Monday, February 15, 2010

Roxy Olin: Cell Phone Held For Ransom

Poor Roxy had her romantic Valentine’s night dinner plans ruined when she left her cell phone in a cab on the way to dinner. A stranger found it and refused to hand it over until he was paid $100!
Roxy Olin told me the whole sad tale after the Jill Stuart fashion show Feb. 15 where she nevertheless smiled from the front row in an adorable Jill Stuart floral minidress. The City star was relieved that her boyfriend, Alex Lobel, undertook the negotiations for the cell. Luckily, Roxy got away with only giving the creep $60.
“We had dinner, but it was a little bit spoiled,” she said of her would-be romantic evening with Alex. “I’ll have to make it up somehow. He’s a trooper.” Roxy told me that the whole ordeal reminded her what a great guy Alex really is. “He’s patient,” she said with a smile. “He’s really sweet and understanding, and he deals with all my craziness. I don’t know how he does it. I’m a lunatic, so he’s a really sweet guy.”
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Lauren Conrad: Kohls: 2010 Spring Collection

Jayde Nicole: Looking Good at Lax


Audrina Patridge: Andrew Matusik: Photoshoot

Audrina blogged:
February is such a crazy month! I mean this past weekend was full of so many fun events! The Winter Olympics have started, some people are celebrating New Years, and it was Valentine's Day yesterday! Today, it's president's day. Tomorrow is Mardi Gras! Then it’s Ash Wednesday! I'm sure I'm forgetting some events – there's just too many! So many reasons to celebrate! And so many things to do!
I've been so busy but I managed to do a photo shoot awhile back. Here are more photos from my photo shoot that I started posting last week by Andrew Matusik.
What are you celebrating? :)
Xoxo Audrina

Audrina Patride: Ryan Cabrera: Dusk Nightclub: Atlantic City, NJ

Ryan perfomed at Dusk nightclub for the Singles Saturday RED Party while Audrina watched from the side.
Sorry for the tagged photos - they were the only ones I could find

Reminder: Lauren is going to be on the Tyra Show tomm (Tues 2/16!)

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Spencer Pratt: Heidi "Wasn't Happy" After Plastic Surgery

Heidi Montag got 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day -- and despite claims that she loves the results, Spencer Pratt tells Us she was originally not happy.
"She came out of the hospital and the only thing she was saying was that the doctor better hide," Pratt, 26, told at Pure nightclub inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas Saturday night.
"She wasn't happy," continued Pratt.
The aspiring pop star says she had "no idea" how painful all the procedures would be.
"The worst pain was actually my ears. I didn't know that was the most painful process and feature," she told Us of having her ears pinned back.
Still, Montag, 23, wants a third boob job.
"I didn't get them as big as I originally wanted," she told Us. Added Pratt, "She doesn't stop talking about it."
So how did the couple spend Valentine's Day?
"My Valentine's present to Spencer is going shooting at the gun range," Montag told Us.
~US Weekly

Roxy Olin: Samantha Swetra: Jill Stuart Fall 2010: MBFW 2/14

She looks so pretty - Love the dress!