Friday, June 25, 2010

Whitney Port & Roxy Olin: Filming 'The City'

Hard at work on their MTV series, Whitney Port and Roxy Olin were busy filming "The City" in New York City on Friday afternoon (June 25).
The two ladies looked lovely, with Roxy daringly going sans bra as she laughed with Whitney while partaking in the week-ending shoot - during which a few non-cast members brazenly interrupted a scene to chat with Miss Port and Miss Olin.
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Whitney Port: Celebrates Summer Solstice

Whitney Port feted the official first day of summer with snazzy new shades at the Solstice Sunglass Boutique in Manhattan.

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Olivia Palermo: Solstice Sunglass Boutique Girl

Olivia Palermo attends the Solstice Sunglass Boutique Summer Soiree
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Whitney Port: Team Edward

Whitney Port is gearing up for the Eclipse premiere tonight by doing what any vampire-loving girl would do—she Photoshopped her head on Bella Swan's body. This is the first time the star of The City has even mentioned her affinity for Twilight, but she brought it out full force in a heartfelt and honest confession on her blog.

Whitney wrote,
I, Whitney Port, am one of the millions of girls who has a crush on Edward Cullen. Yes it's true, I have a weakness for his pale skin, tousled hair, honey-colored eyes, perfect abs, and willpower not to feed on human blood."

In reference to her Photoshopped work of art, Whitney stated,

"I think I did a pretty good job, perhaps I'll have to try out for the role of Bella in Breaking Dawn...if only I could act!"

Two-time reality star, up-and-coming fashion designer... Why not add actress to the résumé? Whitney, we support this decision 100%.
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Kristin Cavallari: Leaving 'Chelsea Lately'

Kristin Cavallari leaves E! Studios after taping an appearance on "Chelsea Lately"

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Audrina Patridge: Hard at Work on "Honey 2"

Trying to find her way in the movie industry as "The Hills" nears its end, Audrina Patridge has been hard at work on the set of "Honey 2" as of late.
In the film, the MTV reality star plays a dance competition judge - which is a role that follows the film's first installment led by Jessica Alba.
Talking to ET about the new job, Audrina dished, "I love dance movies and I was a huge fan of 'Step Up' -- it makes you want to get out there and dance with them. If [the filmmakers] asked me if I wanted to dance, I would have said yes, because I love dancing. But I'm not as good as these guys; it takes a lot of hard work and practice to get up there."
As for moving on from life on "The Hills," Miss Patridge tells, "It's almost like I've kind of grown up on TV; I'm 25 and now that I'm not doing 'The Hills' anymore, it's over, it's kind of like graduating and now I can actually start doing different things. … I'm focusing more on movies and scripted shows, so this is a great opportunity."
Meanwhile, fans can look forward to seeing "Honey 2" on DVD in the Fall of 2011.
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