Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hills Cast - Wango Tango and Katsuya twit pics

Stacie tweeted:
"Dinner with @kristincav then back to wango tango! What do u want from me??? Lovin adam lambert"

Kristin tweeted:
"@taylormosher @frankiedelgado @brodyjenner sluts"

Frankie tweeted:
"@KristinCav @BrodyJenner @taylormosher @stephaniepratt all of eating amazing food at Katsuya by SBE thanks @samnazarian"

Frankie tweeted:
"Justin beiver fever! @ wango tango with @BrodyJenner @taylormosher @whitneyEVEport @KristinCav @spencerpratt

Spencer??!! I'm thinking maybe he had one too many and typed Spencer instead of Stephanie by mistake?
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Kristin Cavallari: Filming for 'The Hills'

credit - profimedia
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Spencer Calls Brody Jenner a "Drunk Idiot"

Spencer Pratt isn't about to let ex-BFF Brody Jenner get the last word.
After Jenner quipped on Wednesday that his old friend has "lost it," Pratt came roaring back Thursday with an exclusive retort to
"I saw that tattoo that he got," Pratt says of Jenner's new "F**K" tattoo. "He should add -ing idiot to it!"
During an appearance on Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, Jenner, 26, said that his old best friend "wants attention."
Pratt's response? "You've only dated famous girls for the past 6 years and I'm the attention whore? [Kristin] Cavallari to LC [Lauren Conrad] to Lindsay Lohan to Avril Lavigne?"
Pratt had particularly harsh words for Lavigne, Jenner's current love. "Avril? She was famous in what, the 90s? We were in 7th grade when her song came out, I think, you foolio."
The husband to Heidi Pratt also criticizes Jenner's high-profile partying.
"Honestly, Brody, I'm worried about you. I don't even drink and go to clubs and you're worried about me?"
He adds: "You're the one showing up to all of these events wasted, man. Maybe you need some crystal therapy to sober you up. Go connect with nature and not the bottle, you drunk!"
Thursday proved to be a busy day for the Pratts. Heidi's estranged mom Darlene Egelhoff showed up unannounced "pounding on her door" at the couple's L.A.-area home; Heidi quickly called her private security team and announced plans to file a restraining order. Egelhoff says in the new Us Weekly that her daughter has cut her off completely.
"Her showing up is completely out of line and psychotic," Heidi told
But many worry about the now-isolated couple. "He could snap at any time," a source says of Spencer in the new Us Weekly. "He has huge rage issues. Whenever he feels threatened in even the smallest way, he lashes out. I've seen it. It's scary."
credit - Us Weekly
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Whitney Port: On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Whitney dishes with Ryan on Olivia, Speidi and her boyfriend Ben Nemtim
Click here to listen to the interview

Whitney Port on the 'Daily 10'

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