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Kristin Cavallari leaving the Neil George Salon 8/28

Kristin was spotted leaving the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills on 8/28. Life must be treating her well on 'The Hills.' Kristin was all smiles even when she realized she had received a parking ticket.
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Heidi Montag Pratt honoured by Anderson Coopers' critique

Although most people would be offended if Anderson Cooper ripped them a new one, but Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are honored that they were even mentioned.
"Oh my God, I love it," Heidi said regarding Cooper's critique of her Body Language performance at the Miss Universe pageant. "I am so incredibly flattered that he's talking about the first performance I've ever done, that he's talking about me, that he knows who I am. Who gets on CNN? Britney, when she shaved her head, gets on CNN. That's all that matters: Heidi, CNN, Anderson Cooper. Done."
It's true! Heidi's performance was reminiscent of some sort of breakdown!
"We're in the entertainment industry. It's supposed to be fun. This is not so serious. We're not judges," she continued. "I'd never performed before, not even in front of even ten people! Praise God. I had so much fun."
God should not be held responsible!
"Look at everyone's first performances - look at Britney's first performance or Lady Gaga's, even. These girls were hardly even dancing. Britney did a couple little moves; it took her two years to start dancing like I did that first night. And I didn't mess up one move, I had so much fun, it was such a blessing. I was praying so hard, and I couldn't have done better. It was miraculous!"
She's comparing herself to GaGa, too?!
As for Spencer, he's just proud CNN has hit rock bottom!
"He's [Cooper] got his producers, and that's what they want to cover? Go for it. I just find it funny that [CNN] is supposed to be the most serious, hard-hitting news. It's crazy that he doesn't have something else to talk about, like CIA torture or healthcare," said Pratt. "It's bizarre when that many seconds are spent being negative about celebrities. It's silly, but hey, I would have paid him to do it."
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Audrina Patridge and Jamie Chung - twit pic

Audrina tweeted: "press junket weekend for sorority row!!"

Audrina Patridge and Stephanie Pratt film 'The Hills' at a cafe in Venice Beach 8/28

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The latest on The Brody Jenner, Joe Fances and Jayde Nicole altercation

Everyone has a story about what went down between Joe Francis, Jayde Nicole and Brody Jenner -- and now we've spoken to everyone involved.
First we caught up with Joe Francis in Santa Monica. He tells us the surveillance video will support his story -- that Brody Jenner jumped him for no reason.
Then last night we got the last piece of the puzzle -- Abbey Wilson, Joe Francis' ex-girlfriend. She claims Jayde had her back when Joe tried to make an unwanted move on her.
Click here to watch their videos here

Perez Hilton says:
If you mix Joe and Brody's volatile history and add one crazy b*tch, you get last night's drama at Guys and Dolls club in Los Angeles.
This past March, the two brawled at My House after Francis accidentally hit Brody's girlfriend, nude model Jayde, in the head - and the Playmate egged her boyfriend on to defend her honor.
Welcome to the sequel!
According to a reliable source, Jayde's drama-inducing tendencies may have caused the recent brawl as well!
While Joe was talking to one of her friends, Jayde became enraged, threw a drink and glass at him while trying to stir Brody up for a fight.
The situation escalated to the point that she "fell," although she claims that he pushed her.
Friends close to both parties believe that Jayde has a vendetta against Joe and wouldn't put anything past her!
They even believe she's behind Brody's denouncing tweets!
Plus, she's reportedly no longer pressing charges!!!
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Woman We Love: Lauren Conrad – Beyond the Hills

I never watched Laguna Beach or The Hills, but I always perceived their blonde reality stars (think Kristin Cavallari, Heidi Montag, and Spencer Pratt) as simply more fodder for the tabloids with nothing all that special to offer besides pretty faces. However, after reading the September issue of Shape, I am a fan of Lauren Conrad. She is someone who has taken her reality roots and is using her newfound celebrity power for good, rather than as a tool for self promotion and greed.
Sure, she has two fashion lines and a novel, which are promoted in the magazine, and she’s making money from them. She’s a business woman! I’m not going to hold that against her. In fact, I’m going to applaud her for it because she’s used her reality platform to start a legitimate business doing what she loves at age 23, which isn’t just posing for the camera. That’s just smart, not greedy. So she’s used her celebrity power for herself, to improve her life and get herself where she wants to be, and in the process, she’s using her celebrity power to promote a down-to-earth approach to health and beauty that is completely admirable and attainable.
Being super-skinny is not her goal because she believes in eating healthy without depriving yourself. She’s no longer a calorie counter because she’s realized that it’s not about the calories. It’s about the food. You could easily eat just 1,200 calories a day in cookies, but if you’re still eating crap (i.e., cookies), you’ll feel like crap instead of feeling beautiful! Lauren noticed that when she switched her focus from calorie counting to flexible yet healthy eating, she actually stopped craving crap food like most pizza and burgers. Does this mean she never eats pizza? No! She just eats healthier pizza like the salad pizza from California Pizza Kitchen (which is awesome by the way) instead of Papa John’s. She also has an approachable exercise plan that doesn’t necessarily involve going to the gym. Sure she had a personal trainer design it for her, but she shares the paid-for secrets in the article. She has an anytime-anywhere set of exercises and engages in fun outdoor activities (think tennis, bike rides, and hiking). You don’t have to do 100 reps of everything like Madonna just to be fit, and Lauren seems to understand this and not feel pressured by those who don’t.
She has also realized that one of the oldest clich├ęs is completely true: “You’ve got to stay true to yourself. It’s the only way you’ll be really happy.” She says that once she realized that what other people said about her was only affecting her life because she was stressing about it, she was able to let it go and be herself. We could all take a cue from the former Hills star on this one.
Lauren Conrad has left The Hills, abandoning “reality” for reality. And unlike her former costar Heidi Montag, who has maintained her fame by getting married, buying $10,000 worth of guns and ammo, posing for Playboy, and lip-synching, Lauren has maintained her fame by starting a business doing what she loves, creating an affordable line of clothes for Kohl’s so “everybody can dress like a star” and by being a good role model for a beautiful life from the inside out.
This is why Lauren Conrad is a woman we love.
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Jayde Nicole does Steppin Out Magazine

My boyfriend is Brody and it's been that way for almost a year. I have a big problem with Audrina Patridge. She recently crashed a boys weekend in Hawaii and proceeded to tell Brody she had a crush on him. She pretty much hit on him and tried to hook up with him even though she knows we're dating. So we got into a big argument. I really don't like her. Brody is Lauren's (Conrad) ex and she's supposed to be Lauren's friend, but she still tried to hook up with Brody right in front of her. She knows I'm in love with Brody but she still went ahead and tried to hook up with him. I have a real problem with her. A lot of girls try to flirt with Brody, but he's good about it. But if I saw Audriana trying to hook up with him again, there would definitely be a scene. I don't know if I would physically fight her. But there would definitely be some loud words and some thrown drinks towards her.
If Brody asked me to marry him today I would say yes. I've known Brody for three years. When I first met him I had the same thoughts in my head that everyone else does. I thought he was a player and a jerk. I didn't like him at all. I was actually very rude to him. I was always super rude to him. But over time I got to know him. He finally wore me down and once I got to know him I realized he's the complete opposite of what everybody thinks of him. He's the most down to earth, hardworking person that I know. He's the sweetest guy ever. He's not a player at all. People just care about what he's doing and his relationships. But he's the sweetest guy. He's really not a jerk.
Doug and Brody used to really good friends. He was on "The Hills" for a brief moment. But there was a thing in the newspapers where Doug and Paris were on a red carpet somewhere bashing "The Hills," saying it wasn't real and all kinds of other stuff. So I wouldn't blame MTV if they don't want him to be on the show anymore. After you bash a show you can't come back and ask to be paid by the show. It's not very realistic if you ask me. He's a whole story on his own. I know him pretty well.
I personally like Heidi. She's very sweet and very ambitious. I don't think she would hurt a fly. Brody has been friends with Spencer way before any of the TV fame came along. Now he's all about getting his name and his face out there and he's very good at doing that. He's seriously crazy. It's like a car crash. You don't want to look but you can't stop staring. You don't know what is going to come out of his mouth next. He just doesn't care what he says or what people think of him. He doesn't care if you hate him.
It's pretty crazy. Most have to get nude for Playboy. I don't know how she got away with that. It's a beautiful layout and she's in really good shape. But Playboy is smart. They know that "The Hills" is a really popular show and Heidi hasn't done anything slightly close to this nature. They knew it would still sell copies. Although I was really Surprised it was not a fully nude layout. I think Playboy seems to be getting more conservative. They're more like Maxim now. I'm sure they know what they're doing, but I was really surprised.
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Kristin Cavallari and Stacie Hall filming the Hills in Malibu 8/28

It was another long and hard day on the set of The Hills for Kristin Cavallari.
Showing off her bikini body, Kristin spent hour upon hour playing in the sand with some pals while filming scenes for the upcoming season of her hit reality show.
All this hard work doesn’t come without a fee, of course. Kristin will reportedly earn an astounding $63 000 per episode after signing on to replace archrival Lauren Conrad as the new protagonist on the sixth season of The Hills. That’s just $2000 less than $65 000 per episode payday that the network was shelling out for L.C.
Explaining why Miss Cavallari will earn over $1 million for her work this season, a production insider tells Life & Style Weekly: “They needed her. They needed someone new and fresh, who also came with a buzz and a name that was recognizable. Kristin was the obvious choice.”
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Photo of Kristin Cavallari from Nylon Magazine

I'll try to find the magazine locally and see if I can scan the rest of the shoot. She looks great!
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Olivia Palermo vs Amy Brenneman. Who rocked this dress?

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Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl at the US Open party 8/28

In the pictures where Olivia is not with Johannes she's posing with tennis star James Blake
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