Sunday, October 11, 2009

Audrina Patridge is the honorary starter at the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Pepsi 500 10/11

credit - celebutopia
Audrina is pictured with Christian Slater (3rd photo down)
and NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne (in red jacket and gray zip-up jacket)

Lo Bosworth: I Am Not Starring in L.A. Candy Movie!

Reports of Lo Bosworth starring in the movie adaptation of Lauren Conrad's novel, L.A. Candy, have been greatly exaggerated.
Lauren was quoted recently saying that not only has Lo taken acting classes, but she was also her first pick for the flick. L.A. Candy is being made for the big screen by the producers of Twilight.
"It was more of a joke than anything," Lo explained to us the other day at Jumpstart and the Pearson Foundation's National Read for the Record Day event in L.A.
"We were on red carpet together and they were like, 'Who do you want to be in the movie?'" she said. "I would love to make a cameo, but I don't think I could handle a big role because I'm not an actress. A cameo would be really fun."
Not so fun anymore? The Hills…
"For me, it's turned into much more of a job," Lo griped about MTV's pseudo-reality series. "Before, it was a lot of fun for me. Now it's kind of like a daily grind where before it was a light-hearted and easy."
Her future with the show is up in the air.
"I haven't totally decided," Lo said when asked about signing up for another season. "I have some other projects that I'm working on."
credit - E!

Lo Bosworth leaves the set of "The Hills" after taping 10/9

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Heidi Montag Pratt and Spencer Pratt at the Standard Hotel 10/10

Never ones to miss out on a photo-op, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt were all smiles as they posed and kissed for pictures after a night out on the town in Los Angeles last night (October 10).
The lovebirds sported some wildly dilated pupils after wining, dining and clubbing at the Standard Hotel in downtown L.A.
Tweeted Heidi: “Party! Having a blast drinking margies!! Just had the best mexican food! Off to the dance floor!” She later added: “Having fun at The Standard!! Need to get home to my puppies asap!”
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Kristin Cavallari Hosts An Evening At LAX Nightclub - Las Vegas, NV 10/10

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Kristin Cavallari and Sonny Smith leaving Philippe restaurant in West Hollywood 10/9

credit - celeb city

Kristin normally loves the cameras but she looks pretty unhappy here. Do you think it was because she was caught stepping out with her RL boyfriend Sonny Smith? And btw what is she wearing?? ;)