Sunday, April 3, 2011

LC Lauren Conrad: Spring Summer Promo Photos

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Audrina Patridge & Family: Promo Photos and Bios for VH1's 'Audrina'

'Audrina' is set to premiere on VH1 April 17th, and as VH1 exec Jeff Olde described the show:
Ultimately, this is the story of a young woman with dreams, goals and ambitions all put through the no-BS filter of her family.
Here are the official VH1 bios for Audrina's family/castmates
Casey Loza is Audrina's 24 year old younger sister. Growing up Casey and Audrina were the best of friends, but when Audrina left to go to Hollywood, their relationship changed dramatically. Now, married with children, Casey describes herself as the 'black sheep' of the Patridge clan. She is married to Kyle Loza, a professional dirt bike aerialist. They have two children, are both covered in tattoos, and are nearly inseparable. Casey is an entrepreneur with many skills and talents and budding professional endeavors including becoming a pilot and starting a cosmetics line.
Marky Patridge is Audrina's fun loving 22 year old younger brother. As the only son of Mark and Lynn, Marky has learned to avoid the estrogen driven drama that sometimes occurs in the family. He's passionate about dirt bike riding, chillin on the beach, partying, and babes. Audrina relies on him as her best friend and confidante, which is why she selected him to be her only roommate in her new home. Currently, Marky works for his father in the family business.

Samantha Patridge is the 16 year old baby of the family and the last child to still live at home. She is a soft spoken and considerate young lady and is involved in many extra-curricular activities at her school and is on track to graduate early.
Lynn Patridge is a one of a kind. She is the heart and 'Momma Bear' of the family and is refreshingly unfiltered. She is never afraid or hesitant to speak her mind. She is an old fashioned home-maker and her pride and joy are her children. She gained notoriety in 2010 in a viral video of her venting about Audrina being eliminated from Dancing With The Stars. She and her husband, Mark, are high school sweethearts.

Mark Patridge is the Patriarchal backbone of the clan. He is always calm, easy with a smile, and always available to his children to whom he is nothing short of a hero. No subject is off limits to him or his children. Having raised three beautiful daughters he is no stranger to running off their ex-boyfriends. He is the CEO of the extremely successful family business, Patridge Motors, which produces engine parts.
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Whitney Port: H&M Shopper

Spotted: Whitney Port shopping at H&M on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles on April 2, 2011
Whitney tweeted: "@hm @hmusa Stopped by your store for the second time in a week. LOVE your look! Let's team up!"
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Video: Audrina Patridge as A Rocket Scientist in Funny or Die Spoof

Audrina teamed up with comedy website Funny Or Die for a spoof Entertainment Tonight report, in which she revealed a faux-career as a rocket scientist.
Stating that she has been helping to develop the next generation of liquid hydrogen-fuelled rocket engines, Patridge added: "I know people don't really look at me and go, 'Oh, that's the girl who does all the advanced engineering'. But it's okay, this is who I really am."
The fake footage has so far been viewed almost 13,000 times on Funny Or Die alone.
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