Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Audrina Patridge at Sunset Landmark in Hollywood

Audrina Patridge was spotted arriving at Sunset Landmark in Hollywood on Tuesday July 14.

Joined by a few friends, the MTV reality starlet was all smiles in jeans and a blue top as she passed by awaiting paparazzi.
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Stephanie Pratt not a fan of Brody Jenner! or Lauren Conrad??

Stephanie Pratt tells us she’s become really great friends with many of her cast mates on “The Hills,” but there’s one person she doesn’t plan on getting close to, and that’s her brother Spencer’s former best friend Brody Jenner. However, her grudge has nothing to do with Spencer, but more to do with the fact that Jenner expressed numerous concerns to Lauren Conrad when Stephanie started befriending their tight-knit group.

“I’ve known Brody for like 10 years. I asked him why he’d say something like that since he’s known me for so long, and he said it’s to create drama, so I try to stay away from him since that’s what he’s trying to do,” reveals Stephanie. “I think Lo (Bosworth), Lauren and Audrina (Patridge) trust me more, and we’ve become much better friends off camera, but Brody and I will never be friends.”

And is Brody the only one Stephanie has a beef with?

Stephanie Pratt was at the Lia Sophia Jewelry Clambake in Malibu this past Saturday afternoon. While talking to reporters Stephanie had "nothing but nice things to say" about "The Hills" alum Lauren Conrad, claiming that the two recently had lunch together and were still good friends. However Pop Tarts spies later overheard Pratt telling friends that LC "was not missed" and the show was "much better without her." Ouch.

Stephanie responded to this rumor on twitter:
"Hmmm pls dont print made up lies mtv.com" (mtv.com quoted from the foxnews story on their website)"i absolutely NEVER said anything about my friend at the Lia Sophia clam bake. Absolutely 100 false."

"Man! I was all excited about going to nyc in a few hrs and now im all bummed about people making rumors trying to create drama. So lameee"

I believe Stephanie on this one. She may be ditzy (at times) but she's a pretty straight shooter. My guess is she said something to the effect that this was going to be a great season coming up and someone evesdropping, misconstrued her words.

It looks like Lauren isn't buying the rumors either. She tweeted to Stephanie a few minutes ago: "Hope you're having fun in NYC xoxo"

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Lauren Conrad wants to be known as more than just the former star of MTV's "The Hills." And now she is.

Lauren's first book for teens, "L.A. Candy" (HarperCollins), has topped The New York Times best-seller list for children's chapter books. For two straight weeks, Conrad's novel about a young woman living in Los Angeles, who gets discovered for her own reality show, has made the list.

Conrad, 23, who left the show in May, has a deal to write two more books about the characters. She talked with The Associated Press about "L.A. Candy," paparazzi and "frenemy" Heidi Montag Pratt's faith.

AP: People are going to read this book and look for similarities in your life but you say it's fiction, right?

Conrad: It's very similar to my lifestyle and the experience that I went through as far as, you know, emotionally and just the changes that just happened in my life but as far as specific experiences it's different. All the things that happened in this book were made up.

AP: What did you learn about writing a book?

Conrad: The deadlines can be stressful because it's kind of a forced creativity. You want to take your time and the publisher's like, 'Yeah, but we're gonna need it in like a week.' I kind of felt my first draft needed to be perfect, and I learned as I went along you can make changes and figure it out along the way.

AP: Heidi Montag Pratt was very vocal about her faith on "I'm a Celebrity . . . Get Me Out of Here," which we never saw on "The Hills." Was she always that religious when you were roommates?

Conrad: She was religious definitely. I don't think she was as vocal about it but, yeah, I remember she usually had a Bible by her bed.

AP: There are pictures of you every week in the tabloids. Do you feel a pressure to always look presentable when you leave the house?

Conrad: I used to get stressed over it. I moved actually to a different area. In our old home we had anywhere up to six cars waiting full of photographers outside. If I wanted to walk my dog, run out to the grocery store real quick, it was like a thing. I remember there were days I felt I couldn't leave the house . . . I don't really care as much anymore.

AP: What's it like to be in line at the grocery store and see your face on the cover of a magazine?

Conrad: I try to ignore it unless it says something bad and then I'm like, 'Bummer! I just wanted to get produce.' (Laughs.)

AP: At what point did you realize with all the things you've gotten to do that your life had taken an extraordinary turn?

Conrad: It still surprises me every day. It's still surreal. You can't help but feel lucky that I got to do so much for just being me.

AP: You have a deal to write two more books but what else do you want to do?

Conrad: I really, really want to produce. That's the top of my to-do list.

AP: Do you keep in touch with anyone from "The Hills"?

Conrad: Lo (Lauren Bosworth) is still my roommate and I speak regularly with Stephanie Pratt (Spencer Pratt's sister) and Whitney Port is a very good friend.
Credit - Alicia Rancilio @ Canadian Press/AP

Interesting that there is no mention of being in touch with Brody or Audrina...

Erin Lucas does Hampton Daze Magazine

Erin tweeted "my first COVER!! oh haaay"
Click on the photos to enlarge them and to read the interview.

The interview took place before it was announced that Erin was not going to return to 'The City' in season 2.

In case you missed it, you can read here why Erin decided to move on from the show.
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Kristin Cavallari Compares 'The Hills' To Filming A Movie

Kristin Cavallari doesn't care what you think about her. For years, she made trouble and brought the drama as the resident mean girl of "Laguna Beach," and she was Lauren Conrad's foe long before Speidi came into the picture.

Now she's ready to come back to reality television and in an interesting turn of events, she will take Lauren Conrad's place on "The Hills." So while LC is busy being a best-selling author, Cavallari will be stirring the pot with the remaining cast of the show. And if you think now that she's an actress she'll be acting on the show, think again.
"It's not [scripted]," she told MTV News about the longstanding rumors that the show is not as real as it seems. "Everyone's going to have an opinion," the "Van Wilder: Freshman Year" star added. "And everyone's going to think what they want. You can't really change that."

Cavallari is quick to point out that life on set is completely different than life in the real world with cameras filming your every move. "It's definitely different," she said. "I love being on set and being in a movie. I think it's so much fun. And 'The Hills' or 'Laguna Beach,' it's more like hanging out with people you know rather than acting and memorizing lines and stuff."

"Van Wilder: Freshman Year," is out on DVD now
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Stephanie Pratt - My Summer Closet

I updated my summer style, here’s what I added: 1. A colorful bag – Mine is a bright yellow, Rebecca Minkoff 2. A denim shirt or jacket – I’m wearing one from H&M that I love! 3. Floral prints – Always a staple for spring 4. Tribal prints – Otis and Mclain are making really cute tops and dresses 5. Ripped Jeans – I love the light denim ripped jeans. J Brand has a really cute pair. 6. Vests – It’s too hot for jackets during the day and a little vest over a dress is a cute daytime look 7. Open Toed Booties – I’m seeing this trend everywhere and I love it when it’s paired with shorts!
xoxo Stephanie Pratt
P.S. A line that I’m really into is Elizabeth & James – Great clothes and shoes!

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Allie Crandell - twit pics of Adam Senn on a photoshoot 7/14

Going to a shoot of Adams!! In the car on our way!

I hate waitin, so does Adam!

aaaah Yes, it's your turnn, Yeah I mean it for sure!! Can you believe it!

Ever seen Adam with make-uppp!!???
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Lo Bosworth at Matt Leinart Foundation 3rd annual bowling night

From Lo's twitter: alright, heading to matt leinart's bowling charity. What to wear...Dress? Pants? I've never bowled above 100, dress it is!!

To donate or get more information about Matt's charity click here.
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