I just thought, 'Well, why not move to L.A. and just run with it and see what can happen?' "
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Twitter updates

Stephanie: Wait stop i just got home and realized i straight up wore my jacket inside out all night... Carpet and everything. Tags hanging out! I need to slow down! Damn! Why didnt anyone tell me!!! Omggggg
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Lauren: Just left my house wearing a "shark week" shirt... One of those days.
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Heidi: going to film interviews for the Hills DVDS
about 7 hours ago from web

Lo: ever had a day where it seems like world may fall down around you or else lift you up? big decisions made today. the life changing kind. I'll let you all know soon what's up. XOXO
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Spencer: At lunch with Robin Antin planning the takeover with @heidimontag !!!
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Kristin Cavallari on The Alexa Chung Show

You can view part of Kristin's interview with Alexa here.
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Kristin takes to NY for The Alexa Chung Show

Kristin Cavallari was spotted arriving to the "It's On with Alexa Chung" show at MTV headquarters in Times Square on Wednesday July 8.

You can view part of Kristin's interview with Alexa here.
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Jayde Nicole sounds off about Audrina, AGAIN!

Having enjoyed a night out at the OPen Campus launch party at Mel's last evening, Jayde Nicole took time to chat about her relationships amongst "The Hills" co-stars.

Currently dating MTV reality star Brody Jenner, the Playboy Playmate of the Year voiced her distaste for Audrina Patridge during the brief interview with Life & Style.

"I don't really get along with Audrina," Jayde explains. "Kristin [Cavallari] doesn't get along with Audrina, I don't think anyone on the show really gets along with Audrina."

Continuing on, Miss Nicole, who appears in several upcoming episodes, tells, "Everyone just welcomed Kristin and loves [her]. Maybe Audrina's jealous of that. I don't really know why they have this big beef."

The comments come as Audrina departs from "The Hills" to work on her own show, tentatively titled "The Audrina Show".
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photo - courtesy of Audrina's old website

Brody Jenner, Jayde Nicole, Lo Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt at the launch of the new OP ad campaign 'Open Campus'

No, your eyes are not deceiving you - that's Casey Reinhardt from Laguna Beach season 2!

Behind the scenes twit pics

1st pic Frankie, 2nd pic Sleazy T, Jayde & Brody,
3rd pic Frankie, Khloe Kardashian & Sean Williams from the San Diego Chargers, 4th pic pic Rob Kardshian & Brody

photos from the ad campaign

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twit pics courtesy of Jayde & Sleazy T

Lauren Conrad & Lo Bosworth at The Sierra Mist Beach House

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