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Audrina Patridge: "For my own sanity I don’t live off people’s opinions of me”

Spotted: Audrina Patridge and boyfriend Corey Bohan leaving Katsuya on Sunday night. Corey tweeted: "After my crash at @xgames yesterday I had xrays on my wrist. The good news is it's not broken. 2nd xray will be in a week to double check"
In other news, Audrina recently told More! Magazine, “I haven’t had facial surgery or anything like that, but if I felt I needed it, I would.”
But while she refuses to rule out cosmetic surgery, she does advise her young fans to wait before undergoing such drastic procedures.
“Young girls should enhance what they already have, and if they feel they want surgery they should wait ten years, or they might regret it,” she added.
And while we reckon the brunette beauty looks great exactly how she is, there is one area of her perfect beach bod that makes her feel insecure.
“I actually have a chest problem,” she said. “It’s genetic and I try not to let it get to me, but it can look bad in a bathing suit. It looks like it’s higher on the right than on the left.”
But rather than let her insecurities get the better of her, the 26-year-old insists she does her best to ignore any negative comments.
“I learnt the hard way, as it makes you so bummed out. For my own sanity I don’t live off people’s opinions of me.”
And unlike most women, the lucky lady doesn’t have to worry about following a strict diet to keep her fine figure in tip-top shape.
“I actually have a problem putting on weight. I’ve always been skinny,” she explained. “But I do something active every day. I got to the beach, run, do Pilates or play volleyball.”
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Jayde Nicole on Kristin Cavallari's Broken Engagement: "It's Sad..."

By Ted Casablanca & Aly Weisman
You may recall a certain shoving and screaming match between Jayde Nicole and Kristin Cavallari over one Brody Jenner on The Hills a few years back—but that doesn't mean the two hot gals can't play nice.
Especially in times of need
After being allegedly dumped by her fiancĂ© last week, K.Cav is getting support in some unexpected places…
Like from her former rival!
"It's sad, I'm always sad when people break up," Jayde told us of her frenemy's split during the DavidBartonGym party at The Roxy. "I know she was really, really happy with him out in Chicago. I don't know what went down."
So has Jayde reached out to her former Hills co-star (and screaming match partner) in the wake of the break up news?
"I try and let it settle for a bit," says Jayde. "I know she probably has a million people on her ass texting her trying to figure out [what happened] so I just wish her the best and it's for the better for whatever reason."

Wow, looks like these two really can play nice! Well except for a little jabbing…
As for who Kristin should date next, Jayde tells us, "She needs to date someone with a really strong personality who can counter her strong personality."
And while Jayde reveals that Kristin will "probably move back to L.A. now," is this town big enough for the both of ‘em
"I'm glad she's coming back," says Jayde. "We get along. The show was very not real so we never really actually fought."
What! The Hills was fake?! Way to burst our bubble!
"Do you like my acting skills?" Jayde asked us. "I feel happy when people tell me, ‘Oh my god, you're such a bitch' because that means that I was a really good actress!"
So were Jayde's diva antics on Holly's World just as fake as her screen time on The Hills?
"The Hills is worse, it's the most put together reality show.," dished J. "But it was good, they knew how to make ratings and how to make a good show and they did it. They never said it was real after the first couple seasons, they're like, ‘it's entertainment' and that's what we were all told to say."
But one on-screen drama filled relaysh that wasn't just for show?
Jayde Nicole vs. Holly Madison.
Apparently, Vegas ain't big enough for two former Playmates!
"We actually got along while we were filming but we don't anymore," dished Jayde, presumable because Holly is now dating Jayde's ex-Boyfriend, Jesse Waits!
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