Friday, July 2, 2010

Olivia Palermo: Out & About in NY

Not sure how I feel about the dress but I love how she always switched things up.
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~Kelli at Hills Freak

Whitney Port: Traveling Girl

Spotted: Whitney Port strolling with her luggage in New York City. I guess she's heading back to California now that they've stopped filming Season 2.
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Stephanie Pratt and Lo Bosworth: The Last Day of Filming

Stephanie tweeted:
"Its about to get emotional!"

I'm in such denial - I still can't believe 'The Hills' is really
ending...: (
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~Kelli at Hills Freak

Roxy Olin: Soho Girl

Roxy Olin keeps cool with an iced drink while out solo in Soho.
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Olivia Palermo: Interview

What is the most original gift you have ever received?
Original and practical, a set of Tiffany stationery with a wax seal with my initials to stamp was an elegant and thoughtful gift.
What would be top of your Gift-Library lust list?
The Katherine Pooley Moon Perfume bottle - it reminds me of the 1920's Art Deco perfume decanters that women would display on their vanities. It makes me dream of having a mirrored console filled with amazing scents.
Who are your favourite designers?
I love everyone such as classic designers Valentino and Diane von Furstenberg for their consistent look over the years, while I find inspiration in the modernity of younger designers such as Marchesa and Frank Tell.
How would you define your style?
Street meets chic: it's all about wearing clothes that look good and you wear. I think so many people get caught up in the trends and forget that they are wearing the clothes, not the other way around.
Tell us what inspired you to start your jewellery line with Roberta Freymann.
When Roberta approached me to collaborate with her on a line, it was extraordinarily humbling. I loved being able to meld our different perspectives on our travels into the collection.
We love your pieces, will they be available in the UK?
There are currently discussions going on involving a project to bring them over here, but that's all I can say for the moment - but keep your eyes out...
You are involved with many charities, which are closest to your heart?
New Yorker's for Children and Operation Smile are causes dear to me because they both allow me to give back to the community. Having grown up with so much I feel it is our duty to be able to help others.
Tell us a little bit more about your collaboration with the London Matches Freda label. How did that come about?
It all started when a friend mentioned that Tom and Ruth Chapman were looking for someone to represent Freda (designed by Joanna Sykes). The idea was to film a two a half minute film directed by Kate Elson, the twin sister of model Karen Elson. We had dinner and chatted and the rest, as they say, is history.
You've previously said you love London, what do you like about London style and what would be your top fashion tip for Londoners?
I love the fact that everyone in London is expressive through their clothes in different styles. Some might argue that New Yorkers are chic, but they are chic in a similar way with minimal differences. In London, you can walk down the same street and see someone wearing an outrageous outfit such as pattern on pattern or a bright neon look paired with a contrasting neon - it just makes sense.
How and where are you spending the summer?
Since filming will be on hiatus then, I hope to spend some quality time with Johannes in Europe, as well as weekend getaways to Nantucket and the Hamptons.
What exciting projects have you got lined up for the future?
I'm currently wrapping the 2nd season of "The City"....
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Whitney Port: Peek Inside My Closet! (video)

Whitney Port shows off her unique fashion sense in this sneak peek into her closet!
“I think of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera,” the 25-year-old fashionista said as she showed off her own take on the Pop Star look. “I definitely picture this hot pink party dress - I think it’s something they would glitz up with some costume jewelry and some funky shoes”
credit - Just Jared, thanks for the heads up agus! : )
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Hills Cast: Last Day of Filming

Lo tweeted:
"Wrapping production! 6 years in the making :)"

Audrina tweeted:
"Filmed my very last scene of the hills w/my sis @CaseyLoza yesterday!!.since day 1 its been a fun 6 year journey full of changes.. I can't believe I'm the only original cast member.. Originally it was lauren me whitney n heidi becoming friends and pursuing our dreams/dating etc much has changed!"
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